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£3.5bn armored vehicle order as Cameron calls for more NATO spending
The Ministry of Defence will sign a £3.5 billion contract for 589 Scout Specialist Vehicles – the largest MoD order for armored vehicles in over 30 years. The move coincides with a British push for increased defense spending at the upcoming NATO Summit.

03.09.2014 08:29

The Ultima Irratio: On Germany’s decision to arm Iraqi Kurds
In Germany, every school child knows that September 1, 1939 marks the date of Hitler’s invasion of Poland. It is also the day that peace activists and campaigners celebrate World Peace Day, with demonstrations all over Germany.

03.09.2014 10:39

'ISIS gives US the reason it is looking for to bomb the region'
The US is looking for a reason to come back into the Middle East, to divide countries so that they are unable to resist US direct occupation, Head of the International Action Center Sara Flounders told RT.

03.09.2014 08:29

Kalashnikov boosts output by 40% amid US sanctions
Despite US sanctions imposed against Russia’s Kalashnikov Concern, known largely around the world for its AK-47 assault rifle, the company has increased production by 40 percent this year.

03.09.2014 03:40

US prepares military drill in W. Ukraine for mid-September
The US and its allies are preparing to stage a military exercise in western Ukraine, close to the Polish border, in mid-September. The joint drill will involve over 1,000 troops from the US and Europe, as well as from Ukraine.

02.09.2014 23:01

Gone from CNN, Piers Morgan says he wants his show to be remembered for Alex Jones gun debate
News anchor Piers Morgan’s tenure with CNN officially ended on Tuesday this week, and according to a tweet sent by the British journalist, an exchange with radio host Alex Jones was among the highlights of his career there.

02.09.2014 21:11

‘American tax payer-paid weapons bombing American tax payer-paid equipment in Iraq’
US foreign policy is not only shortsighted, but also has a history of backing extremist movements which happen to serve its political and economic interests “du jour,” Derek Monroe, reporter for Foreign Policy in Focus, told RT.

01.09.2014 15:12

​Russia to adjust military doctrine due to NATO expansion, Ukraine crisis
Moscow is to review its military doctrine, a move that is caused by expansion of NATO in Eastern Europe, problems of missile defense and the crisis situation in neighboring Ukraine, says an official from the Russia’s Security Council.

02.09.2014 07:26

NATO summit: Obama, Cameron urge allies to ramp up military spending
Barack Obama and David Cameron will urge NATO members to increase military spending at the alliance’s summit in Wales, amid growing geopolitical tensions, Europe-wide austerity, and criticism that some countries are getting a “free ride”.

01.09.2014 11:28

Putin: Impossible to say when political crisis in Ukraine will end
Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on Kiev to start substantial talks on deescalating the crisis in eastern Ukraine. He added that it’s an illusion to expect that the rebels would calmly watch their homes being destroyed.

31.08.2014 09:42

‘No weapons for Israel!’ Protest group pours fake blood in Belgium airport
A Belgian feminist activist group LilithS literally painted Liege Airport red with a hundred liters of fake blood at the facility’s role in arming Israel. The red pool of ‘blood’ symbolized their perceived ‘slaughter’ of Palestinians in Gaza by Israel.

30.08.2014 13:07

‘United Continent’: European volunteers fighting Kiev troops in Eastern Ukraine
European volunteers are streaming into Ukraine to join the fighting on both sides. While Kiev’s forces are beefed up with mercenaries from private military companies, Europeans have also come to defend the rebel Donbass region of their own free will.

30.08.2014 06:07

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