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Second Sukhoi 5th-gen prototype to take wing soon
The second prototype of the Sukhoi PAK FA, Russian fifth-generation fighter jet will be ready for test flights by year’s end. The first aircraft is being tested ahead of schedule.

22.11.2010 12:56

Defense of Russian citizens to the letter of the law – Russian MP
State Duma deputy Mikhail Grishankov thinks the situation with Viktor Bout’s extradition is an attempt to launch a media campaign against Russia, re-establish its image as that of an enemy and disrupt its military contracts.

19.11.2010 14:46

Viktor Bout battles his Hollywood image
It would be difficult to name another court case in which the scales of justice have been so tipped against the fate of one man, Viktor Bout, the inspiration for a million box office ticket sales.

19.11.2010 13:44

Russia-NATO relationship is one-way traffic
What does NATO offer Russia, and what does Russia get in reality? Would Russia be willing to help NATO stay afloat by participating in its projects? What is the price of improving relations with its Western partners?

October 29, 2010 13:45

Obama rallies bipartisan support for New START
US President Barack Obama met with a group of bipartisan leaders in an effort to push a nuclear arms deal with Russia through the US Congress by year’s end.

18.11.2010 22:09

"We can’t allow other countries to interfere with our strategic partnership with Russia" - Iran
The Iranian government doubts that the United States will venture to go to war but it is convinced that America will do its best to create tension in the region.

18.11.2010 13:30

Bout faces US trial in unfriendly media environment
Alleged arms trafficker Viktor Bout, labeled the “Merchant of Death” by the US media, is in US custody and being held without bail.

17.11.2010 22:30

Hillary Clinton urges lawmakers to approve START
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called on the Senate to approve the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty between Moscow and Washington before the end of the year.

17.11.2010 17:34

US do whatever they want in the world – Bout’s wife
Alleged arms’ dealer Viktor Bout, extradited earlier from Thailand to the US, is due to appear before a federal court in New York on Wednesday.

17.11.2010 09:34

Russia to supply Lebanon with weapons and ammunition
Russia will deliver a few dozens tanks, artillery weapons and ammunition to Lebanon; such is the outcome of the meeting between the Russian President and the Lebanese Prime Minister on Tuesday.

16.11.2010 23:13

Thailand suffers Bout of insanity
Bangkok officials, without proper notification to Russian diplomats in Thailand, whisked alleged Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout out of the country today on a US-bound aircraft.

16.11.2010 13:20

Florida residents entitled to a free AK-47 rifle
A local used truck dealer is offering complimentary Kalashnikovs to customers.

15.11.2010 19:22

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