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Armed citizen militias build up along US-Mexico border
Armed militias continue to patrol the United States-Mexico border seeking to repel any migration north, but critics warn that these self-styled ‘freedom defenders’ lingering on private land represent a powder keg that could have “disastrous” consequences.

10.09.2014 14:12

Putin: Russia will not get involved in arms race
Russia is not going to get involved in a new arms race, President Vladimir Putin said as he ordered his government to work out “balanced and realistic” defense strategy for 2016 through 2025.

10.09.2014 12:32

Defeating ISIS requires genuinely collective effort and total commitment
The rise of the ISIS terrorist group in Syria and Iraq poses a threat not only to the Middle East, but to the rest of the world as well.

10.09.2014 11:42

UK military plans 3 new Middle East bases to battle ISIS
Three British military bases could be set up in the Persian Gulf to fight the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), a source in the Ministry of Defence said. The bases could be part of a larger US-led offensive to battle militants in Iraq and Syria.

10.09.2014 08:04

Submerged Russian nuclear sub test-fires Bulava strategic missile
A Russian Borey-class nuclear submarine has successfully test-fired a Bulava SLBM, the Russian Defense Ministry reported. The ballistic missile was launched from a submerged sub and hit a target some 5,000km away.

10.09.2014 07:47

Don't blind me, bro! New 'non-lethal' police weapon isn’t easy on the eyes
A company that makes tactical equipment for police to use in riots is manufacturing a new ‘non-lethal’ weapon designed to temporarily blind targets. The Z-RO non-lethal compliance weapon system will obstruct a person’s vision for 10 to 15 minutes.

09.09.2014 17:51

​‘US policy in the Middle East is extremely reckless, leading to deeper war tension’
The situation in Iraq and Syria shows that war is really not the answer, but the current US government and its current regime is not willing to pursue another course, activist from the Answer Coalition Eugene Puryear told RT.

09.09.2014 12:50

Pentagon: Missile defense ‘kill vehicle’ still plagued with problems after years of failure
A Pentagon investigation of the “kill vehicle” warhead, part of a weapons system plagued with years of failed tests, found dozens of quality control problems, according to a new report.

09.09.2014 14:09

Joint US-Israeli missile test over Mediterranean picked up by Russian radar
Israel and the United States have conducted a joint missile test of the Arrow 2 interceptor system. It took place over the Mediterranean, according to Israel’s Defense Ministry, and was detected by military radar in southwest Russia.

09.09.2014 13:56

Iraq War inquiry 'won’t be a cover-up' – top UK civil servant
The Iraq Inquiry’s report into the 2003 invasion and its aftermath will “not be a cover-up in any shape or form,” said the UK’s top civil servant. The report, whose publication date remains unknown, will be “more transparent” than expected, he claimed.

09.09.2014 08:41

Oregonian arrested for filming SWAT raid (VIDEO)
Footage recently posted to YouTube shows an Oregon man being arrested for filming, or “interfering” with, a militarized police raid across the street from his apartment.

08.09.2014 16:25

Putin, Medvedev agree to abolish state defense order agency
Russian President has given an order to abolish two key agencies responsible for placing and executing weapons orders for the military and hand over their functions to the Defense Ministry, Finance Ministry and Audit Chamber.

08.09.2014 10:27

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