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Long road to Sochi 2014: 130 million may witness Winter Olympic torch relay

07.10.2012 11:45

Around 90 per cent of the Russian population will have a chance to see the Olympic flame with their own eyes as the organizers revealed the route of the Sochi 2014 torch relay.

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WorkTogether 17.07.2013 21:03

Oh I agree Billy 1! Imagine troikas & reindeer bearing the flame! Surely unique in Olympic history & so-so exciting! Can just hear the bells and smell the snow! Sure this will open a new era for Russia & not only Russia, but so many of us throughout the World who have only ever heard bad things of this incredible country. May there just be blessings upon blessings for the Sochi Olympics and may God shine his Light on Russia and protect all the many officials, from top to bottom, as well as the thousands of participants and visitors - every soul so that it truly is, "From Russia with Love"

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