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Drone operators had Bin Laden in crosshairs a year before 9/11
​The first American to ever launch a drone strike from an armed unmanned aerial vehicle now says he had Osama Bin Laden in his crosshairs in 2000, a full year before the terrorist attacks of September 11.

19.11.2014 15:21

'US-UK torture' victim wins right to sue British government
Britain’s High Court has dismissed the UK government’s claim that US-UK relations would be compromised if a Pakistani man who claims to have suffered brutal torture at the hands of American and British troops is given the right to sue for damages.

19.11.2014 13:21

‘US policy - number one driver of terrorism in the Mideast, around the world’
If the US was serious about re-evaluating not only how it fights terrorism but how terrorism is spread, it would begin by looking in the mirror as its counter-terrorism strategy that foments terrorism abroad, geopolitical analyst Eric Draitser told RT.

19.11.2014 09:57

Record opium poppy cultivation has 5% of Afghan pop. using heroin
The UN says opium poppy growth in Afghanistan will rise to record levels by the end of 2014. A report by the organization says there is a 7 percent increase in land being cultivated despite the US spending over $7 billion on counter narcotics programs.

12.11.2014 08:18

Massachusetts school installs ‘Shooter Detection System’
A Shooter Detection System (SDS) - created with the help of the military and the first of its kind in the US – has been installed in an undisclosed Massachusetts school. The sensor can detect the sound of a gunshot, immediately alerting authorities.

12.11.2014 04:25

‘Afghan forces can’t sustain war with Taliban without NATO’
According to current figures Afghan troops are not able to withstand a war with the Taliban without western military forces and American military bases, John Rees, Political Activist, told RT.

11.11.2014 07:51

Iraq War veteran & critic Tomas Young dies at 34
Tomas Young, an Iraq War veteran and outspoken critic of the conflict he was severely injured in, died on Monday at the age of 34 - a day before Veteran's Day. There is no word about the cause of death.

11.11.2014 00:55

‘Drug trafficking may become Jihad financial lifeline after Afghan withdrawal’
The war on drugs in Afghanistan is unlikely to be successful as the international forces withdraw local players lack a mechanism to address the problem of narcotics, Khuram Iqbal - Co-author of Pakistan Terrorism Ground Zero, told RT.

10.11.2014 08:16

Russian Taliban fighter pleads ‘not guilty’ in US Court
A suspected Russian Taliban commander pleaded “not guilty” in a Virginia courtroom to terrorism charges for a 2009 attack on American and Afghan forces. The judge has set the trial for April 2015.

08.11.2014 03:43

Lost & Found: Did ISIS ‘find’ $420mn in ‘lost’ US military supplies in Afghanistan?
How does the military lose half a billion dollars worth of equipment in one year? That’s the question Pentagon auditors are asking after it was revealed that US military equipment worth $420 million went missing in action in Afghanistan last year.

07.11.2014 15:47

Putin promises support to Afghanistan after ISAF withdrawal
The people of Afghanistan can count on Russia’s support if the situation in the country gets complicated following the withdrawal of the international security assistance force, Russian President said at a meeting with foreign MPs.

06.11.2014 14:36

Missing in action: US lost military supplies worth $420 million in Afghanistan
An internal Pentagon audit revealed that the US army in Afghanistan has failed to account for a vast amount of military equipment, including vehicles, advanced weapons systems and even encryption technology.

06.11.2014 06:55