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Parliamentary majority party supports bill on confiscation of terrorists’ property
A senior United Russia MP has said the parliamentary party is ready to support legislative changes introducing the confiscation of property as punishment for terrorism.

12.01.2015 13:38

Chechen leader blasts Europe over double standards on terrorism
The unprecedented public response to the Charlie Hebdo shootings in France could be organized by those who want to stir anti-Islamic sentiment and distract people from other problems, claims the leader of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov.

12.01.2015 08:12

‘Terrorists can’t be cured, only destroyed’ – Chechen leader
Ramzan Kadyrov has promised to step up security in the Chechen Republic and vowed the toughest punishment for those “who turn against Islam and their own people” by committing terrorist attacks.

22.12.2014 08:21

‘Terror has no religion’: MP urges ban on phrase ‘Islamic terrorist’ in mass media
A Russian lawmaker proposes a ban on expressions such as ‘Islamic terrorist’ and ‘Islamist militant’ in the mass media, claiming they give people the wrong impression about Islam and put ordinary believers at risk.

17.12.2014 08:36

Chechen attack: ‘terrorists get weapons from abroad, linked to Mideast groups’
The weapons used in Thursday’s terrorist attack in Chechnya came from abroad. The terrorists are linked to radical groups in the Middle East and are creating an extremely dangerous situation in the region, Alexander Nekrassov, political analyst, told RT.

05.12.2014 11:31

Defense ministry holds first conscription in 20 years in Chechnya
A first group of conscripts from Chechnya has recently started service in Russia’s Southern Federal District, making it the first time in decades that the troubled region has started sending its young men to the federal military forces.

17.11.2014 08:32

ISIS commander 'Omar the Chechen' allegedly killed
The Islamic State military commander "Omar the Chechen,” who threatened Russia with a jihadist onslaught, has been eliminated, said Chechnya's leader Ramzan Kadyrov. He posted a photo on Instagram which he says is proof.

13.11.2014 14:42

Crazy horse! Chechen leader asks Germany to say sorry to his nags
The head of the Chechen Republic has ironically called the refusal to pay prize money to his horses “a disgraceful page in Germany’s history” and added that German authorities will have to pay “multi-million compensation” over the scandal.

20.10.2014 08:01

170 kg of explosives destroyed in Russia's Dagestan
Russian security forces have prevented a series of potentially “resonant” terrorist attacks, destroying almost 170 kg of explosives in the southern Republic of Dagestan. Two policemen and a militant were killed in the operation.

06.10.2014 17:51

​A not so ‘frozen’ conflict in the South Caucasus
As the world is preoccupied with the events unfolding in Gaza and eastern Ukraine, another zone of conflict has flared up in the South Caucasus.

08.08.2014 14:53

‘Chechens in Donetsk?! I didn’t order it, tell me more’ – Kadyrov on CNN report
The head of Russia’s Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, denied allegations of Chechen fighters being sent to eastern Ukraine, spun by Western and pro-Kiev media. CNN even interviewed one man on the subject, claiming he was a “former Russian cop.”

26.05.2014 17:09

Politkovskaya killer suspect delivered guilty verdict by jury
A Moscow city court jury has found five men guilty of taking part in the murder of Russian investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya. One of the convicted men, a nephew of a Chechen crime lord, was named the reporter’s killer.

20.05.2014 19:04