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Sex doll stunt lands high schooler in jail
Imagine this scenario: You walk into the neighborhood sex shop, throw down 40 bucks on an inflatable, vinyl sex doll and then face felony charges as a terrorist. Unbelievable? Sure is.

06.07.2011 16:22

Women jailed for miscarriages
Four days after Chinese immigrant Bei Bei Shuai gave birth to her daughter Angel, she rocked the baby in her arms for hours in an Indianapolis hospital room. There, in her mother’s arms, the newborn passed away.

06.07.2011 14:58

Rugby unites Russian and Estonian kids
Relations between Estonians and Russians living in the Baltic state have been strained over the last decade. However, one man has come up with a novel way to get the two communities interacting again – rugby.

06.07.2011 09:26

Children of soldiers suffering with mental health problems
When it comes to waging war for the US military, many soldiers might feel that the longer the tour, the tougher the toll. Now a study shows that that might be exactly the case for the sons and daughters of active servicemen too.

05.07.2011 17:07

Moscow may get its own Disneyland
Eager to attract even more tourists to the Russian capital, the city’s authorities are considering an option to build a local version of Disneyland.

05.07.2011 17:05

Almost half the children in Fukushima test positive for radiation
Some 45 per cent of 1,080 children under 15 from the Japanese Fukushima Prefecture have tested positive for thyroid exposure to radiation, a nuclear watchdog report says.

05.07.2011 09:52

Butterfly children – forgotten by the state
They are the forgotten few - the Russian children suffering from a rare and incurable genetic disease. Up to now it has been all but ignored by the medical establishment, and mothers of young sufferers have been left with very little help.

05.07.2011 06:10

Finnish-ed! Russian mum kept from her son
Finnish police have confiscated the Finnish passport of Rimma Salonen, the Russian mother of a child illegally taken out of Russia by his Finnish father in spring 2009. The woman now cannot enter the country where her ex-husband keeps her son.

04.07.2011 18:33

“Facebook killer” dad gets life for murdering 2-year-old girl
An Australian man has received a life sentence for stabbing his two-year-old daughter and leaving her to die. He was dubbed the “Facebook killer”, as prior to the murder he announced his intention on the social network.

02.07.2011 10:54

Saakashvili closes down Russian schools in Georgia
The Georgian authorities have reportedly decided to purge Russia from the educational system as all Russian-speaking schools will be shut down.

01.07.2011 12:45

Cops beat, pepper spray and use Tasers on disabled boy
A 17-year-old mentally handicapped boy was opening the front door of his Dayton, Ohio home last week when police officers fired their Tasers at him before allegedly punching the disabled child in the chest and spraying him with mace.

30.06.2011 17:04

Breastfeeding moms fight back!
A Michigan metro worker took the “no eating or drinking rule” rather seriously last week when she booted a mother and her newborn son from a Taylor, MI bus for breastfeeding.

30.06.2011 14:46