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Gay couple accused of sexually abusing adopted Russian boy for years
An American pedophile has been convicted to 40 years in prison for years of sexual abuse of adopted Russian boy. His boyfriend from New Zealand who allegedly assisted in meticulously recording acts of sexual offence is going on trial at home.

01.07.2013 12:29

‘Boomerang’ Rudd: Gillard replaced as Australian PM by man she deposed
Kevin Rudd has won a leadership ballot against Julia Gillard to regain the Australian prime ministership by a margin of 57 to 45. With the September 14 election looming, Gillard’s chances of victory were deemed slim.

26.06.2013 08:55

Assange on Snowden: He's a hero, we've been in contact
Julian Assange says that he was in “indirect” contact with ex-CIA staffer Edward Snowden, who leaked details of US top-secret Internet snooping programs, and that the whistleblower stood for the same goals as the WikiLeaks organization.

10.06.2013 15:14

Assange not our concern - Australia
The Australian government has severed all ties with Julian Assange, stating that the Wikileaks co-founder is not their concern, while the US military prosecutors denounced him as a conspirator across the duration of Manning’s court martial.

06.06.2013 18:35

Australian military halts all prisoner transfers amid torture concerns in Afghanistan
Australia is refusing to hand over captured prisoners to Afghan authorities, citing reports of detainee torture. The UK has also been holding on to its Afghan prisoners amid similar concerns, with critics dubbing the action a ‘British Guantanamo’.

03.06.2013 07:39

Worldwide protests planned on eve of Bradley Manning trial
Rallies are planned this weekend in dozens of cities across the globe in support of Private first class Bradley Manning as the former Army intelligence analyst prepares to stand trial for the largest intelligence leak in United States history.

31.05.2013 15:59

3D-printed gun malfunctions ‘will kill at both ends’ – Australian police
$35 dollars, 16 parts, 27 hours, a high-tech printer and instructions from the Internet were all it took for Australian police to fabricate a 3D gun powerful enough to penetrate 17 centimeters – a shot that could be fatal.

24.05.2013 14:05

Protect your sources: Australia’s WikiLeaks Party calls for journalism shield law
Julian Assange’s newly formed Australian WikiLeaks Party (WLP) announced that if elected, it will immediately introduce a national shield law to protect a reporter’s right not to reveal a source, as current state-based shield laws are “inadequate.”

13.05.2013 09:38

Cross-dressing at 30,000 feet: British billionaire dons skirt, lipstick to honor bet (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
British billionaire Richard Branson cross-dressed to work as a flight attendant for a rival airline after losing a bet to Malaysian airline tycoon Tony Fernandes. Branson served drinks and meals and made flight announcements during the six-hour trip.

12.05.2013 14:26

'Ring of fire’ solar eclipse seen in Australia (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
People in remote parts of Northern Australia were recently treated to a rare nighttime sight: An annular solar eclipse in which the moon blocks the Sun, leaving a thin 'ring of fire' uncovered.

10.05.2013 08:34

Self-proclaimed 'LulzSec leader' arrested by Australian police
A man claiming to be the leader of the Lulz Security hacking group has been arrested by the Australian Federal Police on the New South Wales central coast.

24.04.2013 00:18

Poll predicts WikiLeaks Party grabbing seats in Australian Senate
Having secured over 1,000 dues-paying members this past month, the WikiLeaks Party submitted its registration to the Australian Electoral Commission on Tuesday. A recent poll suggests the party has a strong chance of winning influence in the Senate.

23.04.2013 08:49