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Breivik, Fouganthine pics incident mars IIHF World Cup opening

Published time: May 05, 2012 15:07
Edited time: May 05, 2012 19:07
Breivik, Fouganthine pics incident mars IIHF World Cup opening

Breivik, Fouganthine pics incident mars IIHF World Cup opening

They wanted to offer more fun for hockey fans, but it ended with scandal. IIHF World Champs organizers in Finland mistakenly installed a teasing billboard with notorious murderers Anders Breivik and Nikita Fouganthine in home team’s jerseys on it.

The huge billboard welcomed the fans on their way to the arena in Helsinki. The idea was to replace the hockey players’ faces with fans’ headshots. Fans could send their photos over Facebook or submit them to the website

But when the billboard was raised, the troubles started. Along with dozens of smiling hockey fans’ faces there appeared photos of Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik and Finnish slayer Nikita Fouganthine, who was convicted of the triple murder of a family in the northern Swedish community of Åmsele in 1988.

The organizers apparently just did not sense something was wrong when unveiling the poster. The images of the Breivik and Fouganthine were quickly noticed though.

Breivik's face was covered by a dog's image before eventually being taken out of the billboard completely. Fouganthine was also quickly erased.

It has yet to be seen whether the notorious billboard will be redone or taken down completely. The 2012 Ice Hockey World Championships, jointly held by Finland and Sweden, kicked off on May 4 and will last until May 20.


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