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Weak and freezing, but alive
After several unsuccessful attempts, volunteers have found a missing boy in a deserted summer house. The youngster had spent three days without food and water before the rescue.

08.05.2011 15:56

Evacuation: tearing families apart, bringing people together
This year will mark the 66th anniversary of the end of WWII - but there are those who still vividly remember at what cost the victory was gained.

08.05.2011 04:38

“Log off from Facebook, Mom”
In the run up to Mothers’ Day in the US, children have called on their mothers to log off from the social network Facebook and pay some attention to them.

06.05.2011 14:46

Lost generation: ignorance of youth proves fertile ground for neo-Nazism
As Russia prepares to celebrate the defeat of the Nazis, many young people have fallen under the influence of the ideas their predecessors had died resisting. RT looked more closely at the issue of neo-Nazism in the country.

06.05.2011 14:40

Medvedev: Russian “Forrest Gump” could help change attitudes to disabled
Eager to make the country’s citizens more tolerant and helpful to disabled children, President Medvedev has suggested creating Russia’s own version of the film "Forrest Gump".

05.05.2011 17:22

Schoolgirl takes brutal revenge, watched by classmates with cameras
As revenge for a harmless joke, a teenage girl has severely beaten her friend. And while one was bashing the defenseless victim, others were shooting a horrifying video.

05.05.2011 14:58

Lax law enforcement drives outrage over pedophilia in Russia
A call is mounting in Russia to introduce chemical castration for pedophiles. Activists say the current laws are slack and allow criminals to re-offend. But there are those who believe castration is far from a quick fix to such a complex problem.

04.05.2011 05:17

Missing daughter of top oil exec found dead – report
The body of Viktoria Teslyuk, daughter of a senior manager of the oil giant Lukoil, has reportedly been found. The 16-year-old went missing in late March.

May 04, 2011 11:51

New generation of Russian cartoonists gets animated
Join RT on a trip around the wonderful world of Russian animation and meet its multi-colored cast of characters past and present.

02.05.2011 12:30

Drug addicts should not be treated like animals - social worker
Russian society needs more tolerance and social acceptance, says Tatyana Zadirako, the head of United Way of Russia charity, adding that the presidential drug initiative will not work without the involvement of the entire population.

28.04.2011 16:57

Lawmakers consider chemical castration for pedophiles
The Investigation Committee of Russia has suggested chemical castration for pedophiles. The Public Chamber supported the suggestion, while expressing indignation over the lenient terms pedophiles are currently receiving.

28.04.2011 15:58

Russia divided over drug tests for schoolchildren
Russian children who are barely in their teens could face drug tests at school as the country has a severe problem with the number of addicts – and most start their habit early.

28.04.2011 02:16