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Afghanistan: No end for Obama’s endgame
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's visit to the US has sparked a new debate on the future of Afghanistan which for centuries played a special role, remaining unconquered by superpowers repulsing offensives with old British rifles and Kalashnikov’s.

23.03.2015 11:45

Afghan leadership duo visit US to secure troops, aid
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and his electoral rival Abdullah Abdullah are on a five-day visit to the US to discuss greater American military presence, continuation of aid and other benefits the six month-old Afghan government is seeking from Washington.

23.03.2015 10:17

​Court orders US govt release 2,000 images from military sites incl Abu Ghraib
A New York-based federal judge has ordered the release of around 2,000 images showing the cruel treatment of detainees by the US military, despite White House efforts to circumvent the Freedom of Information Act.

21.03.2015 08:10

Heli-flop-ter: Britain mothballs costly Apache helicopters after brief Afghan, Libyan service
A quarter of the UK's hugely expensive Apache attack helicopter fleet was mothballed when Afghan combat operations come to a close, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has admitted.

20.03.2015 15:10

Uncensored CIA torture report demanded by lawyers in Iraq war abuse case
Lawyers for two men, who claim they were tortured after capture by UK forces, are demanding access to an uncensored version of the CIA torture report from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) team charged with investigating abuses.

19.03.2015 15:00

Last Briton in Guantanamo ‘knows too much’ to be released, MPs claim
Despite enduring a decade of “barbaric treatment” and being held without charge for 13 years, the last Briton in Guantanamo, Shaker Aamer, “knows too much” to be set free, according to MPs.

18.03.2015 09:52

Afghan civilians killed in NATO airstrikes reduced by policy shift – study
A shift in NATO protocol for sanctioning aerial bombing in Afghanistan was accompanied by an 81-percent drop in civilian deaths from airstrikes over the course of six years, a new report suggests.

17.03.2015 13:04

UN Security Council: ISIS replacing Taliban in Afghanistan
The Islamic State has infiltrated into Afghanistan and is attempting to step into the Taliban's boots, acknowledged the UN Security Council. Russia’s representative to the UN warns Central Asian states could be the next stop for the Islamic extremists.

17.03.2015 06:15

$1 million of secret CIA cash intended for Afghanistan ended up with Al-Qaeda - report
Around $1 million of CIA money given to Afghanistan via a secret fund was reportedly used in 2010 to pay the ransom for an Afghan diplomat held by Al-Qaeda.

16.03.2015 17:26

Blitzkrieg tactics? UK defense bosses push for higher road speed limits for tanks
Raising the speed limit for tanks, troop carriers and self-propelled guns to 40mph (64kph) will cut traffic jams, improve safety and better prepare troops for armored warfare, according to UK defense chiefs.

16.03.2015 13:32

US to delay Afghanistan withdrawal, leave more troops – report
The White House has dropped plans to slash the number of US soldiers in Afghanistan to 5,500 this year, AP reported. Official sources claim the withdrawal is likely to be much slower and have 9,800 US troops remain in Afghanistan well into 2016.

15.03.2015 02:17

​‘Hubris, cowardice, delusion’: MP blasts generals & politicians in defense debate
The record of Britain’s political and military leadership is lamentable, with “delusion” and “cowardice” continuing to color debate on defense and the military, a firebrand MP told a Commons debate.

12.03.2015 15:26