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No mercy in death: Gaddafi’s remains on show
The world seems to show no mercy to the late Libyan ex-leader. While the horrific photos of his death have captivated mass media, his fellow countrymen are lining up for a family photo with his bloodstained body.

22.10.2011 11:17

Libya: is it the end or just the beginning?
With Libya’s liberation to be officially announced on Sunday and NTC loyalists continuing to celebrate the downfall of Gaddafi’s regime, the question of Libya’s future is rearing its head. And for some it is obvious NATO will not leave so fast.

21.10.2011 23:54

Mutassim Gaddafi captured alive - but then shown dead (VIDEO)
The last amateur video of Gaddafi’s son Mutassim, who was captured together with his father, shows him alive in custody, and even casually smoking a cigarette. However, other images show him dead with gunshot wounds to his neck and abdomen.

21.10.2011 19:58

‘US did far more damage than good in Iraq’
Barack Obama has ordered US troops out of Iraq by the end of the year in the belief that Baghdad can take care of itself. But this decision has nothing to do with whether Bagdad can “fend for itself” Phyllis Bennis from the IPS told RT.

21.10.2011 19:50

‘High-class terrorists running US, UK and France’
As some European leaders demonstrate a celebratory mood over the violent death of Colonel Gaddafi, they are no less terrorists themselves, claims international consultant and author Adrian Salbuchi.

21.10.2011 14:16

Guts but no glory: Gaddafi images over-the-top
Libya is turning a new page in its history following the killing of its former leader Muammar Gaddafi. But the footage of Gaddafi's dead and broken body was so graphic; some are wondering why it was broadcast for the public to see.

21.10.2011 06:27

Liberated Libya: No offence, it's just business
Many Libyans are celebrating Gaddafi's death and Western leaders are hailing a transition to democracy. However, that outcome is not inevitable. While NATO is now expected to end its bombing of Libya, their business there is just beginning.

21.10.2011 05:52

US drones bombed Libya more than Pakistan
While Obama insists that the “hostilities” that have erupted between Gaddafi’s regime and rebels necessitated US response with weapons of war in conjunction with NATO — but is by no means a war — American drones have come down hard in Libya.

20.10.2011 16:53

Gaddafi killed fleeing his stronghold (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Libyan Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril has confirmed that Colonel Gaddafi has been killed. The fugitive leader died of wounds sustained in his capture near Sirte.

20.10.2011 11:22

American spy drones swarm in droves over Afghanistan
Following a surprise visit in Libya earlier this week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made an unannounced stop in Afghanistan today. She's not the only American export people overseas are getting used to seeing, though.

19.10.2011 20:48

Strings attached: US in Uganda
The US denies an interest in Uganda’s oil, but there are many other reasons for its presence in the region. None of them altruistic, claims war correspondent Eric Margolis.

19.10.2011 10:40

‘US want share of Libya success’
US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton says Washington wants to see the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi captured or killed. Professor Paul Sheldon Foote says that the Obama administration believes this killing would be a justified one.

18.10.2011 18:27