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Canadian model hits Chechen airwaves
Chechen TV has enlisted the help of a Canadian model who now hosts a weekly English-language news program.

June 09, 2009 08:55

Anti-terrorist drive in Chechnya in full swing
Police and special forces are scouring the forests of the Caucasus in a hunt for militants. The operation began two weeks ago following a bombing in the Chechen capital Grozny.

May 31, 2009 20:42

Chechen police maintain hunt for militants
Police in Russia's Republics of Chechnya and Ingushetia are continuing with their efforts to flush out the remaining militants hiding in forests along the Republics' border.

May 28, 2009 13:54

Police block militant gang in Chechen-Ingush border
As part of their special operation, police say they have surrounded a group of up to 30 militants in a forest on the border between the Russian republics of Chechnya and Ingushetia.

August 27, 2010 15:20

Four militants killed by police in Grozny shootout
Four suspected militants have been shot dead by police in the Chechen capital Grozny. The authorities claim they have foiled a series of planned terrorist attacks across Chechnya.

May 16, 2009 12:58

Suicide bomber kills two policemen and civilian in Chechnya
Two police officers and one civilian have been killed in Chechen capital Grozny by a suicide bomber near the Russian republic’s Interior Ministry building.

May 15, 2009 14:04

Religion to tackle drunk driving in Chechnya
The names of drunk drivers will now be voiced during Friday prayers, and then written on special banners put near the mosques of the Chechen republic, Russia’s Ria Novosti reports.

May 07, 2009 20:14

“I’ll resign when Chechnya prospers” – President
Ramzan Kadyrov says he’ll quit as Chechen president in 2019, when the republic “flourishes”. The leader says running a prosperous country wouldn’t interest him.

September 27, 2009 10:33

Interpol broadens wanted list for Chechen commander’s murder
Seven Russian citizens, including a parliament deputy, have been placed on Interpol’s wanted list on request of the United Arab Emirates in relation to the murder of a former Chechen military commander.

April 28, 2009 13:34

‘Oh, I’ve found those 70 kilos of TNT in the woods’
A local resident in Chechnya is to be awarded $US 44,000 for handing over to authorities 74 kilograms of TNT. He said he found them by chance.

April 23, 2009 14:03

End of counter-terrorism regime in Chechnya
The National Antiterrorism Committee has officially ended the antiterrorism regime in the Chechen Republic launched a decade ago.

January 21, 2010 00:33

“End of anti-terrorist operation in Chechnya is Kadyrov’s great success”
The end of Russia’s anti-terror operation in Chechnya is a great success for Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov and an indicator of stability in the republic, says Nadezhda Polshcha, an expert on the Caucasus.

April 16, 2009 15:39