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Koala cull: 700 endangered marsupials secretly slain by Australian authorities
About 700 koalas have been covertly killed off by the Australian authorities due to overpopulation causing starvation of the animals. Australian Koala Foundation has slammed the move, calling it “a gross mismanagement.”

04.03.2015 10:14

No to 2yr metadata storage: Report says Australian govt members use secret messaging app
Top Australian politicians are reportedly using a covert messaging application. The correspondence, sent via the service, is encrypted and self-destructs. It comes as a new bill would force telecom providers to store users’ metadata for 2 years.

02.03.2015 13:00

Skydiver saved after epileptic fit at 2,700m (DRAMATIC VIDEO)
A 22-year-old student from Perth, Australia, has posted a shocking video of a narrow escape. Christopher Jones had a seizure while skydiving, but luckily was saved mid-air by his instructor.

02.03.2015 11:50

Search for missing MH370 may be called off soon
Australia says the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 may soon be called off, as no trace of the aircraft has been found since it disappeared over the Indian Ocean a year ago this week.

01.03.2015 22:22

Australian metadata bill proposes phone, internet record storage for 2yrs
A new bill that would force Australian telecom firms to store clients' personal data to help law enforcement agencies track down extremists conspiring to carry out acts of terrorism has attracted the scrutiny of analysts.

27.02.2015 13:00

‘Hopeless’: Angry Aussie activists slam PM Abbott with Obama-style poster
An activist group has released a poster bearing the likeness of the Australian prime minister above the single word “hopeless” to slam the leader for his “uncaring ministry.”

26.02.2015 13:14

Aiming high: Australia makes world’s first 3D-printed jet engines
Australian researchers have created two jet engines using 3D printing, a breakthrough that proves the technology can create high-quality products from a variety of metals.

26.02.2015 07:54

​Quarter country covered: RT signal now on Australia's Foxtel
Australian cable and satellite television provider Foxtel now offers RT to its subscribers. Previously Australians could watch RT on Measat 3a, Asiasat 7 and Optus D2.

26.02.2015 08:20

Australia kept mum on Sri Lanka rights abuses in exchange for asylum deal - report
Australia agreed to turn a blind eye to Sri Lanka's alleged human rights abuses to secure cooperation with Colombo on stopping asylum-seeker boats heading to Australia, Sri Lanka's new prime minister said in an interview.

23.02.2015 10:38

Coins for Abbott: Indonesians rally to repay tsunami aid, call Australian PM ‘Shylock’
Indonesians have mobilized in record numbers to collect cash for the Australian PM, who touched a raw nerve by bringing up Australia’s $1 bn in tsunami relief aid to Jakarta while making a clemency appeal for convicted drug traffickers.

22.02.2015 23:54

HTTP/2: ​Web’s main protocol gets major upgrade
One of the most important standards used to deliver content over the internet is undergoing a long-awaited updated: Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or HTTP, is about to see changes that are expected to speed up the web.

18.02.2015 17:36

World first commercial wave power station switched on in Australia
The world’s first wave energy power station has been switched on after being connected successfully to Western Australia’s electricity grid. The station will provide electricity and desalinated water for Australia’s biggest naval base.

18.02.2015 14:14