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Aleksey Yaroshevsky

Atomic mafia: Yakuza ‘cleans up’ Fukushima, neglects basic workers' rights
Homeless men employed cleaning up the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant, including those brought in by Japan's yakuza gangsters, were not aware of the health risks they were taking and say their bosses treated them like “disposable people.”

20.11.2013 07:49

Ecuador’s Correa in Moscow amid reheated NSA debate
Ecuador's president, one of the most vocal critics of Washington’s spying methods, has met for talks with Vladimir Putin in Moscow. His visit follows new NSA revelations which have brought US surveillance and Edward Snowden into the spotlight yet again.

29.10.2013 04:55

Terrorist blast kills 6, injures over 30 in Volgograd, central Russia
Six people were killed and 37 injured - some of them critically - after a female suicide bomber set off a bomb on a bus in Volgograd, central Russia. Local authorities have been put on high terror alert for the next 15 days.

21.10.2013 10:31

Olympic boycott drive resurfaces in Georgia ahead of election
Calls are rising again in Georgia to boycott the Winter Olympic Games in Russia’s Sochi. The issue, which seemed to have been buried with President Mikhail Saakashvili’s decline from power, resurfaced ahead of next week’s presidential election.

17.10.2013 08:50

Top opposition figure Navalny dodges prison with 5yr suspended sentence
Prominent opposition figure Aleksey Navalny and co-defendant Pyotr Ofitserov have been given a suspended sentence in their embezzlement trial. Navalny has indicated that his team is going to appeal the sentence.

16.10.2013 07:08

Malay fund managers move servers to Russia amid 'dodge NSA' tech-trend
Private telecom providers, businesses and governments are increasingly compelled to move or reinforce web operations following disclosures of the NSA’s mass internet surveillance programs made by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

14.10.2013 23:22

On your marks! Olympic torchbearers set off from Moscow
Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced the start of the Russian leg of the record-breaking Olympic torch relay for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. The relay kicked off at Moscow’s Red Square, where the flame arrived on Sunday.

06.10.2013 04:39

Greenpeace activists charged with piracy over Russian oil rig protest
A Russian court has formally charged 17 of the 30 Greenpeace activists with piracy. They were arrested in Russia after staging a protest at an Arctic oil rig. The charges that Greenpeace calls “extreme” carry a maximum penalty of up to 15 years in jail.

02.10.2013 07:34

‘Protesting Israel’s aggressive policies’: Far-right party promotes anti-Semitic mood in Hungary
Neo-Nazi sentiments are on the rise in Hungary, where the far-right Jobbik party is enjoying major public support. The European Commission is expressing “great concern” over the rise of anti-Semitic incidents across the EU.

01.10.2013 13:33

Greenpeace activists ‘posed real threat’ to Arctic oil rig staff – investigators
Russian investigators say Greenpeace activists who attempted to board an Arctic oil platform in the Barents Sea “posed a real threat” to employees on the rig. The environmental organization says the action was non-violent and demands the crew be released.

30.09.2013 11:50

Russia launches piracy case over Greenpeace oil rig ‘attack’, to prosecute ‘regardless of nationality’
Russia has launched a criminal case into suspected piracy on the high seas over Greenpeace activists scaling an Arctic offshore oil rig before being arrested by border guards. The organization dismissed the allegations as 'absurd'.

24.09.2013 09:57

Bloodhound Gang ‘fleeing’ from Russia after bassist desecrates flag (VIDEO)
US rockers Bloodhound Gang got their Russian gig cancelled, were ‘showered with tomatoes’ and ‘beaten’ by the locals after a YouTube clip showed the band’s bass player desecrating a Russian flag – an act considered a criminal offense in the country.

03.08.2013 17:03