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Business as usual: UK arms factories 'profit' from Palestinian bloodshed
Against a backdrop of widespread bloodshed and devastation in Gaza, a mounting body of evidence indicates military equipment used by Israel during Operation Protective Edge was made in the UK.

15.08.2014 08:15

UK must stop selling weapons to Israel or face legal action – anti-war group
The UK government is being taken to court over its continuing multi-million pound program of selling arms to Israel after claims they could have been used in Gaza. Unless it stops, its issuing of licenses to arms manufacturers will be legally challenged.

17.08.2014 08:56

‘Relations with US strategic asset we cannot endanger’ – Israeli finance minister
Amid reports of straining relations between the Obama administration and the Israeli government, Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid has stated that the ties with the US “are a strategic asset which we cannot endanger."

15.08.2014 07:42

EU backs plans by member states to arm Kurds in Iraq
The EU’s foreign affairs council has said after a meeting in Brussels that some of the bloc's members will respond to the Iraqi Kurds' call for military aid, given they have Baghdad’s consent. The EU also reiterated its commitment to Iraqi unity.

15.08.2014 19:28

Local police kill at least 400 people a year, mostly minorities
A white police officer in the United States killed a black person on average of twice per week from 2005 to 2012, according to homicide reports offered to the FBI. But this data is limited, as only about 4 percent of law enforcement agencies contributed.

15.08.2014 14:50

Officer Darren Wilson identified as shooter in Ferguson teen killing
The police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri has been identified as Darren Wilson. The incident, which happened on August 9, stoked racial tension throughout the country.

15.08.2014 13:49

‘White rain’: Donetsk residents record alleged phosphorus shelling (VIDEO)
Citizens of Donetsk have recorded multiple videos of white glowing particles raining on residential quarters. The locals allege that Ukraine's military has shelled their city with internationally prohibited phosphorus incendiaries.

15.08.2014 04:40

UK 'prepared' to supply arms to Kurdish forces
Britain is ramping up support for Kurdish forces fighting IS militants in Northern Iraq by considering supplying them with arms. The move follows a steady increase in UK involvement, including sending SAS soldiers and surveillance craft to the region.

15.08.2014 08:25

‘Finish the job!’ Thousands of Israelis rally in support of Gaza offensive (PHOTOS)
Thousands of people in Tel Aviv rallied to show support for the IDF's military campaign in Gaza, urging the government forces to stop Hamas rocket attacks on Israel once and for all.

15.08.2014 00:56

Iraq? Afghanistan? Police gear up against Ferguson protesters (PHOTOS)
As the violence escalates at the Ferguson protests which have entered their sixth day, RT takes a look at the brutal scenes of heavily militarized security forces using excessive force to disperse crowds rallying against police killing an unarmed 18yo.

14.08.2014 17:46

White House halted missile transfer to Israel over ‘catastrophe’ in Gaza
Israel’s offensive in Gaza and the tremendous toll of civilian casualties it has caused has prompted the United States government to more carefully scrutinize requests for weaponry.

14.08.2014 17:23

Pentagon supplied St. Louis County police with military-grade weapons (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
Images coming from a tense Ferguson, Missouri this week show local police armed to the teeth and appearing as an occupying force in attempts to suppress citizen outrage over the fatal shooting of an unarmed teenager by a police officer.

14.08.2014 15:38

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