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Medvedev on defense offensive
President Medvedev has said that there will be more reforms in Russia’s defense sector with an aim to reduce the share of single-enterprise military-industrial cities that date back to Soviet times.

21.11.2011 11:27

US shoots down Russian missile defense proposals - Rogozin
Russia’s Ambassador to NATO has said that Russia-US missile defense negotiations have hit an impasse, as Washington rejects Russia’s cooperation in the controversial project.

21.11.2011 10:57

Cairo carnage: Shock footage shows cop atrocities
Riot police are spreading tear gas and firing rubber bullets as the crowd of stone-throwing protesters at Egypt’s Tahrir Square begins to swell. RT’s Paula Slier reports from Cairo that the situation on the ground remains extremely tense.

21.11.2011 09:03

Mint Western munition killing Cairo protesters
Egyptian political activist Ahmed Salah does not expect a swift reaction by the West on the latest events in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, as he says these countries have supplied the army regime with the means of oppression.

20.11.2011 18:13

Assad defiant as Syrian party HQ hit by RPGs
The headquarters of the Syrian ruling party in Damascus has been shelled with rocket propelled grenades on Sunday, with the armed branch of the opposition claiming responsibility. The violence erupted hours after the Arab League ultimatum expired.

20.11.2011 11:42

Hypersonic weapon: New US bomb kills long before you hear it
The US Army has tested a hypersonic missile, which travels six times faster than the speed of sound. It is part of a larger plan to have the capability to strike any place on the planet within an hour.

18.11.2011 15:46

Nuke agency resolution ramps up pressure on Iran
The IAEA has passed a resolution on Iran, drafted by a group of international mediators. This as the US reportedly wants Tehran to curtail its nuclear program until spring 2012, otherwise they will give a green light to an Israeli strike on Iran.

18.11.2011 14:35

‘Dialogue with Iran, caution on Syria,’ Moscow advises
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met with EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Catherine Ashton on Thursday in Moscow, where the serious problems concerning Iran and Syria topped the agenda.

18.11.2011 10:17

‘US becoming a police state’
The United States is boosting its presence in the Asia-Pacific – a fact underlined during President Obama’s state visit to Australia. Alice Slater from the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation says the US is becoming a police state.

18.11.2011 03:00

Big powers ok watered-down IAEA Iran nuke paper
The UN nuclear watchdog’s latest resolution on Iran expresses "serious concerns" regarding Tehran's nuclear defiance, but stops short of overly critical language that could scare off Chinese and Russian support.

17.11.2011 14:13

White House Obama-hating shooter busted
Police in Pennsylvania have arrested a young man thought to be behind last week’s White House shooting. The suspect allegedly shot at a window in the executive mansion, while President Barack Obama was in California.

17.11.2011 12:10

Should Iran leave IAEA?
With the credibility of an IAEA report on Iran’s secretive nuclear activity being questioned, some experts say the Iranian people should ask their government why their country is still a member of the UN nuclear agency.

16.11.2011 21:10