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‘High’ alert: Australia ups terror threat level as intelligence warns of ISIS-related attack
The terror threat level in Australia has been raised to ‘high’ for the first time since its inception 11 years ago. Prime Minister Tony Abbott divulged little information, but made clear there is a danger of ISIS-related attacks on home soil.

12.09.2014 08:28

‘Sorry about the bomb’: Aussie police apologize for 'training device' left in Sydney airport
Australian police was forced to apologize after it turned out that police officers left explosives in Sydney airport after a sniffer dog training exercise. The devices remained in the airport for almost a month without anyone retrieving them.

11.09.2014 09:26

Australia’s not ‘the Lucky Country’ anymore
Two months ago, I warned that Australia’s status as 'the Lucky Country' was doomed and that an economic crash was imminent.

09.09.2014 09:51

Australia to reverse plan to dump mud on Gt Barrier Reef
The Australian government is pondering a new plan for disposal of waste from expanding the country’s port of Abbot Point, which would see the dredged mud and sand reused on land instead of being dumped by the Great Barrier Reef, as was initially planned.

09.09.2014 11:11

Five Eyes spy pact: Transparency challenge lodged at European rights court
The cross-border ‘Five Eyes’ agreement that authorizes the sharing of intelligence between Britain, America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand should be made transparent, according to an appeal launched at the European Court of Human Rights.

09.09.2014 09:22

​Shifty Australia dumps Russia, embraces India for nuclear deal
Australia has just dumped Russia and embraced India in a uranium export deal that is seen as a shift in diplomacy.

08.09.2014 14:20

‘Limits to Growth’ vindicated: World headed towards economic, environmental collapse
Australian researchers have shown that a book written ‒ and written off ‒ four decades ago accurately predicted where the world would be in terms of resource allocation and the environment. And that does not bode well for the future of humanity.

04.09.2014 20:48

​Deep-sea mushroom creatures 'completely reshape' our understanding of evolution
Science has found an animal that could rewrite entire textbooks – it defies classification and could be related to creatures living half a billion years ago. For thirty years, the mushroom-shaped sea creature didn’t even have a name.

04.09.2014 08:13

Malaysia Airlines renames awkward ‘things-to-do-before-you-die’ contest
Malaysia Airlines has had to rethink its inappropriately-named ‘Ultimate Bucket List’ competition of things to do before you die, following a slew of objections on social media. The company is still reeling from two catastrophes that claimed 527 lives.

04.09.2014 08:00

​Australia imposes new round of sanctions against Russia
The Australian government on Monday unveiled further sanctions against Russian oil and gas, financial and defense sectors, bringing Canberra in line with the European Union.

01.09.2014 07:46

‘Project Wing’: Google tests drone deliveries in outback Australia
A remote part of the Australian state of Queensland has been chosen by Google’s clandestine research facility for testing the company’s future drone delivery fleet. The system has tremendous potential to transport goods more quickly, Google[x] claims.

29.08.2014 04:50

Space junkyard: New tech designed to combat dangerous trash in orbit
In an attempt to keep space debris from destroying million-dollar projects in Earth orbit, Lockheed Martin is teaming up with an Australian company to track potentially dangerous wreckage.

27.08.2014 22:59