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What is TYLER? Anonymous reveals details of its own 'WikiLeaks' project
The hacktivist collective Anonymous will reportedly launch TYLER – a 'secure, no cost and decentralized' online leaks release platform to circumvent problems inherent in WikiLeaks - on the day many (and Mayans) believe to be the end of the world.

22.10.2012 17:34

Xbox code crackers: On Her Majesty's secret service
British government is hiring talented Xbox generation teenage gamers to form the backbone of country’s future cyber security service. Higher education is not necessary: apprentices will get advanced resident cyber warfare training.

19.10.2012 10:15

OWS to 'use bodies as weapons against the one percent' - activist
The Occupy Wall Street movement plans to marks its anniversary on Monday by “shutting down intersections and getting arrested,” Caleb Maupin from the International Action Center told RT.

16.09.2012 03:33

FBI shows up at teenager's home to ask about his Ron Paul school report
A 16-year-old high school student’s video report for his American Government class earned him an A+ from his teacher. It also yielded a visit from the FBI.

13.09.2012 22:16

AntiSec hackers retaliate after Anon-collaborator arrested by FBI
In retaliation for a Wednesday night raid that ended with frequent Anonymous collaborator Barrett Brown placed in federal custody, the group AntiSec has released credit card data believed to belong to more than a dozen government officers.

13.09.2012 19:05

GoDaddy rejects claims that hacker took them offline has officially commented on the outage that affected millions of customers of the largest Internet domain registrar this week, denying accusations that a hacker was responsible for the debacle.

11.09.2012 16:55

Millions of GoDaddy sites taken offline by hackers, the largest domain name registrar on the Web, has been taken offline, and a self-proclaimed member of the Anonymous hacktivism collective is taking responsibility.

10.09.2012 18:55

Apple ID hack scandal: New questions about FBI involvement
A small digital-publishing firm says that the millions of Apple user IDs hackers published online last week were lifted from the company’s computers, calling into question an earlier claim that the trove was taken from an FBI agent’s laptop.

10.09.2012 18:07

Stratforgate: 'NYPD’s felonious activities worse than Hoover’s'
Leaked Stratfor files point to alleged transgressions on the part of the New York City Police Department’s Intelligence Division. An unnamed FBI source allegedly described them as “damn right [sic] felonious activity.”

05.09.2012 14:17

Feds trumpet alleged LulzSec hacker’s arrest
Federal authorities have arrested an accused member of the LulzSec hacking group, 20-year-old Raynaldo Rivera of Tempe, Arizona, after indicting him on charges related to a 2011 computer attack waged against Sony.

29.08.2012 20:15

'Operation Free Assange' – Anonymous takes down Interpol website
Hacktivist group Anonymous claimed they took down the websites of Interpol and a British police unit as part of a campaign demanding freedom for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

26.08.2012 21:23

Scared of Anonymous: Tampa police prepare for mass arrests during Republican convention
Are computer hackers, political activists and an underground army of anarchists preparing to overthrow next week’s Republican National Convention in Tampa? Police in Florida seem to think so, and are taking every precaution to prepare for violence.

23.08.2012 20:34