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US military to begin questioning of ex-POW Bergdahl
The US military will begin questioning former US prisoner-of-war Bowe Bergdahl on Wednesday regarding his 2009 capture in Afghanistan by the Taliban, according to Bergdahl’s lawyer.

06.08.2014 14:07

​‘Afghan armed forces have serious problem with discipline’
The Afghan armed forces are not cohesive and there are problems with checking and investigating recruits, making sure that the army is properly recruited and trained, Middle East expert Deepack Tripathi told RT.

06.08.2014 12:23

2-star US general killed in Afghan green-on-blue attack
A gunman dressed in an Afghan army uniform opened fire on allied troops, killing a US army two-star major general and wounding 15 coalition troops, including a German brigadier general and two Afghan generals.

05.08.2014 13:31

Pakistani man sues UK govt for complicity in decade of torture
A Pakistani citizen is suing Britain’s Ministry of Defense and Foreign Office for complicity in brutal torture and abuse he had to endure between 2004 and 2014. The man’s lawyers say the UK is responsible for his illegal rendition to an Afghan jail.

29.07.2014 19:03

Thousands of guns unaccounted for by Afghan security forces
Information on nearly three-quarters of a million guns purchased by the US for the Afghan National Security Forces is either missing or duplicated, an audit of SIGAR inspectors revealed, sparking fears they could have ended up in Taliban hands.

28.07.2014 05:20

At least 89 dead in E. Afghanistan suicide car bombing
A suicide car bomber has exploded his vehicle in a busy market in the eastern Afghan province of Paktika, killing at least 89 people. Officials warn the death toll may rise as soldiers continue searching the wreckage for possible survivors and injured.

15.07.2014 11:08

I'm confused, can anyone help me? Part 2
I'm confused. Jen Psaki, US State Department spokesperson, says that the Ukrainian government has 'every right' to use air strikes against its opponents in Ukraine on the grounds that it 'is defending the country'.

15.07.2014 09:53

Blackwater awarded over $1bn from State Dept. since threat on investigator's life
The US State Department has allocated more than a billion dollars in contracts to the security firm Blackwater and its later manifestations since a top official for the company threatened a government investigator’s life in 2007.

11.07.2014 16:25

At least 4 NATO troops reported killed in Afghan suicide bombing
Four NATO troops from Czech Republic have been killed in a suicide attack in Afghanistan’s Parwan province, the ISAF confirmed. The blast also killed two Afghan policemen and at least 10 civilians, local police said.

08.07.2014 06:02

Taliban torch hundreds of 'NATO-supplying' fuel trucks near Kabul
An assault by militants at a large parking lot on the outskirts of Afghan capital, Kabul, Friday night left at least 200 fuel tankers incinerated. The Taliban said the privately-owned tankers were targeted because they supply foreign troops.

05.07.2014 09:24

Drone memo should reverse Gitmo convictions, attorneys claim
Attorneys for a Canadian man who spent a decade detained by the United States military at Guantanamo Bay say details in the Obama administration’s recently released “drone memo” exonerates their client of war crimes.

03.07.2014 15:10

Afghan drugs are still a major global problem
A few days ago under Russian presidency the UN Security Council held a discussion on the situation in Afghanistan, with particular focus on the production of illicit drugs in the country.

30.06.2014 14:12

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