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Anonymous takes on prison industrial complex with latest hack
The prison industrial complex is the latest victim of Anonymous’ #FuckFBIFriday campaign. Hacktivists have compromised data from a massive correctional facility management firm and have defaced their website.

24.02.2012 18:38

Anonymous: Protesters or Terrorists? Fog of cyberwar obscures truth
As the hype over impending cybergeddon heats up in Congress, could American citizens soon be considered terrorists for simply voicing dissent online? In the fog of cyberwar, freedom may be first to go.

21.02.2012 22:46

Anonymous accuses NSA of fear-mongering
The loose-knit online collective Anonymous is going after another US government entity, but not with the hacks, attacks and other assaults on par with their usual Internet infiltrations.

21.02.2012 18:37

Anonymous promises attacks every Friday
“You should have expected us.”

20.02.2012 18:51

Anonymous takes down government sites in massive anti-ACTA attack
Early Friday, several websites owned and operated by the US government were defaced as part of latest protest against online censorship. Anonymous, the elusive hacktivist group known for masterminding similar assaults, is taking credit.

17.02.2012 15:55

Anonymous signs 'death certificate' for pro-Putin youth movements
The Kremlin is disbanding its pro-Putin youth-group, Nashi, and closing the Federal Youth Agency – says the hacker-activist group Anonymous.

15.02.2012 17:50

'Lay down your arms!' Anonymous attacks US tear-gas maker
Hackers have sent a sweet Valentine to an American weapons manufacturer, knocking out its website. The group says it was an act of retaliation for the company’s arming of security forces against pro-democracy protests in Egypt, Bahrain, and the US.

14.02.2012 15:37

Anonymous describes the destruction of (VIDEO)
Following Friday’s crippling of the CIA’s official government website, an alleged member of Anonymous has uploaded a video explaining how the collective crushed the agency’s online presence — and why the CIA should have been ready.

13.02.2012 21:10

Anonymous vows ‘crusade’ against Israel
Online collective Anonymous has pledged a “crusade” against Israel. Claiming the country is committing “crimes against humanity” and gearing for “nuclear holocaust”, the group promised a campaign against the Israeli government.

11.02.2012 12:19

Anonymous took down
Traditionally known as FuckFBIFriday, this weekend's eve turned into FuckCIAFriday, as hacktivists downed the official website for the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States

10.02.2012 20:23

Anonymous hacks Oakland officials in retaliation for OWS crackdowns
Concerned with the continuous acts of police brutality perpetrated by law enforcement in Oakland, California, the online group Anonymous has published the personal details of some of the city’s leading officials.

07.02.2012 16:17

Anonymous calls for anti-ACTA rallies, Poland suspends bill
A wolf in sheep’s clothing – that’s how ACTA opponents have described the international copyright treaty. Thousands are to protest in Sweden on Saturday while in Poland the legislation has been suspended after attacks on government websites.

04.02.2012 09:07

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