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Guns for iPads: Mexicans embrace arms swap campaign (VIDEO)
The Mexican government has extended by a week its disarmament program in the state of Chiapas. The scheme – which involves swapping guns for computers, electronic gadgets, or cash – has proven popular with locals.

01.11.2014 18:55

ISIS slaughters ex-police and army officers in Iraq – report
The rampage continues in Iraqi territory occupied by Islamic State militants, who have now reportedly made a point of eliminating former law enforcement and army officers to preclude the possibility of a popular uprising against their rule.

01.11.2014 06:30

Manhunt over: Suspected Pennsylvania cop killer captured
Pennsylvania State Police have captured suspected cop killer Eric Matthew Frein following a manhunt that lasted almost seven weeks, the department announced Thursday.

30.10.2014 22:54

Manhunt for alleged cop-killer cancels Halloween in northeastern Pennsylvania
Halloween festivities have been canceled in a northeastern Pennsylvania community as authorities continue their search for accused cop killer Eric Frein.

30.10.2014 19:05

​Inside Russian nuclear sub as it fires missile that can level a city (VIDEO)
A TV crew was on board a Borey-class nuclear submarine as it was test-firing a Bulava nuclear missile on Wednesday. A video from the sub shows people entrusted with one of the world's most powerful weapons in action.

30.10.2014 11:53

Unidentified drones flying over French nuclear power plants, probe launched
France is on alert over unidentified drones flying over the country’s state-operated nuclear power plants, the interior ministry said.

30.10.2014 14:10

Russian approaches to nuclear disarmament
Elimination of the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, remains one of the key priorities of the international community.

30.10.2014 12:22

Mistral deal: France says delivery of warships to Russia still on hold
Conditions have not yet been met for France to hand over the Mistral-class warship to Russia. According to the contract, it is due to be delivered on November 14, Paris said.

30.10.2014 07:25

Obama impostor robs Dunkin' Donuts with mask & gun (VIDEO)
One New Hampshire resident may have watched a little too much 'Point Break' recently, as he donned a President Barack Obama mask just days before Halloween – and proceeded to rob a local Dunkin’ Donuts.

30.10.2014 04:04

Russian nuclear sub test-fires Bulava strategic missile (VIDEO)
A Russian Borey-class nuclear submarine has successfully test-fired a Bulava strategic missile, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The ballistic missile was launched from a submerged position with all 16 rockets onboard the sub during the test.

29.10.2014 22:17

‘NATO a great threat to the security of its members, rest of the world’
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization poses a threat to its members by involving them in interventions based on pretty flimsy evidence, Patrick Armstrong, former political counselor at the Canadian Embassy in Moscow told RT’s In the Now show.

29.10.2014 15:04

‘Afghanistan was never an international terrorist hub’
The new NATO chief says the alliance’s goal to prevent Afghanistan from being a safe haven for terrorists has been accomplished. But Afghanistan has never been a terrorist hub argues defense consultant Moeen Raoof in his comments to RT.

29.10.2014 08:17