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Vityaz tough guys beat up a storm at Russian wedding (VIDEO)

Published time: November 23, 2011 10:38
Edited time: November 23, 2011 14:38

Vityaz Chekhov’s players Jeremy Yablonski and Jon Mirasty fight at a wedding in Magnitogorsk

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The Canadian tough guys from the infamous KHL side Vityaz were quick to learn the tradition according to which no wedding in Russia passes off without a fight.

­The incident, involving Jeremy Yablonski and Jon Mirasty, occurred during the summer’s preseason tournament in Magnitogorsk, but footage of the brawl was released only a couple of days ago.

The drunken wedding guests who appeared to have initiated the fight simply messed with the wrong guys.

It is only fair to mention that the Canadians went the extra mile in their efforts to calm them down, and only used their fists when it became clear that words weren’t helping.  

Vityaz coach Andrey Nazarov, who never has any problem with his players fighting during matches, stressed that his men were provoked to show off their martial arts skills off the ice.  

“Back in August those Canadian guys were just getting acquainted with Russian national traditions,” he said. “They didn’t know that there’s no wedding without a fight.”   

Jeremy Yablonski and Jon Mirasty joined Vityaz before the start of the current KHL season. Besides hockey, the duo also take part in MMA and boxing competitions.

The Chekhov team regularly make headlines in the Russian media – and not only for their sporting achievements.

Just recently, Vityaz coach and former NHL tough guy Nazarov got a two-game ban for attacking fans with a stick during an away game at Dynamo Minsk.

The Moscow Region players fight in every match, but their biggest “achievement” has so far been a massive brawl against Avangard Omsk last year that saw the encounter cancelled and several criminal cases launched.