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Encircling China: US to sign military agreement with Australia after Philippines deal
An agreement expected to be signed this week between the United States and Australia will pave the way for the Pentagon to have 2,500 US troops begin conducting military drills down under.

11.08.2014 18:18

​Photo of boy holding decapitated Syrian soldier’s head ‘barbaric’ - Australia PM
A grisly photograph showing a young boy, said to be the son of an ISIS rebel, holding the severed head of a slain Syrian soldier, proves the ‘hideous atrocities’ the terrorist group is capable of, said Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

11.08.2014 12:00

Giant venomous jellyfish found off Australia coast
Two new species of extremely poisonous jellyfish have been found off the coast of northwest Australia. Irukandji jellyfish are normally the size of a fingernail, but one of the specimens is the length of an arm.

08.08.2014 18:25

‘They wanted to cut our throats’: Australia school bus comes under anti-Semitic attack
Six drunken youths shouting Nazi slogans stormed a school bus filled with Jewish children as young as five in Sydney on Wednesday. The boys threatened to cut the younger children's throats and murder everyone on board.

06.08.2014 19:09

Passengers rescue man trapped between train and platform (VIDEO)
Several dozen passengers pushed a train in Australia to help a fellow commuter, whose leg got stuck in between a carriage and platform.

06.08.2014 11:12

'Accusation drive' – Indonesia president slams Australia’s gagging order exposed by WikiLeaks
Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has rejected Australia’s attempt to cover up an alleged multinational corruption case. He said that the gagging order on the matter that could implicate him may only “trigger suspicions and accusations.”

31.07.2014 17:02

Fears of global spread of Ebola virus as death toll hits 729
Scientists in Australia and New Zealand warn that the vaccine for the deadly outbreak of Ebola won’t come soon enough to stop the current spreading of the virus. Sierra Leone has announced a state of emergency to deal with the threat.

31.07.2014 13:25

Australian police issue arrest warrants for citizens fighting in Syria
Australia’s Federal Police have issued arrest warrants for two of the country’s citizens fighting as jihadists against government troops in Syria. The two were photographed holding decapitated heads of Syrian soldiers.

29.07.2014 07:54

Australia repeals the carbon tax blob. For good?
​A wondrous event has shaken the firmament of reaction and misery so beloved of the delusional souls who believe in mysticism, dodgy data and indeed, the massive modern myth of global warming.

25.07.2014 09:06

Armed Australian soldiers, police to deploy to MH17 crash site
A proposed multinational force to further secure the MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine will now include over 100 armed Australian police and soldiers. The move comes shortly after 40 unarmed Dutchmen had been deployed to “further stabilize the area.”

25.07.2014 04:57

Fake MH17 tributes on Facebook linked to porn, gambling sites
The crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 on Thursday has inspired several scammers to set up fake tribute Facebook pages in an effort to capitalize on the tragedy.

22.07.2014 17:07

Great Barrier Reef in 'worst state since records began', scientists say
The Great Barrier Reef off Australia’s east coast is “in the worst state since records began” and in 40 years large swathes of coral structures will be replaced by seaweed and algae, scientists told a senate inquiry.

22.07.2014 14:58

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