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Anonymous 'threatens' to take down Facebook in Operation Global Blackout (VIDEO)
Following a massive attack waged Thursday on several government and entertainment industry websites, hacktivists with Anonymous continued their assault over the weekend, momentarily taking offline.

23.01.2012 19:10

'We are legion': Anonymous hacks French presidential website
A group of hackers known as ‘Anonymous’ attacked the French president’s website on Friday, apparently in retaliation of the country’s official support of an American clampdown on the popular file-sharing website, Megaupload.

21.01.2012 11:23

Megaupload payback: Anonymous hack-storm on America Inc.
Mass piracy suspects from have been denied bail by a New Zealand court. The shutdown of the file sharing site provoked the largest operation in years by hacker group Anonymous, which attacked US authorities and entertainment moguls.

20.01.2012 10:31

Internet strikes back: Anonymous' Operation Megaupload explained
Federal agents executed a crackdown on the files sharing website Megaupload on Thursday. The response, you could say, was not minor.

20.01.2012 01:30

FBI website crippled in Anonymous-led retaliation to Megaupload raid
The official website for the US Federal Bureau of Investigation is the latest victim in a massive online attack against both the government and entertainment industry.

20.01.2012 01:05

Anonymous downs government, music industry sites in largest attack ever
Hacktivists with the collective Anonymous are waging an attack on the website for the White House after successfully breaking the sites for the FBI, Department of Justice, Universal Music Group, RIAA and Motion Picture Association of America.

19.01.2012 21:48

Anonymous declares Day of Action against NDAA (VIDEO)
Time magazine called the protester the person of the year for 2011, but if the US government continues with its campaign against American freedom, defying corruption with demonstration as such will be outlawed in only a matter of time.

10.01.2012 20:10

Anonymous' Stratfor hack outs intelligence officials across the world
The hackers responsible for a Christmas Eve attack on consulting firm Stratfor released more information over the weekend, this time divulging email addresses, log-ins and passwords for thousands of affiliated parties.

09.01.2012 18:53

Anonymous Blitzkrieg: Hactivists declare war on Neo-Nazis
Activists of the Anonymous online hacker community have launched a web campaign against German neo-Nazi and other far-right sites. Their website makes it obvious the hactivists favor the Wikileaks strategy.

06.01.2012 03:05

Anonymous to publish Stratfor emails
A treasure-trove of top secret correspondence between security firm Stratfor and millions of contacts is about to be published, a move that hackers say will serve as a smoking gun for several committed crimes.

29.12.2011 18:58

Anonymous details Stratfor Christmas hack
Operatives within the hacking collective Anonymous called the Christmas weekend release of data pertaining to customers of security firm Stratfor one of the biggest endeavors the group has ever undertaken.

27.12.2011 20:08

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