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“Dominator” to miss Hockey Worlds

Published time: March 02, 2011 15:35
Edited time: March 02, 2011 19:41
Dominik Hasek playing for Spartak

Dominik Hasek playing for Spartak

Legendary goalkeeper Dominik Hasek won’t take part in the upcoming Hockey World Championships in Slovakia. Czech coach, Alois Hadamczik, has no interest in the veteran’s services.

­“Waiting for two months without playing…isn’t the best way to prepare [for the World Championship],” Hadamczik told Czech Sports newspaper.

Hasek and his Spartak Moscow were eliminated in the first round of the KHL payoffs, meaning the 46-year-old will stay without practice till April 29 when the action in Slovakia kicks off.

“It is better to make a decision now, rather than force Dominik to train and tell him that I’m not taking him to Bratislava,” the coach of the defending world champions said.

Hadamczik said he considers Tomas Vokoun his No.1, with Jakub Stepanek and Alexander Salak being the substitutes for the Florida Panthers goalie.

“On Saturday, I’ll return [from the US] and be sure to call Hasek and explain everything to him. I respect him and value him very high, but I’ve already made my decision,” Hadamczik said.

Hasek, who is an Olympic champion at Nagano and two-time Stanley Cup winner, has spent the last season with Spartak Moscow in the KHL, becoming one of the league’s brightest stars.