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Key US air base supplying Afghanistan closes
The US military has finally closed its transit center at Bishkek’s Manas airport, Kyrgyzstan. During the 12 1/2 years of the Afghan military campaign the facility remained the primary air supply hub for the ISAF’s contingent in the war zone.

03.06.2014 07:18

US troops 'kidnap' 4-year-old drone strike victim from hospital, family says
A four-year-old girl whose face was blown off during a US drone strike in Afghanistan was kidnapped by American troops and hidden by an international organization, her family says.

02.06.2014 20:09

Bergdahl blamed for deaths of US soldiers in Afghanistan
United States Army soldiers who served in Afghanistan alongside former prisoner of war Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl are speaking up to condemn their one-time colleague and those who are labeling him a hero following his release from Taliban custody this week.

02.06.2014 16:13

Why is Russia lifting embargo on military supplies to Pakistan?
Russia has just announced a hugely strategic decision that may alter the regional power matrix and bug India at a time when the just-installed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was looking to deepen ties with Moscow.

02.06.2014 15:31

US captive soldier in Afghanistan exchanged for 5 Guantanamo detainees
Five detainees at the infamous Guantanamo Bay prison have been released in exchange for an American soldier who was taken hostage by the Taliban in 2009, US officials said.

31.05.2014 16:35

'Obama says the US is indispensable, meaning all other countries are dispensable?'
If indispensable means invasive than there is no country that has invaded more states in the world, that has violated human rights and international law more than has the US, foreign policy expert Richard Becker told RT.

29.05.2014 08:46

WikiLeaks claims Google director helped the NSA spy on Afghanistan
Transparency group WikiLeaks blasted fellow secret-spillers The Intercept last week for censoring the name of a country targeted by United States surveillance. WikiLeaks alleges the nation to be Afghanistan, but the story might not stop right there.

28.05.2014 14:20

CIA chief in Afghanistan 'accidentally' exposed by White House press staff
The Obama Administration’s press service unwittingly put the real name of the CIA’s top spy in Afghanistan on the ‘pool report’ distributed among journalists accompanying the American president on a surprise trip to Kabul’s Bagram Airfield base.

26.05.2014 07:47

Karzai refuses to meet Obama at Bagram Airfield
The Afghan president refused to visit the Bagram military base when US President Barack Obama made a surprise visit there to meet troops on May 25. Similarly, the American president turned down a proposal for talks at Karzai’s palace in downtown Kabul.

26.05.2014 05:35

'Country X': WikiLeaks reveals NSA recording 'nearly all' phone calls in Afghanistan
The NSA records almost all domestic and international phone calls in Afghanistan, similar to what it does in the Bahamas, WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange said.

23.05.2014 07:06

‘Survival of new Afghan leadership still depends on answering America’s needs’
Whichever presidential candidate wins the Afghan election runoffs is likely to hold closely to America's script, especially in terms of the US-Afghan security pact, former US foreign service employee Peter van Buren told RT.

21.05.2014 09:52

​Intl anti-narcotic office needed to combat Afghan heroin – Russia
Various programs aimed at resolving the problem of massive production of heroin in Afghanistan should be merged into an internationally-supervised office, suggests Russia's chief drug officer.

15.05.2014 09:02

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