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Assange accuses Australian PM of defamation over WikiLeaks comments
Julian Assange considers pursuing a defamation case against Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard. He has hired Sydney lawyers to investigate and legally pursue the PM’s comments, which were used to support a financial blockade against WikiLeaks.

08.10.2012 09:51

Aussie super-scope begins ET hunt
The initial stage of unprecedented radio telescope has been officially opened in Australia. The project will explore the universe in search of new galaxies, black holes, planets and even intelligent extraterrestrial life – if there is any.

05.10.2012 13:04

Jaws no more: Australia to kill sharks
Great white sharks have been considered a ‘vulnerable’ species since 1996, but the recent spate of shark attacks off the Australian coast has led the country to announce plans for a cull.

27.09.2012 12:27

Child with ‘beheading’ sign at Sydney protest: Search for mom is on
On Monday, an Australian politician demanded a government inquiry into the identity of the mother photographing her child holding a sign calling for ‘beheadings’ at a protest in Sydney on Saturday over an anti-Islamic video.

17.09.2012 16:37

Australian police tear gas anti-US demonstrators in Sydney (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Police in Sydney, Australia, fired tear gas at protesters staging a demonstration against the anti-Islam film that has sparked mass public outrage across the Muslim world. Six officers and several civilians have been injured in clashes.

15.09.2012 06:01

Muslim fury: LIVE anti-US protest timeline (PHOTOS)
Muslims around the world are protesting against the US after clips from a controversial American-made film mocking the Prophet Mohammed appeared online. Almost 40 people have died in violent clashes triggered by the video.

13.09.2012 13:38

It’s a miracle! World’s first bionic eye gifts blind woman eyesight
For the first time ever, scientists have given a previously blind woman sight by way of a bionic eye. The Australian-designed implant, which resembles the model worn by Arnie in The Terminator, is likely to transform the lives of millions worldwide.

30.08.2012 17:22

Australia’s mining boom curbed as China’s demand is down
Australia's resources boom is over after bringing the country’s economy billions of investment, according to Australia’s Resource Minister. Experts say decreasing demand from China is bringing the mining boom to an end.

23.08.2012 10:25

'Do some research!' Christine Assange steamrolls Western journalism
Julian Assange’s mother slammed Western media's lack of research and grasp of basic facts in an interview with Australian television, as the host tried to get her to “address the allegations” of free speech suppression in Ecuador.

20.08.2012 21:23

Australia prepping 'contingency plan' for Assange US extradition
Australian officials have confirmed that the country's diplomatic mission in Washington has been prepareing for Julian Assange's possible extradition to the US, but called it "contingency planning."

18.08.2012 18:34

Assange supporters occupy Melbourne's UK consulate
Four activists supporting embattled WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange conducted a sit-in protest on Friday inside the UK Consulate in Melbourne, Australia, as 20 others rallied downstairs. The protesters cleared out after police threatened arrests.

17.08.2012 05:34

Solution, or racism? Australia approves offshore Pacific asylum camps
The Australian govt approved a bill to transfer asylum-seekers to offshore processing centers in a bid to curtail undocumented immigration. Critics branded the bill as racist, and a grave violation of the country’s human rights obligations.

15.08.2012 13:07

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