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Aleksey Yaroshevsky

Ukrainian economy emerges from ashes
Opinion remains divided on the success of Ukraine's President Viktor Yanukovich, who has been in office for one year and whose biggest gain thus far is probably the starting economic revival of the country.

25.02.2011 05:03

Ukrainian HIV patients suffer from government bungling
Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian people living with HIV are fighting for their lives, as the government stands accused of delaying the supply of vital drugs.

23.02.2011 06:43

Meet zozulica – Euro-2012’s answer to vuvuzela
The constant bleating of vuvuzelas at the 2010 World Cup in Africa will long be remembered. With Ukraine and Poland set to host the 2012 European Championships, locals have decided it is a perfect opportunity to promote vuvuzela's European cousin.

12.02.2011 06:29

Ukraine’s capital troubled as its mayor goes missing
The mystery surrounding their missing mayor is deepening as his absence from public life enters a sixth month. But some media reports now suggest he has been found in Georgia.

31.01.2011 02:25

You say you want a revolution, but be careful what you wish for
The images of angry protesters in Egypt in Tunisia gathering in the streets are may look similar to the color revolutions that have rocked the world in recent years. However, they may differ in at least on one crucial point: spontaneity.

28.01.2011 08:01

Moldovan TV broadcasts more than just entertainment
A range of new media outlets in Moldova are being accused of trying to influence audiences politically. Critics say Romanian sponsors control the content of TV news and publications to promote reunification with the country.

24.01.2011 02:43

Bombers terrorize Ukrainian city
Unknown individuals are demanding four million euros from authorities in the Ukrainian city of Makeevka, otherwise they threaten to detonate bombs around the city.

20.01.2011 11:13

Latvia rapidly descends the freedom of speech ladder
The Baltic state of Latvia used to rank highly on international surveys assessing the freedom of the press. But a series of incidents involving raids on the homes of journalists are pointing to a change in direction, sparking international concern.

19.01.2011 07:12

Ukraine wants Chernobyl exclusion zone to bear fruit
Ukraine has plans to develop agricultural land in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. And the idea has enough supporters to be implemented – but still faces legal hurdles.

06.01.2011 04:07

”Drinking buddy for hire”: service for the lonely
The holiday season is a time for many to hit the town and share a few drinks with friends, but that is a problem if you have no one close by. In Ukraine, there is a solution. There, you can hire a drinking buddy.

03.01.2011 09:51

A host of venues – Russia wins either way
Russia is hotly tipped in the 2018 race for the right to hold World Cup as it locks horns with England, as well as joint bids from Spain/Portugal, and the Netherlands/Belgium.

02.12.2010 05:50

WikiLeaks releases new portion of classified data
The world's biggest media outlets, including The Guardian, The New York Times and Le Monde, have published the first of a new batch of secret materials obtained by WikiLeaks.

29.11.2010 05:09