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Muzychko killing: Ultra-nationalist mastermind demands cops’ arrest, Interior Minister’s dismissal
Dmitry Yarosh, leader of Ukraine's Right Sector nationalist party, is demanding the resignation of acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and the arrest of police officers involved in the killing of notorious radical militant Aleksandr Muzychko.

25.03.2014 14:56

‘This is no longer about the Muslim Brotherhood, it’s repression against all Egyptians’
The option for people is to go back onto the streets, to call for democracy and for criminals to be brought to justice for the crimes they’ve committed against all Egyptians, Alaa Mohamed, a spokesperson for British Egyptians for Democracy, told RT.

25.03.2014 12:28

Ukraine crisis could affect global presence of nuclear arms – UN
Ukraine's threats to once again become a nuclear weapons nation may have potential ramifications on the global presence of atomic arms, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned as world leaders gathered for the Nuclear Security Summit in the Hague.

25.03.2014 02:38

Media access to Florida ‘Stand Your Ground’ details could be drastically reduced
A Florida lawmaker is attempting to curb the media’s access to 'Stand Your Ground' court records after a local newspaper review examined hundreds of cases and found that the controversial law is applied unevenly and with unpredictable results.

25.03.2014 01:04

NATO: Coming to terms with America’s Frankenstein monster
The fifteenth anniversary of NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia, a barbaric and illegal act that mocked international law, provides an opportunity to consider the ultimate purpose of the US-led military machine.

24.03.2014 13:28

US Republicans propose sending military aid to Ukraine
US Congress Republicans are proposing to send military equipment to Ukraine, citing reports that Russian troops are amassing near the border with eastern Ukraine – an allegation that Russia has denied.

24.03.2014 00:41

Afghanistan bleeding US taxpayers, corruption the culprit
​Rampant corruption in Afghanistan could spell disaster for America’s reconstruction efforts after more than a decade of war in the Central Asian country, according to the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction.

21.03.2014 12:15

Up in arms: Poland accelerates missile defense plan amid Ukraine crisis
Amid growing tensions in neighboring Ukraine, Poland's Defense Ministry has announced the country will speed up its efforts for a missile defense system.

20.03.2014 22:39

Pentagon developing combat chewing gum
Maintaining good dental health may not seem like it’d be a top priority for soldiers, but the US military is hard at work developing a new kind of chewing gum that can battle cavities.

20.03.2014 20:16

Armed police surround man’s house after tattoo mistaken for gun
A Maine man was in for a rude awakening on Tuesday after a tree removal crew reported he’d threatened them with a gun. That’s when police showed up at his home, armed with assault rifles, and demanded he leave his house.

19.03.2014 19:28

US warship Truxtun begins naval exercise in Black Sea
The USS Truxtun destroyer started a one-day military exercise with the Bulgarian and Romanian navies in the Black Sea.

19.03.2014 13:27

Second radiation leak detected at New Mexico nuclear waste site
About one month after radiation leaks were reported at the United States’ first nuclear waste repository, a second release has been detected in the air by Department of Energy officials.

19.03.2014 17:25

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