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Russia rolls out boxes for unwanted babies
A newly-installed baby box in Russia’s south has received its first-ever “parcel” – a newborn girl.

29.11.2011 17:30

‘Gay propaganda’ law none of US business – Russian FM official
Moscow has expressed its perplexity over the US attempts to interfere in Russia’s lawmaking process after America voiced its criticism about St. Petersburg legislation that outlaws so-called “gay propaganda”.

29.11.2011 14:49

200-lb third-grader placed in foster care for being too fat
County officials in Ohio saw a big problem with an 8-year-old child living in Cleveland Heights — the third grader, name withheld, was tipping the scales at over 200 pounds.

28.11.2011 20:12

Doll-makers give new life to US bogus babies
RT discovers why the business of making life-like dolls is anything but child's play.

28.11.2011 19:26

Weightlifting girl sets another world record
Twelve-year-old weightlifter Maryana Naumova has bench-pressed 75 kilograms, to add a ninth world record to her impressive tally.

24.11.2011 11:20

Russian kids to detox from energy drinks
Deputies from a Siberian republic are calling for a nationwide ban on the sale to children of energy drinks containing alcohol.

23.11.2011 17:50

Occupy Wall Street's first fatality (VIDEO)
A protester in Seattle, Washington aligned with Occupy Wall Street says that an assault from a cop last week has caused a miscarriage, which if true marks the first loss of life from police brutality since the demonstrations began two months ago.

22.11.2011 17:16

Manslaughter of foster kid lands US couple on Russia’s wanted list
The country may issue an international arrest warrant for an American couple who killed their Russian-born adoptive son.

21.11.2011 17:37

Deaf in Gaza: Learning to make themselves heard
Even the daily routine of going to school is associated with breaking the blockade in Gaza. Education is seen as vital, and education for the deaf is no exception. Thus, the building of the Strip’s first secondary school for the deaf is a true milestone.

19.11.2011 09:21

Man U sign 5yo wunderkind
Manchester United have signed a contract with a five-year-old kid. Despite his parents being fans of the club’s biggest rivals Manchester City, they say they are proud of their boy.

16.11.2011 11:37

UK schools: Teachers out, troops in
A UK government still reeling from major riots is planning to get tough on gang culture by deploying soldiers in the nation’s schools. While the plan’s authors believe discipline is key, critics say the boot camps will only alienate kids further.

14.11.2011 06:41

‘Helping orphans is expat’s way to say thanks’
Aroma therapy at Domodedovo airport, expats’ efforts to help Russian orphans and a brand new laser designed to catch drunken drivers have attracted expats’ attention this week.

11.11.2011 20:33