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​US commissions ‘crucial’ NATO missile shield facility in Romania
The US has assumed control of a missile-intercepting defense base in southern Romania as part of a new and controversial NATO missile shield in a move that has unsettled Russia as NATO bolsters its presence in Europe.

10.10.2014 17:25

MH17 crash: Ukraine security chief says missile only Kiev has may be found at crash site
Ukraine’s Security Council chief may have inadvertently spilled the beans, saying fragments of a Buk-M missile may be found with MH17 crash debris. However, the exact missile he mentioned is only possessed by Ukraine, Russian army officials say.

10.10.2014 10:23

On the ISIS front line with RT's correspondents
RT's Paula Slier, Irina Glushko and Murad Gazdiev are on the front line on Syria's borders, witnessing the Peshmerga Kurds fight against Islamic State. We follow the live updates from our correspondents on the scene.

09.10.2014 12:02

​Turkish Army's waiting game: The siege of Kobani
Syria's war, which erupted as an orchestrated armed insurrection against the Assad regime, is a long-standing thorn in the side of the US. But lately it has taken a backseat with the emergence of Jihadi or "Al-Qaeda-linked" opposition groups.

09.10.2014 12:41

‘Islamic State is lesser evil for Turkey than Assad or Kurds’
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan is more concerned with the Kurdish problem in his own country and changing the Assad regime in Syria than with Islamic State militants, New Delhi based strategic studies professor Brahma Chellaney told RT.

09.10.2014 07:29

​Hasta siempre, Comandante! Che Guevara’s ideas flourish decades on
Che Guevera died 47 years ago, but he continues to inspire millions around the world. The popularity he enjoys so many years after his death is proof that though “they” may have killed the man, “they” will never extinguish the ideas for which he died.

09.10.2014 05:45

SWAT kills Georgia man using info from drug addict who stole his car
A Georgia SWAT team, acting on a tip from a drug addict, killed a 59-year-old grandfather and businessman in his home while executing a warrant. The informant had stolen a car from the property a few days before.

08.10.2014 20:01

Child soldiers scandal: 6 yrs armed service for 16yos challenged
Campaigners launched legal action against the Ministry of Defence (MoD) on Wednesday, arguing Britain’s youngest soldiers should not be forced to serve longer periods of time than their adult peers. The UN has also called for a policy shift.

08.10.2014 14:01

Destabilization – US weapon in energy war
The US is doing its best to estrange the EU from Russia to get the upper hand in a free trade deal, and also, to manipulate European countries into buying America’s relatively more expensive natural gas.

01.10.2014 12:39

‘If the Kurds fall, then Assad will fall as well’
The Kurds should be provided with weapons to fight ISIS since their failure will not benefit any of the ethnic or religious groups in the region, Mehmet Aksoy from the UK Kurdish Assembly told RT.

08.10.2014 09:30

Most recent ISIS munitions US-made during Iraq occupation - study
An analysis of cartridges used by Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria shows that their newest ammunition is of American origin. China and the Soviet Union were identified as the biggest sources of munitions, but with bullets made 25 years ago.

07.10.2014 08:09

​‘Turkey can fight ISIS without external assistance’
If Turks were dedicated to eliminate ISIS or terrorism they could definitely be capable of doing that without help from NATO members or any other external forces, Daoud Khairallah, Professor of International Law at Georgetown University, told RT.

07.10.2014 08:43

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