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5.2 earthquake shakes Melbourne Australia
A magnitude 5.2 earthquake has hit the southeastern coast of Australia, 120km from Melbourne. No immediate details on casualties or damage have been released.

19.06.2012 11:24

Livestock rain: Falling sheep shock Australian drivers (VIDEO)
It has been raining sheep in Australia after a truck carrying about 400 animals overturned on a highway overpass outside Melbourne. The flock of sheep fell to their deaths on to stunned drivers below, injuring several people.

02.06.2012 13:20

US claims ‘no interest’ in Assange
The US has no interest in Julian Assange, insists America’s ambassador to Australia. The statement comes as the WikiLeaks founder grasps his last chance before extradition to Sweden, which he fears will pave the way for further rendition to the US.

01.06.2012 11:46

Pentagon: US should enhance Asia-Pacific military role
US defense secretary Leon Panetta said America needs to increase its military role in the Asian Pacific, restating Washington's concern over the reality of China’s rapidly developing military influence.

30.05.2012 10:18

Landing aborted as Australian pilot was busy texting
Distracted by his mobile phone, a Jetstar pilot forgot to lower the aircraft's landing gear on approach to Singapore’s Changi Airport. He pulled up only 120 meters above the ground and landed his A320 with 220 passengers after the second approach.

20.04.2012 04:15

Coming soon: First feature film about Assange goes into production
The first-ever non-documentary film based on life of world-famous whistleblower Julian Assange will begin production next week. A crew of award-winning actors and filmmakers is to shoot a TV film about Assange's early days.

11.04.2012 16:37

2,500 US marines in Australia ‘not a military base’
The first rotation of about 200 US marines has arrived in Australia on a six-month training deployment. A total of 2,500 troops are expected to arrive over the next few years in Darwin to enhance the US’s military presence in the Asia-Pacific.

04.04.2012 02:24

Naked night at the museum
Feel like stripping off in public but not sure where to start? Now instead of heading to a nudist beach, consider a night visit to Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art, which has invited art lovers to enjoy exhibitions in their birthday suits.

31.03.2012 13:17

Australia calls WikiLeaks ‘irresponsible,’ delays Assange-related cables publication
The Australian government has blamed WikiLeaks for a “reckless, irresponsible and potentially dangerous” disclosures of secret information. It is also delaying the release of diplomatic cables on the matter after the US expressed concern.

31.03.2012 04:06

Kylie Minogue to design New Year’s Firework show in Sydney
Pop star Kylie Minogue will be taking charge of Sydney's world famous New Year's Eve firework display. The singer will be responsible for choosing the themes and colors for the show.

29.03.2012 12:38

Julian Assange to run for Australian Senate
Famous whistleblower and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has decided to run for a seat in the Australian Senate – despite being under home arrest in Great Britain.

17.03.2012 07:10

License to dine-n-dash: Daredevils base-jump out on bill
What appeared to be a scene from a James Bond movie turned out to be a sophisticated case of grub-and-snub. A group of suit-clad daredevils base-jumped off the fifty-fifth floor of a skyscraper to avoid paying for drinks at a restaurant.

15.03.2012 22:48

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