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No need to “institutionalize” US-Russian summits – Joe Biden
Saying that major summits have gone the way of the hammer and sickle, US Vice President Joe Biden is arguing for regular interaction and communication between Moscow and Washington.

09.03.2011 13:31

To no-fly or not to no-fly Libya
While the UK and France are drafting a resolution for the UN Security Council to impose a no-fly zone over Libya, the US is reportedly attempting to intervene in the North African country indirectly by funneling weapons via Saudi Arabia.

07.03.2011 16:15

Russia blasts US for pushing to deploy missile defense in Poland
Moscow has demanded an explanation from the US about its plans to station an air force base with F-16 fighters and build a missile defense system in Poland.

05.03.2011 08:22

Bout’s trial has been delayed
A New York judge has delayed the trial for Russian businessman Viktor Bout and ordered that Bout be moved to a better detention facility.

03.03.2011 23:22

Second “fifth generation” fighter tests the skies
The second prototype of the jet meant to be the future of Russia's fighter jet programme has successfully completed its maiden flight. The Sukhoi-made plane took to the skies for about an hour.

03.03.2011 12:06

Price debate stalls Mistral assault ship talks – report
The talks between France and Russia over the purchase of Mistral-class amphibious assault ships have hit a dead-end due to a disagreement about the price terms, reports Russian business daily Kommersant.

03.03.2011 08:16

"TNT explosives? I'm just going fishing!"
A woman has been detained in Moscow for possession of TNT explosives. She says the dangerous cargo was intended for sale to fishermen.

02.03.2011 10:06

Moscow deploys air defense systems, helicopters to Kurils
Russia’s General Staff is planning to send Tor-M2 and Bastion systems, as well as Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopters to the Kuril Islands.

01.03.2011 14:35

Libyan cash finds use in Belarusian arms
A Swedish arms trade watchdog says it suspects Libya has received a shipment of weapons from Belarus.

01.03.2011 14:04

New attorneys demand better conditions for Viktor Bout
The current strict conditions prevent the alleged Russian arms dealer from discussing his case with lawyers, attorney Albert Dayan insists.

01.03.2011 13:10

Topol-M missile carriers curb Moscow traffic
Drivers in Moscow may be used to heavy traffic, but none quite as large as three ballistic missiles which rumbled through one of the capital's highways.

01.03.2011 03:15

UN: Belarus choppers to Ivory Coast violate embargo
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called for an urgent Security Council meeting following reports that Minsk had violated an international arms embargo against Ivory Coast by delivering military helicopters to the West African country.

28.02.2011 09:03