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​Poroshenko: 11 EU states struck deal with Ukraine to deliver weapons, including lethal
Ukraine has concluded deals with eleven countries of the EU on delivery of weapons, including lethal, President Petro Poroshenko told the country’s TV. He, however, didn’t mention which countries will provide ‘defensive aid’ to Kiev.

14.03.2015 08:20

​LA car chase ends in shootout with police on live television
A car chase between police and an armed kidnapping suspect in South Los Angeles was aired by local television stations, though this one ended in a dramatic and violent scene – with the suspect leaving his vehicle and engaging in a shootout with officers.

14.03.2015 02:57

Ban on armor-penetrable AR-15 ammo pushed to House
Billed as an effort to protect law enforcement, new legislation in the US House would bar the sale of a certain kind of ammunition that can pierce body armor. The measure comes after a federal agency’s attempt at a similar ban was withdrawn this week.

13.03.2015 14:57

‘Some asylum seekers spend months in UK detention centers’
Many asylum seekers are being held for months in UK immigration detention centers, Guy Davison, a barrister specializing in Immigration Law told RT.

13.03.2015 14:18

​Unarmed male civilians majority of Gaza, Syria fatalities last summer – UK report
Far more male than female civilians died from explosive weapons in Syria and Gaza last July, a report reveals. The research refutes any assumption that women disproportionally bear the impact of explosive violence against civilians in war-torn zones.

13.03.2015 10:54

​Geeks board warship to stop cyber-terrorists blowing up Boris Johnson
Hackers are fighting to prevent a doomsday scenario aboard a decommissioned warship on the River Thames, under the watchful gaze of arms companies and spy agencies.

13.03.2015 11:11

'Ferguson protests: lack of justice at the very fabric of US society'
The lack of civil rights, the lack of equality, the ‘ghettoization’, the institutionalization of racism are fundamental and making what is called ‘America in the 21st century’, Eric Draitser, geopolitical analyst, told RT.

13.03.2015 11:10

​F-35 sensors plagued by false alarms - reports
The laundry list of problems affecting the Pentagon’s F-35 fighter jet reportedly includes a high rate of false alarms from its large array of sensors. The expensive defense project is being criticized for producing an unreliable and unaffordable weapon.

13.03.2015 10:37

Ten years on, Lebanon's 'Cedar Revolution'
Ten years ago this week, one million Lebanese – a quarter of Lebanon’s population – congregated in downtown Beirut at Martyr’s Square, demanding the departure of Syrian forces from their territory.

13.03.2015 08:33

‘Claims SU-25 shot down MH17 unsupportable’
Electronic countermeasure pods are no longer reliable source of information, so anyone who says the radar has identified a SU-25 aircraft in the MH17 tragedy is trying to mislead people, Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today newspaper, told RT.

12.03.2015 09:39

Poland seeks to acquire submarine-based Tomahawk missiles
Poland’s minister of defense has announced plans to buy Tomahawk cruise missiles for future submarines. With the conflict in neighboring Ukraine as a pretext, Warsaw is actively modernizing its armed forces with a focus on purchasing first-strike weapons.

12.03.2015 10:44

Making NATO defunct: Is EU Army intended to reduce US influence in Europe?
An EU military force is being justified as protection from Russia, but it may also be a way of reducing US influence as the EU and Germany come to loggerheads with the US and NATO over Ukraine.

12.03.2015 11:34