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Matter of deadly legacies: War on terror and new Cold War
Today the West, and the rest of the world, is faced with a whole host of deadly threats affecting many people in many regions close by, as well as wide and far removed.

27.01.2015 14:53

​Gunman breaks into Minnesota city council meeting, opens fire (VIDEO)
A gunman has opened fire during a law enforcement swearing-in ceremony at a city council meeting in a Minnesota town. Two police officers were injured and the gunman was fatally wounded.

27.01.2015 16:46

China vigilant as India transforms its diplomatic posture towards the US
The meeting between US President Obama and Indian Prime Minister Modi is a clear statement that India is finally shedding ambiguity from its foreign policy and making tough choices, a stance that’s putting Beijing on guard.

27.01.2015 15:48

Kiev takes path of war, selective approach to condemning civilian deaths – Churkin
Ukrainian authorities are not making any efforts to hold a national dialogue, and are instead opting for military pressure and the isolation of eastern regions, Russia’s UN envoy said, accusing Kiev of being selective over which civilian deaths to mourn.

26.01.2015 23:50

#UseMeInstead: Clergy face off with Florida cops over use of mugshots in target practice
Following the controversial news that Florida police were using mugshots of black men for target practice, Lutheran clergy responded on social media by offering officers pictures of themselves as a replacement.

26.01.2015 23:00

US officials tussle over arms embargo, sanctions in oil-flush South Sudan
While top US diplomats have privately backed a weapons ban amid the bloody civil war in South Sudan, a new report indicated that US National Security Advisor Susan Rice is chiefly responsible for stalled attempts at an arms embargo in the oil-rich nation.

26.01.2015 15:50

BBC Arabic boss says Paris attackers should not be labeled ‘terrorists’
The chief of BBC’s Arabic department has come under heavy criticism for saying the perpetrators of this month’s attacks in Paris should not be labeled “terrorists.”

26.01.2015 16:20

‘If an American general thanks Ukrainian soldiers for fighting, that means he is their general as well’
American general Ben Hodges handed out medals to wounded Ukrainian soldiers, thanking them for fighting for their country, which means the US openly says it is involved in the Ukrainian conflict, political analyst Aleksandr Pavic, told RT.

26.01.2015 08:53

​British jihadist in Syria pens ‘war widow’ guide, husband presumed dead
A British female jihadist who traveled to Syria has written a new guide on how to be a ‘war widow’, leading to suspicions that her ‘husband’ has been killed in battle.

26.01.2015 12:34

US would benefit from such a president as Putin - Russia's arms chief
Vladimir Putin’s ability to understand the business of the military industrial complex and give detailed instructions on its work could help to improve life in the USA, Russia’s deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin has suggested.

26.01.2015 08:23

Russia develops heavy drone, promises S500 missile system by 2017
The Russian military is putting the finishing touches to its very own heavy military UAV. The drone is part of a wider modernization effort, with the cutting-edge flagship S500 missile system coming in 2017.

25.01.2015 08:03

First-person clip shows Oklahoma cop chasing, gunning down suspect (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
Oklahoma police have released an extremely graphic body-camera video showing an officer chasing and shooting down a black man suspected of making gun threats. The first-person clip was meant to justify the cop’s actions, but raised controversy.

25.01.2015 04:06