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‘Anonymous to wake up US citizens’
The Anonymous movement guards to protect the people against the government and in US people are beginning to wake up and fight for their rights, Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst told RT, hoping that one day the movement will spur a revolution in the US.

06.11.2014 04:52

‘Nowhere to hide, we're everywhere!’ Global Million Mask March as it happened (VIDEOS)
Protests against mass surveillance, govt austerity and social injustice have taken to the streets in over 400 cities worldwide. Dubbed the Million Mask March, the third annual act of mass civil disobedience was organized by the activist group Anonymous.

06.11.2014 01:47

Anonymous to RT: ‘Internet has power to bring down regimes’
The Internet is the greatest tool of free speech ever created that gave voice to billions of people along with power to bring down regimes, a member of the Anonymous movement told RT, adding that such power terrifies governments around the globe.

05.11.2014 22:37

Riot police on standby for London Million Mask March
Barricades have been erected in London’s Parliament Square and hundreds of police officers are on standby after protesters announced intentions to “blockade” the center of the capital.

05.11.2014 17:11

Million Mask March rallies sweeping the globe
The Million Mask March is sweeping the globe across Wednesday as demonstrators protest against austerity, mass surveillance and oppression. Participants will obscure their faces to protect their identity.

05.11.2014 13:01

Anonymous Now: Million Mask March descends on London
The Million Mask March will course through London on Wednesday November 5. The march, in which all demonstrators obscure their faces to protect their identity, is in protest against austerity, mass surveillance and attacks on human rights.

04.11.2014 12:41

​Charges dropped for #PayPal14 hacktivists, company launches #PayPal15 trend
Felony charges have been dropped against 11 of the 14 Anonymous-linked hacktivists who pleaded guilty to waging a cyber-attack on the PayPal website. Meanwhile, the company has been derided on Twitter for launching a new promo campaign tagged #PayPal15.

30.10.2014 00:09

FBI informant accused of organizing attack on Murdoch’s British newspaper
The FBI is in hot water once against upon release of a new report that raises questions about how federal authorities handled an investigation into the hacktivist group Anonymous.

14.10.2014 14:33

FBI informant organized Anonymous hackers’ attacks on government sites in 30 countries
Government websites in the UK, Australia and more than two dozen other countries were provided by an undercover FBI informant to a hacker involved with the group Anonymous as cybertargets to attack, according to previously unpublished documents.

02.10.2014 14:19

​‘Too upset and angry’: Muslim teen barred from top London school for wearing veil quits
A Muslim teenager who had been banned from school for wearing an Islamic face veil said that she was too ‘upset, hurt and angry’ to go back, despite the support of cover a thousand of her fellow students.

25.09.2014 15:18

Siberian Groundhog Day: Ground squirrel stuck in own burrow on Baikal island (VIDEO)
A ground squirrel in Russia’s Baikal Region seems to have been taking his preparations for winter a little too seriously. The little chap put on so much extra baggage that it managed to get stuck in its burrow and was only saved by an alert driver.

30.08.2014 09:51

#OpGCHQ: Anonymous launches 4-day privacy rights protest outside UK spy base
A four-day protest organized by the hacktivist collective Anonymous UK has begun outside Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). The demonstration was launched in support of a legal challenge against GCHQ mass surveillance.

29.08.2014 08:24