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Police ban Moscow club’s 'Nazi' emblem

Published time: November 07, 2012 10:06
Edited time: November 07, 2012 18:14
Torpedo Moscow's classic emblem with letter 'T', a race car and a gear.

Torpedo Moscow's classic emblem with letter 'T', a race car and a gear.

The classic emblem of Torpedo Moscow football club, which was designed 1930, has been suddenly outlawed by the city police.

­Scarves, flags and banners with the symbol were banned from sale or to be brought into the stadium during the club’s latest home match in the Football National League.

According to the Torpedo fans, the police now believe that the gear symbol in the background of the club’s classical logo is similar to one used by the Nazis.  

“The representative of the Moscow police came up and said that Torpedo’s emblem resembles a Nazi symbol,” Vasily Petrakov, the head of the Torpedo Moscow fan-club, told Kommersant FM. “When we started laughing, we were told: "Yes, the same gear was on the logo of some party, some workforce in Nazi Germany, so we don’t allow you to use it."

The fans are currently in consultations with Torpedo’s management trying to collect documentation on the logo.

They hope that it’ll reappear in the stands at the team’s next home clash on November 19.

“Clearly, Torpedo’s emblem has undergone changes since Soviet times,” Alisher Aminov, President of the Football Development Foundation, explained. “This increased attention by the police is caused by the recent fans’ misconduct at the Torpedo stadium, and nothing more.”

Rioting Torpedo supporters saw September’s Russian Cup game against city rivals Dynamo abandoned and their team disqualified from the tournament.