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Sochi organizers show innovative approach

18.09.2012 16:52

The organizers of the next Winter Olympics in Russia's Black Sea resort of Sochi promise the Games will be the most innovative in history, and have unveiled their new cutting edge Olympic stamp.

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WorkTogether 17.07.2013 21:34

Just my opinion. Mr Chernyshenko, just let Russia be herself and the Russian people as warmhearted as they always are. Sochi will be totally different to the London Olympics, or any other Olympics, because it is unique to Russia. Whatever you offer will be amazing and treasured. Countries compete too much with each other on all levels, that is why the World is in such a mess. Your lack of arrogance is greatly admired. Russians seem to characteristically possess a willingness to learn from others, which is a wonderful quality. Sochi will be the best because there will be plenty of warm hospitality & laughter!

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