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Mystery radio waves from deep space captured LIVE, sender unknown
An unknown radio signal, which may have come from a black hole, colliding neutron stars (or – for those who ‘believe’ – alien life), has been picked up by astronomers live for the first time ever. Its origins remain mysterious.

22.01.2015 20:26

Aussie police terror alert raised, officers told to be tight-lipped on social media
Australia has upped its national terrorism threat level for potential attacks on police, citing new intelligence reports. Police said recent attacks in France and Canada were a "sobering reminder of the risks" associated with policing.

20.01.2015 08:37

Mass extinction for Earth’s oceans probable, comprehensive study says
The first comprehensive study of its kind has determined that ocean life is facing mass extinction from human activity. But the record damage is still reversible – unlike our impact on land. American scientists say the effects can be mitigated.

17.01.2015 08:28

‘Least visited crash site in the world’: More blame than answers 6 mo after MH17 tragedy
Almost half a year since Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down above war-torn eastern Ukraine, speculations in international media are only adding fuel to the blame game. RT's documentary team traveled to Australia and Europe to get some answers.

15.01.2015 20:58

Australian inferno inside view: Firefighter straps on GoPro to show wildfire battle (VIDEO)
As the raging Australian wildfires finally began subsiding, a firefighter decided to show how his team is battling the flames on the charred Adelaide Hills by mounting on a GoPro camera on his helmet.

07.01.2015 04:37

Gigabyte gourmet: AI robot learns to cook just by watching YouTube videos
A team of American and Australian researchers claim they have created algorithms that enable robots to learn operational skills by watching human activities. They "taught" their robot to cook by showing it some YouTube videos.

04.01.2015 09:04

Thousands flee as wildfires rampage through Australia (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Thousands of Australians are fleeing their homes as wildfires tear through the south of the country, prompting officials to declare a major emergency and advise people to leave the “extremely dangerous” area.

03.01.2015 16:47

​Beds are burning: Australia bans solariums due to skin cancer risks
The majority of Australian states and territories are banning commercial tanning beds due to skin cancer threats starting from Thursday in “the sunburnt country” which has one of the highest rates of melanoma in the world.

31.12.2014 06:50

Wings clipped? US to regulate drone usage in 2015
Commercial drone operations are likely to be regulated in 2015 in the US, which possesses the world’s biggest military drone fleet. Professional pilots are concerned about possible collisions between drones and manned aircraft.

29.12.2014 06:25

Bush survival: Aussie family found alive after 10 days missing in national park
Extreme weather conditions helped a Brisbane dad and his two little sons to survive after spending 10 days in a densely-forested area of a national park. The trio managed to hold out in a bogged car with little to eat and were rescued quite by chance.

22.12.2014 07:30

Australian mother charged with murder of 8 children
A 37yo woman in Australia has been charged with the murder of 7 of her children and a niece, who were killed in the northern city of Cairns. Four boys and four girls aged between 2 to 14 were found dead on Friday.

21.12.2014 04:53

Australian mother arrested for murder in mass killing of 8 children
An Australian mother has been arrested for murder in the mass killing of eight children who were found dead in the city of Cairns, seven of whom were hers. The eighth child was her niece.

19.12.2014 21:51