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EU declares war on hackers, threatens long jail terms
Internet hackers will face significantly tougher criminal penalties after a new draft resolution was passed in the European Parliament with an overwhelming majority.

29.03.2012 16:29

LulzSec ‘Reborn’: US military dating website hacked, 170,000 emails leaked
The hacking group LulzSec Reborn may have resurfaced after a short lull. The group claims to have attacked a military dating website.

28.03.2012 13:32

Doc outrage: Anonymous 'behind' web-siege on Russian TV channel
The Russian faction of Anonymous has claimed responsibility for a cyber-attack on a Russian TV station's website. The outage follows a controversial documentary about Russian protestors produced by NTV.

19.03.2012 16:28

‘Arrests will energize Anonymous movement’
Hacking groups like Anonymous and LulzSec are movements that have “resorted to direct action,” and prosecuting their members is only going to make things worse, Robert Harris, a member of the UK Pirate Party, told RT.

07.03.2012 18:48

Sony royalties get donated to Anonymous
Sometime between the Anonymous-led hacks on their networks throughout 2011, the Sony corporation had to find music to use in a commercial for their Vita handheld game console. Naturally, they went with German industrial anarchists Atari Teenage Riot.

06.03.2012 22:34

Anonymous to prevail sans Sabu: 'He's a traitor; LulzSec long-dead; we have no leaders'
“Anonymous is a hydra, cut off one head and we grow two back.”

06.03.2012 18:32

Anonymous turncoat Sabu faces 124 years in prison - FBI
Hector Xavier Monsegur, aka Sabu, has plead guilty to several counts of computer hacking conspiracy, access device fraud and other crimes.

06.03.2012 18:12

Anonymous hackers ratted out by infiltrators
A law enforcement operation that ended with the arrest of 25 hackers in Europe and South America was not the result of police intelligence but rather an informers’ job within the hacker community, claims Anonymous.

01.03.2012 12:26

Anonymous brings down Interpol website in retaliation for 25 arrests
Interpol's main website has been downed by the Anonymous hacker group in retaliation for the international police agency’s hacker arrests worldwide. And such attacks will continue, the hacktivists promise.

28.02.2012 23:57

Anonymous joins forces with OWS against NDAA-supporting politicians
America’s most powerful protest groups are joining forces to warn elected officials that they will be held accountable for their actions. The campaign is called Our Polls and its being launched with help from both Anonymous and the Occupy movement.

27.02.2012 20:50

Anonymous takes on prison industrial complex with latest hack
The prison industrial complex is the latest victim of Anonymous’ #FuckFBIFriday campaign. Hacktivists have compromised data from a massive correctional facility management firm and have defaced their website.

24.02.2012 18:38

Anonymous: Protesters or Terrorists? Fog of cyberwar obscures truth
As the hype over impending cybergeddon heats up in Congress, could American citizens soon be considered terrorists for simply voicing dissent online? In the fog of cyberwar, freedom may be first to go.

21.02.2012 22:46

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