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US, UK govt. websites downed in Anonymous-claimed attack
More US and UK government websites have fallen prey to DDoS attacks by the hacktivist group Anonymous. The victims now include the US Department of Justice, CIA and two MI6 sites.

16.04.2012 04:48

SOPA lobby games: Why Netflix PAC agenda is NOT convincing
After an RT article caused, as Netflix calls it, "a bit of a firestorm," the streaming video service requested a clarification from our side. We are happy to offer it and explain exactly why we still have a lot of unanswered questions.

10.04.2012 18:27

Anonymous beats Reddit to win Time 100 poll
Anonymous has trounced Reddit to take the top spot in the 2012 Time 100 poll, an annual list of the world’s 100 most influential people. With Time posed to pick the ‘real’ winner, the Internet has had its say in who is really shaping the world.

09.04.2012 20:04

Anonymous takes down UK Home Office website
Notorious hacktivist group Anonymous has taken down the UK Home Office website. The group owned up to the attack via Twitter, saying it was launched over “draconian surveillance proposals.”

07.04.2012 22:05

Anonymous attacks China, govt websites hacked
Hundreds of Chinese websites have been hacked by people claiming to be the local branch of the hacktivist group Anonymous. The stated final goal of the attacks is to start a revolt against the government.

05.04.2012 12:57

Anonymous fights Arizona censorship bill with 'butthurt form'
There’s a fine line between offensive and hilarious, and Arizona lawmakers aim to make that boundary legally protected. If House Bill 2549 passes, online harassment could become a criminal offense – but some hacktivists are there to help you rejoice.

03.04.2012 18:18

FBI: ‘We are losing to hackers’
If you thought hacktivists only messed with the FBI on Fridays, think again.

29.03.2012 22:12

EU declares war on hackers, threatens long jail terms
Internet hackers will face significantly tougher criminal penalties after a new draft resolution was passed in the European Parliament with an overwhelming majority.

29.03.2012 16:29

LulzSec ‘Reborn’: US military dating website hacked, 170,000 emails leaked
The hacking group LulzSec Reborn may have resurfaced after a short lull. The group claims to have attacked a military dating website.

28.03.2012 13:32

Doc outrage: Anonymous 'behind' web-siege on Russian TV channel
The Russian faction of Anonymous has claimed responsibility for a cyber-attack on a Russian TV station's website. The outage follows a controversial documentary about Russian protestors produced by NTV.

19.03.2012 16:28

‘Arrests will energize Anonymous movement’
Hacking groups like Anonymous and LulzSec are movements that have “resorted to direct action,” and prosecuting their members is only going to make things worse, Robert Harris, a member of the UK Pirate Party, told RT.

07.03.2012 18:48

Sony royalties get donated to Anonymous
Sometime between the Anonymous-led hacks on their networks throughout 2011, the Sony corporation had to find music to use in a commercial for their Vita handheld game console. Naturally, they went with German industrial anarchists Atari Teenage Riot.

06.03.2012 22:34

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