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​'Flawed & biased': Israel fires back at UN report accusing it of potential war crimes
A UN report has accused both Israel and Palestinian armed groups of possible war crimes during the 2014 Gaza conflict, calling the devastation “unprecedented.” Israel has fired back, calling the commission "biased" and insisting Tel Aviv acted morally.

22.06.2015 15:02

NATO plans 40,000-strong rapid response force in E. Europe
NATO’s rapid response Spearhead Force in Europe might reach 40,000 troops, a tenfold growth from the initial 4,000-strong force deployed last year, the military alliance’s chief said. Most of these troops will be stationed near Russian borders.

22.06.2015 11:34

‘Nothing could prevent S. Arabia from buying Russian defensive weapons’ – Saudi FM
There is no reason why Saudi Arabia should not buy Russian weapons and nothing could interfere with Moscow selling its arms to Riyadh, the Kingdom’s Foreign Minister, Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir, told RT Arabic.

21.06.2015 06:33

​World no closer to Cold War-style nuclear standoff, Putin tells global media chiefs
Russia’s deployment of 40 additional nuclear ballistic missiles in response to the US military buildup in Europe doesn’t mean the world is at greater risk of a nuclear war, President Vladimir Putin told the heads of global news agencies.

20.06.2015 10:44

NJ town moves to douse protests after state politician turns sprinklers on demonstrators
A New Jersey town quickly introduced an anti-protesting ordinance after the president of the state Senate turned the waterworks on gun-rights activists demonstrating outside his home. Both First and Second Amendment proponents are against the measure.

19.06.2015 21:42

EXCLUSIVE: MoD confirms Britain is arming Saudi Arabia in Yemen conflict
Britain’s Ministry of Defence has confirmed it is providing technical support and arming Saudi Arabia in its ongoing war against Yemen, RT has learned.

19.06.2015 11:25

Virginia man threatens to kill members of black church, shouts racial slurs
​A Virginia man was taken to a mental hospital after he approached a predominantly African-American church on Thursday, shouting racial slurs and threatening to kill congregants. It follows Wednesday's shooting of nine people at a church in Charleston.

19.06.2015 13:32

White terrorism? US avoids race debate in latest shooting massacre
Had a black person or a Muslim carried out the Charleston shooting, the media narrative would have been completely different and much of the blame has to do with US public policy, says Solomon Comissiong, host and founder of Your World News Radio Show.

19.06.2015 02:22

Charleston church shooting suspect charged with 9 counts of murder, firearm possession
Dylann Roof has confessed to, and been charged with, nine counts of murder and possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime. The bond for the gun charge was set a $1 million, but he will remain in jail as there is no bond for murder.

19.06.2015 12:02

Charleston shooting suspect made racist statements, 'planned' attack for 6 months
Those who know 21-year-old Dylann Storm Roof, the man arrested and charged with killing nine people in a historic African-American church, have described him as “smart,” “wild,” “sweet” and “quiet,” but he was also known to make racist comments.

18.06.2015 23:14

SC newspaper apologizes for placing gun ad above article on Charleston shooting
A newspaper in Charleston, South Carolina has apologized for running a gun ad above a banner headline about the shooting at a historical church in the city that killed nine people and launched a manhunt.

18.06.2015 16:28

‘ISIS convenient for Pentagon: It fights US enemies’
ISIS is convenient for the Pentagon since it goes after US’ enemies and serves as justification for the expansion of the US drone strike program and the military presence in the Middle East, Caleb Maupin, political analyst and journalist told RT.

18.06.2015 08:32