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Anti-racism vs anti-Muslim: Clashes as hundreds rally across Australia (PHOTOS)
Anti-Islam rallies have taken place across Australia, organized by the Reclaim Australia group. Police were forced to intervene in Melbourne as clashes broke out between anti-Islam and anti-racism protesters, with thousands attending the demonstrations.

04.04.2015 08:23

Anti-Islamic marches to be held across Australia slammed as ‘racist’, counter protests planned
Anti-Islamic ‘Reclaim Australia’ marches are planned for 16 major cities on Saturday. Opponents have lashed out at the event in social media, calling it ‘Nazi’, while activists claim they are guarding traditional Christian values.

03.04.2015 05:31

​Abuses against refugees at Aussie-paid detention camp 'known by govt for years'
Staff members at the Nauru refugee detention center, where Australia keeps its asylum seekers, spoke about violations including rapes as early as November 2013. They are reportedly prepared to testify before parliament.

31.03.2015 13:16

G20 leaders’ details leak: ‘Abbott’s govt has very peculiar attitude to data retention’
The Australian government’s failure to keep something as simple as personal details of leaders attending the G20 summit reveals its peculiar attitude to data retention, says Dr. Binoy Kampmark, a lecturer at RMIT University in Melbourne.

30.03.2015 12:55

Australian immigration dept leaks G20 leaders’ passport info – report
The personal details of all 20 leaders at the recent G20 summit in Australia have been accidentally leaked by the Australian immigration department. Despite being notified of the high-profile breach four months ago, it neglected to inform anyone.

30.03.2015 06:54

Thousands march in 12 Australian cities to demand end to country’s ‘cruel asylum-seeker policies’
A crowd of 15,000 people marched through downtown Melbourne to demand the Australian government close the immigrant processing centers in Nauru and Manus Island, following harsh criticism of human rights abuses by PM Tony Abbott’s government.

29.03.2015 13:49

​Beijing calling: Australia & Denmark defy US by applying to join China-led bank
Australia and Denmark, despite previous American objections to the move, say they will join a new Beijing-backed investment bank that some in Washington say could supplant the US-dominated International Monetary Fund.

29.03.2015 12:45

Security agencies get access to 2 yrs of Australians’ phone, internet records
A law forcing Australian phone and internet companies to keep records for two years has been passed by both houses of parliament. The new legislation will allow security agencies access to this data, who say it’s necessary for anti-terrorism measures.

26.03.2015 14:09

'Why do you say stupid things': Aussie PM Abbott grilled on air following Nazi slur
Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been accused of bullying and asked why he keeps saying “stupid things,” during a live radio interview. Before that, he compared the opposition leader to one of the most notorious Nazi leaders, Joseph Goebbels.

20.03.2015 13:38

Quoi?! British DNA is 40% French, Oxford study finds
Despite a robust Gallic flavor, British genes have survived intact for centuries with many still residing within the ancient kingdoms they descend from, a wide-ranging Oxford University study claims.

19.03.2015 09:26

Australian govt 1 step closer to storing phone and internet data for 2yrs
Journalists and some Australian politicians say legislation making it harder for security agencies to store phone and internet records doesn’t go far enough. The government cites security concerns, but opponents say it’s “an attack on press freedom.”

19.03.2015 10:37

​Rally against closure of indigenous communities in Australia
Hundreds have taken part in rallies in Western Australia, protesting the closure of remote indigenous communities in the state, according to local and social media.

19.03.2015 07:19