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Afghan drugs are still a major global problem
A few days ago under Russian presidency the UN Security Council held a discussion on the situation in Afghanistan, with particular focus on the production of illicit drugs in the country.

30.06.2014 14:12

​Land used for opium cultivation at historic high – UN
The amount of land used for cultivating opium poppies around the world is at an all-time high, says a UN report. Afghanistan is largely behind the increase, with its crop growing by 36 percent over a year, producing 80 percent of the world’s opium.

28.06.2014 05:04

If you can't beat them, lead them! British diplomat advocates legalizing heroin
The former British ambassador to Afghanistan has said the war on drugs has essentially been lost, and appealed to take the illegal trade out of the shadow and put it under strict governmental control “to limit the demand.”

25.06.2014 05:03

Afghan hero behind 'Lone Survivor' film being hunted down by Taliban
​Despite saving wounded Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell in Afghanistan and helping 'Lone Survivor' make tens of millions in profits at the box office, Mohammad Gulab is struggling to protect his family from an endless stream of Taliban attacks.

25.06.2014 03:07

Taliban attack leaves 37 burned-out NATO fuel trucks in Afghanistan (PHOTOS)
Afghan Taliban fighters attacked a convoy of fuel trucks at the Pakistan border, triggering a firefight between police guards and Islamist insurgents. A suicide bomber explosion and a gunfight resulted in 37 fuel trucks being burned.

19.06.2014 07:47

Bergdahl prisoner swap didn't produce peace talks with Taliban despite US hopes
The United States may have hoped that swapping five Guantanamo Bay prison detainees for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl would have sparked talks between the Taliban and Afghan government, but so far the deal has yet to result in movement towards reconciliation.

16.06.2014 16:22

Pentagon spent millions on boats that were never delivered to landlocked Afghanistan
Despite being billed a “top priority” for American efforts in Afghanistan, a new government watchdog report found that the United States spent more than $3 million obtaining eight patrol boats that were never used.

13.06.2014 16:23

​Bergdahl prison letters cite lack of leadership, bad conditions in his Afghanistan unit
American solider Bowe Bergdahl, who will return to the US on Friday, told his family in written letters sent while he was in Taliban captivity that his disappearance in Afghanistan was related to his disappointment in the leadership of his US Army unit.

12.06.2014 20:55

5 US Special Operations soldiers killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan
A US Defense Department official has anonymously confirmed to AP that five ISAF servicemen killed by friendly fire in southern Afghanistan were actually American soldiers. This could become the worst friendly-fire incident in 13 years of the Afghan War.

10.06.2014 10:53

Bergdahl’s family receives death threats as he recalls Taliban torturers
Sgt. Bowe Bergdhal’s family have been receiving death threats since his controversial release in a prisoner swap with the Taliban a week ago. Unable to reunite with his family, the US Army soldier has started speaking of his difficulties in captivity.

08.06.2014 11:22

Released Taliban commander promises to return to fight Americans
A source close to one of the former Guantanamo Bay prisoners released last week by the United States claim he plans to travel back to Afghanistan to fight against American troops.

06.06.2014 18:41

Bergdahl's hometown cancels ‘Welcome home’ celebration
An annual rally in the hometown of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl meant to raise awareness of the United States soldier who for five years was held captive in Afghanistan was turned into a welcome home celebration this week and then cancelled altogether.

05.06.2014 14:38

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