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​Deep-sea mushroom creatures 'completely reshape' our understanding of evolution
Science has found an animal that could rewrite entire textbooks – it defies classification and could be related to creatures living half a billion years ago. For thirty years, the mushroom-shaped sea creature didn’t even have a name.

04.09.2014 08:13

Malaysia Airlines renames awkward ‘things-to-do-before-you-die’ contest
Malaysia Airlines has had to rethink its inappropriately-named ‘Ultimate Bucket List’ competition of things to do before you die, following a slew of objections on social media. The company is still reeling from two catastrophes that claimed 527 lives.

04.09.2014 08:00

​Australia imposes new round of sanctions against Russia
The Australian government on Monday unveiled further sanctions against Russian oil and gas, financial and defense sectors, bringing Canberra in line with the European Union.

01.09.2014 07:46

‘Project Wing’: Google tests drone deliveries in outback Australia
A remote part of the Australian state of Queensland has been chosen by Google’s clandestine research facility for testing the company’s future drone delivery fleet. The system has tremendous potential to transport goods more quickly, Google[x] claims.

29.08.2014 04:50

Space junkyard: New tech designed to combat dangerous trash in orbit
In an attempt to keep space debris from destroying million-dollar projects in Earth orbit, Lockheed Martin is teaming up with an Australian company to track potentially dangerous wreckage.

27.08.2014 22:59

'My passenger is trying to take over!’ Pilot fights off attack by 82yo Christian missionary to safely land plane
A 23-year-old Australian pilot of a small aircraft repelled an attempt to switch off the engines from an 82-year-old passenger – himself a professional pilot – during a regional flight, before safely landing the aircraft in a field.

26.08.2014 13:19

‘White Australia’ scandal: Outrage over anti-Semitic leaflets distributed in Sydney
The residents of a Sydney suburb were shocked after they discovered anti-Semitic leaflets that accused Jews of “pumping anti-European values” and called for “white Australia” to wake up. The country’s authorities slammed the incident.

26.08.2014 11:54

Danger to food chain? Microplastic contaminates found in Sydney Harbor
Scientists in the first study of its kind have found microplastic contamination at the bottom of Sydney Harbor, which may pose a threat to the food chain, Australian media reported.

24.08.2014 19:43

Aussie MP brands Chinese ‘bastards,’ attracts Beijing’s wrath
Australian MP Clive Palmer referred to the Chinese people as “mongrels” who “shoot their own people.” One government-owned newspaper said the comments exposes Australia’s “unfriendly attitude toward China” and should be punished.

20.08.2014 08:53

Completion of Australia’s largest solar plant at risk
Silex Systems, the company constructing Australia’s biggest solar plant, has suspended its funding following reports the national Renewable Energy Target (RET) could be scaled back or done away with altogether.

19.08.2014 11:09

Suspected jihadist teenager leaves Australia in security error
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said he's “not happy” that a suspected 19-year old jihadist managed to slip through airport security on his brother’s passport and fly to the Middle East, before he was picked up in the UAE.

15.08.2014 18:37

Google 'street view' maps coral reefs off Florida
US government researchers will apply “street view” mapping tools to underwater ecosystems in the Florida Keys this week in an effort to document coral reef health. The project is sponsored by the likes of insurance company Catlin and Google.

14.08.2014 14:44

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