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Aussie koalas trained for cuddles with Putin, Obama & Merkel at G20
The world’s cutest marsupials are being specially prepared for cuddling sessions with world leaders during the G20 summit in Brisbane next week.

06.11.2014 15:09

New quantum mechanics theory says parallel universes exist, interact
To the average person, quantum mechanics is the convoluted, science fiction-y branch of physics. A radical new theory plays into that, proposing that parallel universes exist and interact with each other ‒ and that scientists may be able to test for them.

04.11.2014 19:43

Australia & UK to jointly build Ebola hospital in Sierra Leone
Australia is expected to announce assistance to help contain Ebola in West Africa, including the dispatch of medical volunteers to Sierra Leone.

04.11.2014 09:22

‘Thank you, Aussies!’ gaffe & Wurst serenades: Ban Ki-moon in Austria
The UN Secretary General’s visit to Vienna was marked with a spectacular faux pas: Ban Ki-moon mistook Austria for Australia, leading some reporters to wonder if his gaffe was due to being serenaded by cross-dressing star Conchita Wurst.

04.11.2014 02:05

‘ISIS is coming’: Shia man shot by IS supporters in Australia
A Shia man was shot by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) supporters as he was leaving an Islamic prayer center in southwest Sydney, according to eyewitnesses.

03.11.2014 07:45

Global day for Kobani: Thousands march to support Kurds’ fight against ISIS
Thousands of protesters from across the globe – including Turkey, France, Italy, Germany, the UK, and Australia – marched to show solidarity with Kurdish fighters battling ISIS in the strategic city of Kobani, located on Syria's border with Turkey.

01.11.2014 20:19

Australian lawmaker proposes 1 yr in jail, $68,000 fine for forcing kids to wear burqas
Controversial Australian lawmaker Jacqui Lambie has proposed a draft law outlawing all forms of Islamic face coverings in public, levying hefty fines and jail sentences on those who compel others, especially children, to wear the attire.

28.10.2014 11:04

Sick move: Australia shuts borders to 'Ebola-affected' African countries
Australia is the first country to temporarily close its borders to people traveling from West African states battling against the Ebola epidemic. The move comes despite the fact the Ebola-free country has not sent aid workers to any afflicted regions.

28.10.2014 08:27

Police brutality can only be ended when officers face justice
Institutions paid for by the public must always be held to account, especially when we entrust public servants like the police with a responsibility to ensure that the most vulnerable in society are protected. Sadly, the opposite is often the case.

28.10.2014 12:52

Big US banks balk at funding Great Barrier Reef coal port
Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase have joined the list of banking giants opting out of a major Australian coal export project, Rainforest Action Network activists say.

28.10.2014 09:40

New Indonesian leader: maritime promises & possible dynamics with China, US and Australia
While working towards greater cooperation to harness its maritime potential, nationalist “Jokowi” will also not shy away from standing up against external incursions impinging upon Indonesia’s national interests.

27.10.2014 09:05

Anti-burqa protester tries to enter Australian parliament in KKK hood
A trio of activists wearing a KKK outfit, a burqa and a motorcycle helmet attempted to enter Australia’s parliament house in Canberra, challenging the idea of allowing women wearing face veils in public places.

27.10.2014 06:36