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NATO military exercises in Europe - ‘dangerous show of muscles’
NATO war-games are fuelling tensions; one just need to imagine what would happen if Russia sent its planes, tanks and ships to Mexico and held exercises on the American border, Daniele Ganser, a peace researcher and NATO expert from Switzerland told RT.

15.04.2015 15:03

‘Ukrainian crisis - NATO pretext to contain and besiege Russia’
NATO exercises in Europe and its eastward expansion have nothing to do with the Ukrainian crisis, which is used as a pretext to move closer to Russia’s borders in order to contain and besiege it, says international analyst Rick Rozoff.

15.04.2015 09:21

IEDs severely impact humanitarian ops in warzones – UK report
Humanitarian operations in conflict zones such as Afghanistan are blighted by deadly improvised explosive devices (IEDs), an international affairs NGO says. The crisis is heightened by increasingly militarized and politicized international aid programs.

14.04.2015 15:37

​‘Abandoned’: Afghan interpreter refused UK asylum shot by Taliban
An Afghan interpreter who served alongside UK forces in combat, and was later refused asylum in Britain despite the dangers he faced, has spoken out after being been shot by the Taliban.

13.04.2015 10:31

100 Afghan children hospitalized after ‘magic beans’ meal
100 schoolboys have been hospitalized with suspected poisoning in the Western Afghan city of Herat. All of them appear to have eaten beans from a vendor, who advertised the meal as helping them to pass exams.

11.04.2015 13:19

At least 6 killed, dozens wounded in firefight with gunmen at attorney's office in Afghanistan
At least six people were killed and as many as 63 injured, according to varying reports, after gunmen stormed a state attorney's office in northern Afghanistan.

09.04.2015 08:51

Afghanistan turns blind eye to rising violence against women activists – Amnesty
Women rights activists in Afghanistan are facing growing levels of violence and harassment, as authorities turn a blind eye to the issue, says a new report by Amnesty International.

07.04.2015 17:34

‘Targeted by Taliban’: Afghan interpreter who worked for British Army denied UK asylum
A 25-year-old Afghan interpreter who protected the lives of British soldiers in Afghanistan has been refused asylum in Britain despite claims he is a target of the Taliban.

07.04.2015 11:36

Power shift in Latin America
Panama is hosting the Seventh Summit of the Americas on April 10-11. Organized by the OAS – Organization of American States – this event will bring together the heads of state and foreign ministers of 34 nations including, for the first time, Cuba.

06.04.2015 13:17

Govt watchdog doubts $400 million USAID program for Afghan women is working
A $416 million program to empower Afghan women may leave them “without any tangible benefit” instead, a government watchdog warned, urging USAID to provide more data on the controversial project.

03.04.2015 00:08

​High fail: Afghan opium production rises as ex-Blackwater profits
Opium production has been on the rise in Afghanistan over recent years despite US counternarcotics efforts. Infamous mercenary firm, formerly known as Blackwater, has creamed off $569 million from the Pentagon in this unsuccessful drive.

01.04.2015 10:03

​Conservatives will ‘rip up’ human rights laws, halt war crime claims, say Tory ministers
Soldiers will be safe from the “persistent human rights claims” that have dogged the British military for years because the Conservatives will “rip up” human rights legislation if they win the general election, two top Tories have pledged.

01.04.2015 11:07