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Robovision: Australian scientists work on robot that can 'see'
Robots with “vision” may soon work alongside humans, say researchers from Queensland, Australia. They have built a machine with hand-eye coordination, and the ability to process visual stimuli.

09.03.2015 13:02

'Sick of being lectured': Australian PM blasts UN report on torture convention breaches
The Australian PM has rejected a UN report saying the country is violating children asylum seekers’ rights in offshore processing centers. Australia, is now unwilling to welcome refugees.

09.03.2015 06:28

Fireball flying over Perth caught on dashcams, scientists suspect meteorite
A fireball flashing through the sky has been reported by multiple witnesses and also recorded on dashcams in Perth, Western Australia. Scientists believe the bright shiny object could turn out to be a meteorite.

09.03.2015 07:38

‘High risk’ terror inmates banned from communicating in Arabic at Australian jail
High-risk inmates in an Australian maximum security prison will be prohibited from communicating in Arabic during visits and phone calls, according to an edict from the attorney-general - the latest in Australia’s crackdown on Islamic terrorism.

08.03.2015 06:34

‘Stupid move’? Entire Australian township may be displaced for expanding coalmine
An entire village in New South Wales may be relocated due to the expansion of a coal mine. Authorities say it will see many positive effects, including boosting the economy and safeguarding hundreds of jobs. Local residents call it “plain stupidity.”

06.03.2015 07:46

​Aussies to get their first-ever floating solar panel plant
Australia is to build a floating solar power plant to feed a water treatment facility near Jamestown. The plant is expected to be efficient enough to produce some extra juice for the city itself.

05.03.2015 13:53

​‘Big jar of condoms’: Aussie radio chief deters staff from taking maternity leave
The regional head of an Australian radio network has come with a peculiar way of discouraging her staff from having babies and taking maternity leave – she keeps a big jar of condoms in the office.

05.03.2015 11:51

Koala cull: 700 endangered marsupials secretly slain by Australian authorities
About 700 koalas have been covertly killed off by the Australian authorities due to overpopulation causing starvation of the animals. Australian Koala Foundation has slammed the move, calling it “a gross mismanagement.”

04.03.2015 10:14

No to 2yr metadata storage: Report says Australian govt members use secret messaging app
Top Australian politicians are reportedly using a covert messaging application. The correspondence, sent via the service, is encrypted and self-destructs. It comes as a new bill would force telecom providers to store users’ metadata for 2 years.

02.03.2015 13:00

Skydiver saved after epileptic fit at 2,700m (DRAMATIC VIDEO)
A 22-year-old student from Perth, Australia, has posted a shocking video of a narrow escape. Christopher Jones had a seizure while skydiving, but luckily was saved mid-air by his instructor.

02.03.2015 11:50

Search for missing MH370 may be called off soon
Australia says the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 may soon be called off, as no trace of the aircraft has been found since it disappeared over the Indian Ocean a year ago this week.

01.03.2015 22:22

Australian metadata bill proposes phone, internet record storage for 2yrs
A new bill that would force Australian telecom firms to store clients' personal data to help law enforcement agencies track down extremists conspiring to carry out acts of terrorism has attracted the scrutiny of analysts.

27.02.2015 13:00