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​British Army ‘abandoned’ Afghan war interpreters to resurgent Taliban
The British army has been accused of ‘abandoning’ Afghan interpreters, leaving them open to attacks by a resurgent Taliban, despite ‘hundreds’ of requests for help.

12.11.2014 15:36

​Ukraine, Syria civilians attacked with incendiary weapons – HRW
Incendiary weapons were used in recent conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, Human Rights Watch (HRW) says, citing their own evidence. The organization also reported that residential areas in Ukraine suffered rocket attacks from Kiev’s army.

12.11.2014 08:06

Ferguson grand jury decision: Gun sales spike, Missouri Gov vows strong response to protests
Gun shops near Ferguson, Missouri are reporting a surge in sales as residents wait to hear if a local police officer will be charged in the death of an unarmed teenager. State Gov. Jay Nixon has vowed a strong response to potential protests and violence.

11.11.2014 20:21

‘Afghan forces can’t sustain war with Taliban without NATO’
According to current figures Afghan troops are not able to withstand a war with the Taliban without western military forces and American military bases, John Rees, Political Activist, told RT.

11.11.2014 07:51

Russia to carry on defense import replacement even if sanctions are lifted – Rogozin
The Deputy PM in charge of the defense industry says that regardless of any developments the country will continue the plan to become independent from foreign arms producers.

11.11.2014 10:36

Holder supports ban against interstate gun sales
United States Attorney General Eric Holder has gone on the record to oppose a lawsuit filed by Second Amendment advocates who say a federal ban against purchasing handguns out of state violates the US Constitution.

10.11.2014 17:53

Go-Pro tank air-drop: Russia parachutes BMD-2 infantry fighting vehicles into Serbia (VIDEO)
SREM-2014 anti-terrorist exercises in Serbia were marked by Russian troops dropping two infantry fighting vehicles from the air – one of them was even carrying a camera that captured its magnificent landing.

10.11.2014 14:17

Anyone threatening US petrodollar is public enemy No.1
Last Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, said at the celebration of the fall of the Berlin Wall last weekend that we are facing a new Cold War. What are the geopolitical realities behind this statement?

10.11.2014 14:17

Gangsta paradise? London-wide gun amnesty launched
The Metropolitan Police has launched a London-wide gun amnesty under the slogan “Give up your Gun” in which city dwellers can hand in their firearms and ammunition anonymously without fear of prosecution for unlicensed or illegal ownership.

10.11.2014 12:19

China’s 5G fighter to fly Russian jet engines
An exportable Chinese fifth-generation fighter jet will be equipped with gas-turbine jet engines developed and assembled by Russian companies, confirmed the head of Russian delegation at the Airshow China exhibition.

10.11.2014 08:21

Terrorist attack in Britain ‘inevitable’ – security chiefs
Levels of terrorist activity in Britain are so acute an attack is “almost inevitable” in the coming months, top security personnel have warned parliament.

10.11.2014 09:37

US nuke atrophy: Mismanagement stripping nation of nuclear superpower status?
The US nuclear weapons program has become costly to sustain and Washington has neither a clear plan to turn the tide to save the industry nor money to develop and replace decades-old equipment, weaponry and nuclear delivery vehicles.

09.11.2014 06:17