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France offers New Year discounts on Mistral helicopter carriers
On the holiday’s eve, Russia has received an unexpected holiday present from France, which offered the country its helicopter carriers for as little as €1.4 billion.

30.12.2010 16:10

Moscow urges N. Korea to return to nuke non-proliferation
Russia insists that North Korea should come back to non-proliferation regime as a non-nuclear state, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksey Borodavkin has said.

30.12.2010 10:37

America’s nuclear, Cold War hysteria
A recent report shows the Obama Administration is trying to figure out a way to get the word out about a possible nuclear attack.

December 29, 2010 18:10

N. Korean nuclear issue to be solved only through six-party talks – S. Korea
The crisis over North Korea’s nuclear program can be solved through diplomatic methods, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has said, despite recent tension with Pyongyang.

29.12.2010 15:45

Russian designer says US unable to build effective missile defense system
The chief designer of the newest Russian intercontinental ballistic missile has said that, in his view, the United States will fail to create a reliable global anti-missile defense by the planned date of 2018.

29.12.2010 11:25

Dmitry Medvedev signs new law on non-lethal arms
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has signed a law increasing liability for the illegal use and trafficking of non-lethal firearms and other offensive weapons.

28.12.2010 16:40

Middle East: enemies at war, partners in tourism industry
Israelis and Lebanese have found a new way to fight their wars: trying to win the minds and wallets of tourists. Each country is offering specially designed trips to showcase their side of the battlefield.

27.12.2010 04:57

State Duma ratifies New START despite opposition moves
The lower house of the Russian parliament on Friday approved the ratification of the strategic offensive arms reduction treaty in the first reading.

25.12.2010 09:34

Northern exposure – S. Korea fears more nuke test from neighbor
The North is likely to stage its third nuclear test next year, according to a report made public by South Korea’s Foreign Ministry Research Center.

24.12.2010 14:28

Air Force receives 6 new Sukhoi Su-34 bombers
The Sukhoi aviation company has delivered six new Su-34 fighter-bombers, as contracted by Russia’s Defense ministry, more than doubling the fleet of such aircraft.

24.12.2010 12:33

Russian FM lashes out at US amendments to New START treaty
As the New START treaty could finally be ratified, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says that the final document from the US Senate contains some questionable points.

24.12.2010 11:03

Medvedev, Obama discuss New START treaty ratification by phone
Presidents Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama discussed the ratification of new strategic offensive arms reduction treaty over the telephone on Thursday night.

24.12.2010 07:13