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​‘Burden on Australia’: Immigrant family fights deportation over son’s autism
A professional immigrant family in Australia faces deportation because their son has been diagnosed with autism, even though the parents are prepared to pay the extra cost for the child's special schooling.

14.12.2013 12:55

Australia’s top court strikes down same-sex-marriage law in capital territory
Australia’s High Court struck down Thursday the Australian Capital Territory’s same-sex marriage legislation, contending that only federal parliament could amend the nation’s marriage laws.

12.12.2013 01:55

Murdoch’s own newspaper calls him ‘evil’
It appears that even employees of media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s own publications don’t too much care for the cantankerous octogenarian — and they’re not half bad at puzzles, either.

11.12.2013 15:36

Copyright vs free speech: TPP will take away basic rights if ratified
Through the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), US corporatists are aiming to exert their legal control globally, by backing a move to extend intellectual property (IP) laws. But according to Snowden leaks, the move will come at the cost of free speech.

10.12.2013 19:58

Australian pedophile gets 30 years in US jail for abusing Russian-born boy
An Australian, who together with his domestic partner, bought a newborn boy in Russia and allowed men around the world to abuse him, has been sentenced in a US court to 30 years in jail.

10.12.2013 05:26

'Going to be one hell of a decade’ – Manning to Wikileaks in private online chat in 2010
Buried deep inside a bulging US Army dossier relating to Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning’s court martial are 13 pages of online chat between Manning and a Wikileaks contact believed to be Julian Assange.

06.12.2013 11:45

NSA considered ‘unilateral spying’ on Australia, Canada, NZ citizens
The NSA was prepared to secretly collect data on citizens of Australia, Canada and New Zealand – without the knowledge or consent of their governments, and despite the ‘Five Eyes’ joint spying program with those countries, a Snowden leak reveals.

05.12.2013 12:55

Australia to ‘abolish phony debt ceiling’, continue spending-spree
Australia will dive further ‘Down Under’ into debt, as lawmakers reached a deal to do away with a limit. The government can now borrow as much as it wants, and will avoid a shutdown when it reaches the AU$300 billion debt limit on December 12.

04.12.2013 08:56

Australian spy agency offered to share citizen info with foreign allies - new leaks
An Australian spy agency was ready to share data on its citizens with its partners from the so-called 5-Eyes alliance, according to a freshly-released document from the files leaked by Edward Snowden.

02.12.2013 05:24

Indonesian hackers hit back at Australia amid spying row
Indonesian hackers have defaced an Australian police website in response to the spying on their president. Crime Stoppers servers had to be shut down as a precaution after some log-in details to other websites in a largely harmless attack.

26.11.2013 08:29

Australian spying scandal may spoil Indonesian business relationship
The claims of spying by Australia on Indonesia have spread to the corporate sector, with Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia cutting business ties with an Australian partner citing the lack of trust between the two countries.

22.11.2013 13:59

Indonesia burns Australian flags outside embassy as spying tensions mount
Indonesians set Australian flags ablaze outside the Australian Embassy in Jakarta on Thursday after reports that Australian spies attempted to tap the phones of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his wife.

21.11.2013 11:04