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Rubble Bucket challenge: Palestine reporter adapts craze for Gaza peace
A Palestinian journalist has started a new internet trend in Gaza, “the Rubble Bucket challenge,” playing on the popularity of the “Ice Bucket challenge,” which has conjured up a social media storm.

25.08.2014 12:26

Hack Attack! Anonymous strikes at Israeli govt over Gaza
Hacker collective Anonymous has taken down key Israeli government websites in a “retaliatory” attack against Israel and in solidarity with the people of Gaza. Israel Defense Forces, Bank of Israel, and the Israeli PM’s Office were among the targets.

25.08.2014 03:47

Alive, presumed dead – French pensioner forced to prove he is still living
A French pensioner has had to prove he is alive after being denied a refund by a state health insurance firm on the grounds that he was in fact dead. The 68-year-old then had to endure a bureaucratic nightmare to show he was still living.

22.08.2014 10:49

Anonymous claim they've identified the cop who killed Mike Brown in Ferguson
Hacktivists say they’ve identified the Ferguson, Missouri law enforcement officer responsible for the shooting death of Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager killed on Saturday following an alleged altercation with the police.

14.08.2014 14:31

Anonymous launches #OpFerguson after cop kills unarmed Missouri teen
Hacktivists have set their sights on the town of Ferguson, Missouri after police there on Saturday shot and killed an unarmed man, 18-year-old Michael Brown, elevating a wave of protests that have occurred in the days since to the digital realm.

11.08.2014 15:44

No smoking in my county: Manager wants to ban workers lighting up
Nicotine lover’s dreams of a job in one Arizona county could go up in smoke, if a manager has his way. He wants to impose a smoking ban on new employees, while existing workers would have to pay a surcharge of up to 50 percent if they light up.

07.08.2014 13:00

Swiss Miss: Secretary takes nude ‘selfies’ in parliament building
A Swiss woman has caused a storm by posting nude pictures of herself from the country’s Federal House online, local media report. The secretary however insists they are part of her private life, which hardly amounts to rule breaking.

06.08.2014 15:10

Marijuana sting: Bees attack police destroying cannabis plot
Russian police met their match as they attempted to clear a cannabis plantation. They were sent fleeing from the scene by scores of angry bees. However, officers had the last laugh when they returned wearing protective gear to get rid of the weed.

06.08.2014 09:28

‘Israel you’re weak’: Anonymous hacktivists shut down key Israeli websites
Worldwide hacker collective Anonymous has unleashed another wave of attacks against Israel’s government websites over their military incursion into Gaza, taking down “hundreds” of portals, including those run by Mossad and the IDF.

04.08.2014 20:20

Legs on eggs: Octopus’ 53 months nesting sets animal kingdom record
A deep sea octopus has taken motherly devotion to a new level after guarding her eggs for four-and-a-half years. Biologists say that this a new record, with no creature even coming close to this octopus’ feats.

31.07.2014 12:33

​Anonymous 'knocks out' Mossad website over Israel’s Gaza offensive
Hacker group Anonymous has reportedly taken down the website of the Israeli secret service Mossad in protest of Israel’s military incursion in Gaza. The ‘hacktivists’ have already targeted a number of organizations in their mission to stop the “genocide.”

31.07.2014 04:24

No joke: Turkish women shouldn’t laugh, says deputy PM
Turkey’s deputy prime minister has been mocked on social media after saying women should not laugh in public. Bülent Arınc used a meeting for Eid al-Fitr to condemn perceived moral regression, consumerism and even excessive mobile phone use.

30.07.2014 08:44