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Reality bites: Uruguay’s Suarez slammed with record 9-match ban, $111k fine
Uruguay’s football team has been left toothless in the World Cup after FIFA imposed a nine-match ban on striker Luis Suarez for taking a bite out of his Italian opponent. Uruguay will reportedly appeal the decision, which also comes with a large fine.

26.06.2014 15:41

Jaws and scores: Suarez and other bite-crazy athletes (VIDEO)
Uruguay’s striker Luis Suarez has made headlines by chomping on an Italian rival in a crucial FIFA World Cup match. RT recalls the history of Suarez’s misconduct and other top athletes, who don’t hesitate to use their teeth to achieve victory.

25.06.2014 16:01

Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez takes a bite out of the competition, social media erupts
A minor scandal erupted during a World Cup match on Tuesday when Uruguay’s striker, Luis Suarez, appeared to take a bite out of Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini’s shoulder. The incident immediately set off a torrent of memes on social media.

24.06.2014 21:19

Football hooligans: Challenge for Russia ahead of home 2018 World Cup?
With Russian fans accused of displaying neo-Nazi banners during the country’s opening World Cup match in Brazil, RT looks into the origins and the current state of Russian football hooliganism.

22.06.2014 15:44

Live it! Blind and deaf Brazilian fan feels World Cup match through friend’s hands (VIDEO)
There’s nothing impossible for a real friend, a Brazilian teacher proved, after he found a way to help his blind and deaf buddy experience a World Cup match live, moving his friend’s hands through the mini-pitch to show the game’s developments.

22.06.2014 09:17

Juice Rap News: THIEFA's World Coup vs Brazilian people
As Brazil hosts the world’s top football tournament, Juice Rap News’ Robert Foster investigates why many Brazilians are protesting against THIEFA’s World Coup, and why governments’ real interest in the sport should really be called "The World Game."

22.06.2014 06:15

Brazilian slum team challenges World Cup champs
The star team of the world's best footballers – still to be determined at the 2014 Brazil World Cup – has been challenged by a team of the world's poorest to play a match on their home field in the São Paulo slums.

21.06.2014 22:55

Best fans at World Cup? Japanese clean up stadium after team’s matches (PHOTOS)
The football showdown between Japan and Greece ended in a scoreless draw, but the Japanese fans scored top points from the clean-up crew after leaving the stands of the stadium and its bathroom unblemished.

20.06.2014 20:03

'Naked football': Brazil prostitutes show ball skills to highlight sex workers’ rights
As football stars are scoring news goals in the World Cup, Brazilian prostitutes decided to join the football fever by organizing an impromptu match to draw attention to sex workers’ rights.

15.06.2014 10:57

Nigeria football team says they took 'no witch doctor' to WC
Even if Nigeria’s football team ever had a witch doctor on their team, that was years ago - and now it is fair game only, says forwards Peter Osaze Odemwingie.

14.06.2014 05:13

‘Sardine can:’ Popemobile out of favor with Pope Francis
Pope Francis says that although he is taking a risk by ditching his bulletproof popemobile to engage with ordinary people, he has little to lose at the age of 77. He added that the fancy car reminds him of a “sardine can.”

13.06.2014 17:02

Tear gas, stun grenades: Brazilian police disperse protesters hours before WC opener
Brazilian police have used teargas and stun grenades in San Paolo clashing with about 200 protesters angry with the govt overspending on the 2014 FIFA World Cup. This occurred hours before the tournament’s opening game to be held in the city.

12.06.2014 15:22

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