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​Afghan envoy held secret peace talks with Taliban in China – report
An Afghan peace envoy reportedly held secret talks with former Taliban officials in China last week in an effort to bring the insurgency to the negotiating table. The meeting was facilitated by Pakistan's intelligence agency.

25.05.2015 14:09

The Fuller Picture – The invisible war: Civil disobedience and the internet
As the US Senate debates the Patriot Act this week, we are at a crossroads for civil liberties and protest freedoms around the world.

22.05.2015 11:59

Pentagon slammed for building $36mn ‘white elephant’ facility in Afghanistan
A US government watchdog has called for three officers to be disciplined after the Pentagon spent $36 million on constructing a command facility in Afghanistan that was unused by any troops.

21.05.2015 14:23

​British security contractor killed in Kabul bombing identified
A British man who was among three victims killed in a suicide bombing attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, has been identified as Michael Hampshire by the Foreign Office.

19.05.2015 15:28

Afghanistan, Pakistan resume intel-sharing after years of mutual animosity
Pakistan and Afghanistan have set about restoring cooperation after years of bickering and confrontation: their intelligence agencies have signed a memorandum on intelligence-sharing to tackle the Taliban insurgency together.

19.05.2015 09:43

Russia stops transit of NATO military cargo to Afghanistan
Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev has revoked a decree that allowed delivery of NATO military equipment to Afghanistan through Russian territory.

18.05.2015 22:34

Several killed in attack on Afghan guesthouse, including US citizen
An American and two Indian citizens were among those killed after gunmen attacked a guesthouse in Kabul, Afghanistan, renowned for being popular with foreign tourists, according to local officials.

13.05.2015 21:38

​Newly elected Tory hawks hint at backbench rebellion over defense cuts
As pro-defense MP’s enter parliament and assume roles in David Cameron’s new administration, backbench Tories are already urging a sharp increase in military spending and voicing their opposition to defense cuts.

12.05.2015 14:21

​Stop the War coalition issues #GE2015 anti-war manifesto
Debate on foreign policy and the legacy of UK involvement in war and occupation has become the elephant in the room during the general election campaign, according to the Stop the War coalition.

07.05.2015 15:25

Int’l flight chaos feared if US stops managing Afghan airspace
The US is expected to stop managing Afghan airspace once its contract with the government in Kabul expires at the end of June, but international airliners are worried that development could create a no-flight zone over Afghanistan.

06.05.2015 22:24

​Taliban hunts Afghan interpreters who ‘betrayed Muslims’ by aiding British Army
Two Afghan interpreters who worked with British forces claim that they have been abandoned by the UK and are now being hunted by insurgents bent on killing them for “betraying Muslims.”

06.05.2015 09:42

Why NATO is terrified of Russia
The twin-pronged attack - oil price war/raid on the ruble – aimed at destroying the Russian economy and place it into a form of Western natural resource vassalage has failed.

29.04.2015 14:48