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Russia 2 draw friendly against Belarusian Olympic squad

Published time: September 05, 2011 20:36
Edited time: September 06, 2011 01:53
Russia 2 midfielder Vladislav Ignatiev puts Belarusian keeper Aleksandr Hutor under pressure (Image from

Russia 2 midfielder Vladislav Ignatiev puts Belarusian keeper Aleksandr Hutor under pressure (Image from

Russia’s newly-created second national soccer team held their second-ever friendly, playing a scoreless draw against the Olympic team of Belarus.

­The Belarusian Olympic team are no easy rivals, as they grabbed third place at the European Under-21 Championships this year, earning the right to take part in the London 2012 Games.

But it was the reservists of the Russian national team who were in control throughout the whole 90 minutes.

The hosts created plenty of chances, but could not find the back of the Belarusian net. Zenit’s striker, Aleksandr Bukharov, came closest to scoring, with his first-half header hitting the cross bar.   

“Such a great atmosphere, we felt great support from the fans and only one thing was lacking – a goal,”
said Yury Krasnozhan, Russia 2’s coach. “It would’ve been a lot easier if we’d scored. Our goals weren’t in danger. But I must admit, the opponents’ defense looked solid.”

“As for the second team’s aims, we’d like to test more players till the end of the year, including those from the first division,”
he said. “And in 2012, we’re planning to decide on the core of the team. Find 18 or 20 players. In any case, the door of the team will be open to everybody.”  

The second national Russian football team was created in July and held their debut game in August, beating Russia’s Under-21s by a 2-1 scoreline.

Meanwhile, the main team play the Republic of Ireland in a crucial Euro 2012 qualifier on Tuesday.


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