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FBI provided Anonymous with targets, new leaks show
Leaked documents pertaining to the case against an American computer hacker currently serving a 10-year prison sentence have exposed discrepancies concerning the government's prosecution and raise further questions about the role of a federal informant.

05.06.2014 14:18

Ready to radicalize: Thousands of Brazilians protest govt spending on World Cup (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Just a week before the World Cup, around 12,000 protesters marched on Sao Paulo’s football stadium demanding low-income housing. At the same time the city’s Metro workers declared an indefinite strike, bringing Brazil’s largest city to a grinding halt.

05.06.2014 04:47

Extreme vertigo: 15 skywalker clips that will scare you to death (VIDEOS)
These stunning photos and videos were taken by daredevils addicted to extreme urban climbing who aren’t fazed by eye-watering heights of the world’s tallest buildings and monuments. Most of the climbers scaled the heights without any safety equipment.

04.06.2014 03:24

Dizzy, daring selfies snapped on top of Brazil's Christ the Redeemer statue (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A British travel company boss has taken the art of the selfie to new heights, when he got rare permission to climb to the top of Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue, and, once there, took a picture of himself sticking out of the statue’s head.

02.06.2014 11:38

Anonymous hacktivists plan massive attack on Brazilian World Cup sponsors – report
Amid mass demos and violence over extravagant World Cup spending showing little promise of return for an impoverished Brazil, Anonymous hackers plan a mass hack attack on the Cup’s sponsors, a source told Reuters.

31.05.2014 14:28

Brazilian World Cup host city battling dengue fever epidemic
Less than two weeks before the start of the 20th FIFA World Cup, the host city of Campinas is working to eradicate a deadly outbreak of dengue fever before the first teams arrive.

31.05.2014 12:04

World Cup protests continue in Brazil, snarl Rio traffic (PHOTOS)
Several demonstrations aimed at Brazil’s upcoming World Cup tournament took place in Rio de Janeiro on Friday, snarling traffic towards the city center.

31.05.2014 01:51

‘Need food, not football’: Brazilian graffiti art expresses outrage over World Cup (PHOTOS)
With just two weeks remaining until the World Cup kicks off in Brazil, those who believe the global event is too much of a burden for the country’s struggling economy have found a new way to channel their protest energy – with graffiti.

29.05.2014 15:46

Brazilian police clash with indigenous groups protesting World Cup (PHOTOS)
Police in Brasilia responded with tear gas when anti-World Cup demonstrators, about half of which were indigenous peoples, marched on the Brazilian capital and briefly occupied the roof of the parliament building.

27.05.2014 21:10

Brazil prisoners take over 120 hostages - official
Prisoners in Brazil’s northeastern state of Sergipe took 122 hostages during a riot at the facility on Saturday, AFP quoted a prison official as saying. Four prison officers are among the hostages most of whom are relatives who were visiting the prison.

18.05.2014 03:56

Russia to exchange antidrug data with BRICS countries
Russia’s counter-drug agency is set to establish permanent ‘hot lines’ with the anti-narcotics police of BRICS member countries to exchange timely information and evaluate the influence of drug trafficking on the association’s member states.

17.05.2014 11:01

Viral video of gun-toting Brazilian football gangs freaks World Cup organizers
Just when you thought Brazil’s upcoming football World Cup could not get any more negative press, a video of armed Rio gangsters emptying whole clips into the air at a local favela (slum) game to celebrate a goal went viral.

15.05.2014 10:42

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