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​Disappeared Malaysia Airlines flight path altered by plane’s computer – report
Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 changed course on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing via the cockpit’s computerized Flight Management System, not by manual control, American officials suggested to the New York Times.

18.03.2014 03:38

Drones over Down Under: Australia to spend $2.7bn on border UAV patrols
Australia has approved plans to buy several Triton drones to patrol the country’s borders at a cost of US$2.7 billion. The government believes the drones can help to prevent illegal immigration.

13.03.2014 12:18

Aussie state gives police power to disperse protests pre-emptively
The Australian state of Victoria’s parliament passed a bill giving police power to suppress protests, including ordering a rally to move on based on a suspicion that it may turn violent. Opponents call the powers excessive and undemocratic.

13.03.2014 07:19

Assange: NSA, GCHQ’s ability to surveil everyone on planet ‘almost here’
The NSA and GCHQ will soon have the ability to spy on the entire planet, as their capabilities double every 18 months, Julian Assange told the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference on Saturday.

08.03.2014 19:39

‘World’s first’ farmer trial over GM crop contamination begins in Australia
A landmark legal battle between two farmers over alleged GM contamination has started in the Western Australian Supreme Court. The case is expected to determine GM farmers’ liability if their crops affect neighboring territories.

10.02.2014 12:34

Australia’s SkyMapper telescope discovered oldest known star
Australian astronomers are positive they’ve discovered the most ancient star to date. Being practically three times older than our Sun, the old-timer star could serve as a prototype system to explore matter metamorphose in the universe.

10.02.2014 05:37

​‘ChewBacca’ Trojan steals thousands of credit card details across the globe
Star Wars’ most loyal copilot has gone to the dark side on our side of the galaxy, as Malware operating under the name ‘ChewBacca’ has stolen data on 49,000 payment cards from 45 retailers in 11 countries over a two month span.

01.02.2014 16:22

Great Barrier Reef to get backyard mud dump after coal port expansion
Vast quantities dredged sand and mud will be dumped right by Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef to create a multi-billion-dollar coal port – the world’s biggest. The authority watching over the UNESCO World Heritage site just gave the green light.

31.01.2014 06:36

British banker fired, escapes to Australia after his remarks on 'poor' Singapore
A Singapore-based UK banker, Anton Casey, who triggered massive public outrage over his Facebook remarks insulting Singapore residents, has been dismissed from his post and forced to flee to Australia.

26.01.2014 05:08

'Toothless!' WikiLeaks reveals secret draft of TPP environment chapter
The environment protection provisions in the draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement will not be enforceable, says whistleblower site WikiLeaks, which released a section of the document.

15.01.2014 12:37

Sans-Culottes! 'No Pants Day' pranksters shock metro passengers worldwide (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)
Taking the metro January 12, commuters worldwide are seeing scores of trousers-less pranksters taking part in the annual No Pants Subway Ride Day, an event celebrating silliness that started in New York 12 years ago and has spread globally since then.

12.01.2014 14:00

Congress introduces Obama fast-track authority on global trade pacts like TPP
Congressional leaders on the US trade policy have introduced legislation that would grant President Barack Obama “fast-track authority” to enact three looming global trade accords, including the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership.

10.01.2014 00:22