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America's secret war: From Latin America to Iraq
Death squads, a military tactic that began in El Salvador in the 1980’s, are now being seen in Iraq.

August 25, 2010 07:50

Pakistan playing both sides of Afghan conflict
Pakistani officials have admitted that the capture of a high ranking Taliban operative was a direct attempt to impact negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

August 24, 2010 08:03

US utilizing capture-kill teams globally
While some US troops are told to avoided casualties, others are told to take no prisoners. Groups known as capture-kill teams operate on a separate, less transparent set of rules when targeting high value individuals.

September 16, 2010 12:10

Barack Obama is facing the “Gorbachev dilemma”
Vasily Kravtsov, a Soviet war veteran who fought in Afghanistan in the 80s, says the US is failing in its campaign there because after nine years it still does not understand the country and its people.

August 20, 2010 08:38

Medvedev urges not to turn back on Soviet projects
Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan could come back to developing Soviet-era economic projects, President Dmitry Medvedev has said at the four-country summit in Sochi.

August 22, 2010 08:36

Sochi summit seeks to break curse of Afghan heroin
President Dmitry Medvedev is hosting a summit on terrorism and drug trafficking in Russia's city of Sochi with the leaders of Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Pakistan.

August 26, 2010 13:17

“Afghan occupation has little to do with Afghanistan per se” – writer
American public support for the war in Afghanistan is at an all-time low, with July being the deadliest month for US and NATO troops since 2001.

August 20, 2010 12:00

Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks making headlines yet again
The man accused of blowing the whistle on the war in Afghanistan is 22 years old PFC Bradley Manning. He was arrested in Iraq May 29, held in solitary confinement and then transferred to Quantico, Virginia.

August 16, 2010 22:36

Civilian death toll grows in Afghanistan as more troops arrive
The number of non-combatant casualties in Afghanistan rose by almost a third in the first half of 2010 compared to the same period last year.

August 12, 2010 07:43

Central Asia close to chaos due to US efforts – Russian MP
The US is destabilizing Central Asia by means of drug trafficking, disintegrating Kyrgyzstan and putting pressure on Iran, shared Semyon Bagdasarov, member of the State Duma’s International Affairs Committee.

August 12, 2010 04:43

WikiLeaks’ material on Afghan war: anybody could download it - Neil Sheehan
The material leaked by WikiLeaks is underground military stuff, but it is not high-level decision-making, believes Neil Sheehan, former NY Times reporter who published secret Pentagon papers on Vietnam War 40 years ago.

August 14, 2010 21:56

White House pretends Afghan WikiLeak is “old news”
WikiLeaks-published documents on Afghan war might be old for US army, but Americans are learning about it for the first time, Brian Becker, the Director of the American anti-war A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, pointed out.

September 02, 2010 05:15