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​Several 'illegal foreign detention facilities' uncovered in Afghan govt probe
Several "unlawful" prisons run by coalition forces in Afghanistan have been uncovered at Camp Bastion and Kandahar airfield in an investigation commissioned by President Hamid Karzai. The find could put a further strain on Afghan-Western relations.

27.04.2014 05:48

‘Taliban uses US troops’ presence in Afghanistan as an excuse for violence’
The Taliban insurgency started before the US troops came in and it’s a mistake to think that if the US troops leave today, then tomorrow there will be peace, with Taliban ceasing to fight, Afghan presidential frontrunner Abdullah Abdullah told RT.

25.04.2014 13:49

Bureaucratic mess complicates prisoner exchange deal with Taliban
Although the Taliban is looking to restart negotiations with the United States over an American soldier captured five years ago, US bureaucracy and poor communication is reportedly keeping the talks from taking off.

24.04.2014 18:04

‘Transparency is hardly only problem of Afghan elections’
Many things are required to rebuild Afghanistan after so many decades of war and it is far more than any election is going to be able to put into power, Phyllis Bennis, director at the Institute for Policy Studies, told RT.

24.04.2014 10:53

India-Russia-Afghanistan synergy: India to pay for Russian arms supplies to Kabul
It is a done deal and already under implementation, quietly but surely: securing India’s and Russia’s strategic interests in Afghanistan in the not-too-distant scenario of the drawdown of American and NATO forces from Afghanistan.

23.04.2014 11:43

In prison forever: Gitmo detainees might not see freedom even after Afghan War ends
The United States military plans to end its combat role in Afghanistan later this year and close the chapter on America’s longest-running war, but the Afghan men being held at the US detention facility at Guantanamo Bay aren’t expected to see any changes.

22.04.2014 14:58

Army ranger says his friendly fire might have killed Pat Tillman
Nearly a decade later, a ranger in the United States Army now says he may have been the soldier that fatally shot professional football player-turned-corporal Pat Tillman in Afghanistan.

21.04.2014 17:56

I'm confused, can anyone help me?
I'm confused. A few weeks ago we were told in the West that people occupying government buildings in Ukraine was a very good thing. These people, we were told by our political leaders and elite media commentators, were 'pro-democracy protestors'.

15.04.2014 09:03

Afghanistan’s elections & the illusion of progress
Elections held last week in Afghanistan, while highly publicized as a showpiece in NATO’s lengthy intervention, will most likely achieve very little.

13.04.2014 22:03

​Abdullah, Ghani lead in Afghan presidential poll as 10% votes counted
First results released after the Afghan presidential elections show that with about 500,000 votes in 26 provinces counted former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah is slightly ahead in a tight race with finance ex-minister Ashraf Ghani.

13.04.2014 16:47

FBI’s secret cooperation with Special Forces in Iraq, Afghanistan revealed
Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been quietly embedded with US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan since September 11 according to a new report that bolsters claims that the FBI has morphed primarily into a counter-terrorism organization.

11.04.2014 20:15

Pentagon ponders ‘logistical nightmare’ of Afghan withdraw
Ranked as America’s most challenging military action since WWII, the US is faced with the task of transporting millions of pieces of military assets out of Afghanistan as possible exit routes - including through Russia - are blocked.

11.04.2014 09:18

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