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Australia rejects raising debt ceiling, hopes to avoid America-style shutdown
Australia’s upper house rejected a proposal to raise the debt ceiling to AU$500 billion ($465 billion), which if not resolved by December 12, could send the country into a US shutdown scenario.

14.11.2013 11:49

US-Israeli computer super-worm hit Russian nuclear plant - Kaspersky
The CEO of one of the world’s foremost computer security firms says the Stuxnet worm that targeted Iranian nuclear facilities may have also infiltrated similar critical systems in Russia.

12.11.2013 16:06

Anonymous factions threaten cyber-war on one another over anti-NSA hacks
Hackers affiliated with the Anonymous Australia collective have posted a video warning their counterparts in Indonesia that if they do not stop infiltrating private Aussie web sites the two factions could engage in an all-out cyber-war.

11.11.2013 22:14

(Non)Mass movement: Atheist mega-churches take Western world by storm
Singing songs, clapping hands, praising acts of giving and community work – all the things present in a Church have now found an official home in so-called ‘atheist mega-churches’, a quirky idea spreading like wildfire across the Western world.

11.11.2013 04:31

Bit-heist: Over $1mn in bitcoins stolen from Australian online bank
An Australian bitcoin bank holding over US$1 million of the crypto-currency has been hacked, leaving an unknown number of users with nothing – one of the largest thefts in the currency’s four-year history.

08.11.2013 06:01

‘Gitmo a black hole where no laws apply’ – former detainee
Australian citizen David Hicks suffered torture and brutal beatings at the hands of guards at Guantanamo prison. Breaking the gag order that was a condition of his release, Hicks spoke to RT about his ordeal and how he was coerced into pleading guilty.

07.11.2013 05:46

'Godzilla platypus' used to roam Australia waters, new fossil reveals
Huge toothed platypuses inhabited Australia millions of years ago. So proves the stunning new fossil find of a ‘Godzilla’-like relative of the cute, duck-billed creature. The discovery also breaks down a couple of theories.

05.11.2013 09:33

Indonesian 'Anonymous' hackers deface scores of Australian websites in revenge over spying
Hackers claiming to be part of the ‘hacktivist’ collective Anonymous have responded to Edward Snowden’s latest revelations about the NSA using Australian embassies to spy in Asia – by defacing the websites of scores of small Australian businesses.

03.11.2013 19:21

Australia and US spied on Indonesia during UN summit - report
Australia and the US worked side by side on a large-scale joint surveillance operation on Indonesia, during the 2007 UN climate change conference in Bali, a new report from the NSA leaker, Edward Snowden, has revealed.

03.11.2013 07:21

NSA, ‘Five Eyes’ use Australian embassies to gather intel on Asia
US intelligence agencies are using Australian embassies throughout Asia to intercept data and gather information across the continent, according to the latest report based on documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

31.10.2013 03:33

Australia's 'lost world' dazzles with new species
A remote mountain range in northern Australia just gave the world three new species after sitting in isolation for millions of years – including a ‘primitive-looking’ gecko. The scientists are excited for a return, hopeful of uncovering more new species.

28.10.2013 10:14

'March Against Monsanto': LIVE UPDATES
The second planned march against agricultural giant Monsanto takes place around the world this weekend. The protesters are rallying against the company’s use of genetically modified organisms and trying to raise awareness about its corporate practices.

12.10.2013 04:53