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NATO probes claim 64 civilians killed in Afghanistan operation
An Afghan official claims 64 civilians have been killed in NATO-led operations in the northeast of Afghanistan over the past few days. NATO denies the accusations, but has conceded to further investigate, with local ministries and the ISAF.

20.02.2011 16:11

International synergy needed to win war on drugs
Drug trafficking from Afghanistan is considered to be a major worldwide problem, and the UN is planning to launch a new regional anti-drug program, revealed Yury Fedotov, executive director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

20.02.2011 00:13

Most civilian aid for Afghanistan lost - former UN anti-crime chief
Up to 80 per cent of international help to Afghanistan is being lost in international and local corruption schemes, insists Pino Arlacchi, Italian Member of the European Parliament and the former UN anti-drug and crime chief.

16.02.2011 10:48

Petraeus to leave Afghan post
The Times of London is reporting from exclusive sources that General David Petraeus, the commander of the US-led international coalition in Afghanistan, is to be replaced.

15.02.2011 23:05

Angela Merkel faces questions over deadly air strike
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been questioned over a military airstrike which killed scores of civilians in Afghanistan almost two years ago.

13.02.2011 01:25

Geographically-challenged US politicians mirror public
US politicians are not shy when it comes to offering opinions on foreign affairs, even when it is obvious they have not done their homework. Bloopers may be commonplace on Capitol Hill, but the American people have become the butt of the joke.

10.02.2011 07:16

US forces strained, but Petraeus expects increased Taliban attacks
NATO commander Gen. David Petraeus predicted an increase in Taliban violence in Afghanistan come spring. Meanwhile Special Forces Commander Adm. Eric Olson said US troops are showing signs of stress as deployments have quadrupled.

09.02.2011 15:29

West favors “practical co-operation” with Uzbekistan
The visit of Uzbekistan president Islam Karimov to Brussels has resulted in a co-operation agreement between the Central Asian republic and NATO and a memorandum of understanding in the energy field.

26.01.2011 13:00

Russia sees double standards in “War on Terror”
As Muscovites go about the grim business of dealing with yet another act of terrorism against innocent civilians, some are blaming the global community for failing to hold up their end of the bargain in the fight.

25.01.2011 13:45

India: An outside presence Afghans actually welcome
It is no secret money cannot buy you love, but it is a lesson still to be learned in Afghanistan, at least by the Americans.

22.01.2011 04:55

US forces annihilate Afghan village
A few months ago an Afghan village was filled with people and life, but now it is nothing more than rubble after being bombed heavily by US forces.

21.01.2011 19:54

Afghanistan and Russia remember their history while looking to the future
Afghan President Hamid Karzai is in the Russian capital where he is holding talks with President Dmitry Medvedev over ways of strengthening bilateral relations between the two historically linked nations.

21.01.2011 13:53