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New anti-ISIS airstrike in Syria, 4 more in Iraq – Pentagon
US military has confirmed that the US-led coalition have launched five airstrikes on the Islamic State militants – one of them hit the Syrian territory, while four others hit Iraq.

24.09.2014 12:02

First sponsoring, now fighting? Lavrov on West's anti-ISIS op
The Western powers that fostered Islamic extremists to incite them against Middle Eastern regimes should stop dividing terrorists into good and bad, Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, said in a TV interview.

24.09.2014 08:07

UK MPs likely to back US-led coalition airstrikes against ISIS, but only in Iraq
Parliament will be recalled on Friday to discuss Britain’s role in air strikes against ISIS. While MPs will likely reject joining US-Arab strikes on Syria on legal grounds, support is growing for strikes on Iraq.

24.09.2014 08:10

West-sponsored Syrian rebels condemn airstrikes against Islamic State
The West-backed Harakat Hazm rebel group in Syria has denounced airstrikes conducted against the militants of the Islamic State by a US-led coalition.

24.09.2014 04:45

White House gets second barrier, security buffer following fence jumping incidents
The US Secret Service has erected a second fence and increased its presence around the White House after two people scaled the 7.5-foot tall fence surrounding the White House this month, one of whom was able to enter the building.

24.09.2014 00:39

​The coalition show, from Afghanistan to 'Syraq'
US Secretary of State Kerry brokered a deal in Afghanistan, installing a 'coalition' government, but couldn’t come up with a credible coalition to bomb IS in Syria. So the Pentagon will do it alone to the applause of its Gulf 'petrodollar allies.'

23.09.2014 12:45

Russia tests 100,000 troops in ‘Vostok 2014’, biggest-ever post-Soviet drills
Russia has staged its biggest post-Soviet military drills in the Far East, involving 100,000 servicemen and a vast array of materiel.

23.09.2014 10:20

​'If Congress is for it, Americans are against it’: Many oppose Obama’s anti-ISIS plan'
Many Americans are against the Senate authorizing Obama’s plan to aid Syrian rebels fighting Islamic State militants as they do not believe in Congress, which has its lowest approval rating in history, Media Channel editor Daniel Schechter told RT.

23.09.2014 11:55

Russia won’t quit nuclear forces treaty unless it faces ‘serious threat’ – Kremlin
Moscow won’t withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty unless it senses a “serious threat” to the country’s security, Kremlin chief of staff Sergey Ivanov has said.

23.09.2014 10:27

Cameron backs US-Arab airstrikes on Syrian ISIS, vows to contribute more
Britain remains undecided as to whether it will join US and Arab coalition airstrikes against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) targets within Syria. Meanwhile, consensus is growing among UK MPs in support of Iraq strikes.

23.09.2014 08:44

​‘Syria strikes are beginning of broader renewed US military campaign in Mid East’
Air bombardments in Syria without any authorization from Syrian President Bashar Assad demonstrate the escalation of the US and NATO militarism under Obama Administration, editor of Pan-African news wire Abayomi Azikiwe told RT.

23.09.2014 08:01

Anti-ISIS coalition bombing terrorist positions in Syria
The US-led coalition is conducting airstrike assault on positions of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) organization on the territory of Syria. The strikes reportedly involve a mix of fighter, bomber and tomahawk land-attack missiles.

23.09.2014 04:20

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