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“If we destroy opium poppy fields, farmers will join the Taliban”
The battle against drug production in Afghanistan is intensifying, as a new player – the Central-Asian Drugs Quartet has been founded in Moscow, with Russia, Pakistan and Tajikistan pledging to support Kabul.

December 09, 2010 09:46

Obama praises Afghan war effort in surprise troop visit
US President Barack Obama made a surprise visit to Afghanistan, where he praised US and Coalition troops and said his administration’s combat surge has effectively weakened the Taliban.

03.12.2010 22:11

“Our spies compare favorably to US ones” – Putin parries with King
After a ten-year hiatus, Russian Premier Vladimir Putin has appeared on American TV in an hour-long, just-aired interview, in which he was quizzed by TV host Larry King.

December 02, 2010 07:44

“War is terror” – Danish peace activists
There is no shortage of skepticism in Europe over the war in Afghanistan. In Denmark though, veteran activists have been camping outside parliament for nearly a decade to make politicians listen.

30.11.2010 05:23

Afghanistan wants to be free, friendly and decide its own destiny – Afghan FM
NATO plans to withdraw its combat troops from Afghanistan in four years’ time. Afghan Foreign Minister Zalmai Rassoul told RT it is time for the country to stand on its own two feet.

28.11.2010 12:45

Moscow allows NATO vehicle transit to Afghanistan
Russia has agreed to ease rules for NATO armored vehicles, allowing them to be taken to Afghanistan through its territory, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said.

25.11.2010 10:05

Troops show no pleasure with move to Afghanistan
The violence in Afghanistan is now at an all-time high, even by the US’ own estimates, but Pentagon military chiefs insist modest progress is being made against the Taliban in the nine-year campaign - despite clashes increasing four-fold since 2007.

November 24, 2010 07:49

Taliban imposter fools NATO, US and Afghan governments
A Pakistani man got away with impersonating a Taliban leader and was paid by the Afghan government for information and even spoke with the Afghan president.

23.11.2010 22:12

American vets: in suicide, many lose the war at home
The memory of recent combat has become a daily nightmare for many US soldiers who returned home from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

November 23, 2010 07:08

Europeans oppose NATO, US policies
As leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization met in Lisbon, thousands met in the streets to protest their policies and very existence. At the root of many activists complaints – US policies.

23.11.2010 00:31

NATO seeks relevance as Afghan war intensifies
The US lead NATO mission in Afghanistan is heating up while NATO itself struggles with the costs and its own existence.

19.11.2010 19:29

Bagram: America's blackhole in Afghanistan
Since the 2001 invasion, the US government has spent over $38 billion dollars on Afghanistan to bolster security and economic development.

16.11.2010 00:12