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Move your arsenal! US tanks, APCs, Humvees roll through Latvia (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
A freight train carrying a whole column of American armored vehicles has been caught on camera in Latvia. Dalbe Railway Station, where the train was reportedly spotted several days ago, is less than 300km from the Russian border.

12.12.2014 05:55

Americans favor gun rights over gun control for the first time in 20 years
For the first time in two decades, through a spate of school shootings at the likes of Columbine, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut, more Americans say it is more important to protect gun rights rather than to increase gun control, Pew Research found.

11.12.2014 16:33

Not Sci-Fi anymore: Navy’s 'fully operational' laser gun blows up boats, drones (VIDEO)
The US Navy continues to tout its sophisticated warship laser system, saying it has performed above expectations for the last four months of operational testing aboard the USS Ponce during its deployment in the Persian Gulf.

11.12.2014 15:06

British ex-soldiers fighting ISIS head home, held at border as terror suspects
A pair of British former soldiers, previously accused of being mercenaries after leaving the UK to help Kurdish troops fight the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), were detained at Heathrow Airport as terror suspects after flying home for Christmas.

11.12.2014 11:15

‘Israel must be held responsible in front of the international law’
Palestinians will keep struggling for justice regardless to further deaths, and will make Israel responsible in front of ICC for the crimes committed against civilians, Moustafa Barghouti, member of the Palestinian Legislation Council, told RT.

11.12.2014 10:06

Preemptive nuclear strike omitted from Russia’s new military doctrine - reports
The new draft of the Russian military doctrine doesn’t provide for the possibility of a preemptive nuclear strike, news agencies report quoting unnamed sources in the Defense Ministry.

10.12.2014 12:21

​Wyoming robber with toy gun shot by pharmacist with real one
A would-be robber in Wyoming may have thought it was a clever idea to try and rob a local pharmacy using a fake gun, but the situation turned extremely real when the pharmacist behind the counter pulled out a gun of his own.

10.12.2014 01:54

Too busy: Blair tries to dodge IRA inquiry
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair claims his commitments as Middle East Envoy make an appearance at the inquiry into controversial Irish Republican Army (IRA) ‘comfort letters’, “challenging.” The letters were distributed under his premiership.

09.12.2014 13:42

‘UK base in Bahrain is not about stability, but greater role in the region’
The UK wants to again become a major international player in the Middle East, so it ignores human rights abuses and a mass move away from any kind of democracy in Bahrain, Dominic Kavakeb from the Bahrain Justice and Development Movement told RT.

09.12.2014 08:43

New racial-profiling rules don't apply to TSA, border security, Secret Service
New federal policing rules will expand protections against racial and ethnic profiling to include gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity. US Attorney General Eric Holder hopes local law enforcement adopt the guidelines.

08.12.2014 15:03

Canada sends military police to Ukraine to boost security
Canada will send its military police to Ukraine as a part of a security cooperation agreement signed Monday that aims to help the government and security forces to protect the country's territorial integrity.

08.12.2014 14:10

Ready-to-fire nuclear weapons pose ‘accidental launch’ risk – former defense chiefs
Cross-border action to lower the risks posed by an intentional or accidental nuclear attack is “insufficient,” international military, political and diplomatic officials have warned.

08.12.2014 09:21