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UK’s nuclear deterrent fully depends on US, cross-party commission finds
​Britain’s $170 billion Trident nuclear missile program has won the support of an independent cross-party commission, but found to be totally dependent on US

01.07.2014 15:06

'East China Sea is world's most dangerous area now'
There are two powerful countries, China and Japan, and Japan is in a military alliance with the US, so in case of conflict between them there could be a nuclear stand-off, Conn Hallinan, a Foreign Policy In Focus columnist, told RT.

01.07.2014 10:45

Deadliest weekend for new mayor: 4 killed, 19 injured in New York City
A string of bloody shootings in New York City over the weekend has left at least four people dead and 19 others injured.

30.06.2014 18:07

Islamic bogeyman in Syria strikes fear in Washington
High-ranking US officials, while offering little in way of evidence to support their claims, are sounding the alarm on the possibility of foreigners in Syria initiating an attack on the US, sparking fears over airport security.

30.06.2014 12:36

Soviet-era bunkers help Lugansk residents hide from Kiev troop shelling
Amid fierce conflict between Kiev troops and self-defense forces, residents in eastern Ukrainian regions are ready to hide in Soviet-era bomb shelters, which may protect them and their children from army air raids and artillery fire.

30.06.2014 09:28

'Turks kidnapped by ISIS come from one of the biggest mistakes of the Turkish govt’
Turkey cannot do anything to save its kidnapped people, so the Kurdish Peshmerga came into the picture and the Iraqi Kurdish leader is now the protector of the Turcomans rather than the state, Professor of International Relations Hussein Bagchi told RT.

30.06.2014 09:57

Slavyansk residential districts 'a mess' after Kiev troops' shelling, at least 3 killed (VIDEO)
In an apparent breach of the ceasefire, Ukrainian forces shelled residential parts of Slavyansk for nearly an hour on Sunday, destroying buildings and killing at least 3 civilians. Ukrainian media claimed that a pro-Kiev checkpoint had been attacked.

29.06.2014 12:19

S. Korean 'comfort women' for US military sue state for forced prostitution
A group of South Korean former “comfort women”, who worked in state-controlled brothels for the US military after the 1950-53 Korean War, has reportedly filed a suit demanding compensation from the authorities for forced prostitution.

29.06.2014 13:58

Winners of Russian tank biathlon finals get gold figurines of armored vehicles
Two crews of a tank and APC, which has won the Russian ‘Tank biathlon – 2014’ contest have been awarded with models of their battle vehicles made of gold. The miniatures were crafted at the original armored vehicles industrial plants.

28.06.2014 11:43

US vows not to replenish its 3mn anti-personnel landmine stock
Washington has announced it won’t make or buy any more anti-personnel landmines (APL), but declined to destroy the 3 million units of existing stock. Washington still expects to join the international agreement banning such weapons at some point.

28.06.2014 05:26

Fighter jet lands on stool after gear malfunction (VIDEO)
In a scenario that could have potentially damaged a multi-million dollar aircraft, a US Marine Corps pilot was successfully able to land his fighter jet after its front landing malfunctioned – surprisingly, all he needed was a stool.

27.06.2014 16:17

‘Over 20 killed’ in bloody Slavyansk battle despite ceasefire
A long and bloody battle has been raging near the eastern Ukrainian city of Slavyansk despite Kiev’s ceasefire. Self-defense fighters claim to have killed a whole platoon of Kiev’s National Guard, while the latter claim to have destroyed a militia tank.

27.06.2014 15:58

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