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TNT surprise for kindergarten pupils
A cynical and cold-minded terror attack has hit a children’s playground in Russia’s Far East, outraging local residents.

August 02, 2011 10:17

Free education fails to close India’s social divide
More than a year has passed since the Indian government announced the unprecedented Right to Education Act, aimed at stamping out illiteracy and narrowing the country's socio-economic divide. However, the reform is facing tough challenges.

30.07.2011 06:07

Ex-DEA investigator gets 25 years for child porn
Ex-DEA Investigator, Scott James Whitcomb, was sentenced to 25 years in a federal penitentiary for producing child porn videos.

29.07.2011 19:44

Newborns hooked on painkillers is new American epidemic
It looks like the penchant for prescription drug addiction`doesn’t skip a generation.

29.07.2011 18:05

Congress wants to spy on everyone's Internet
Goodbye, civil liberties! The government is using a bill disguised as anti-child pornography legislation to allow them to start monitoring Web-usage of everyone.

29.07.2011 17:35

San Francisco split over circumcision
San Francisco is one of the most colorful cities in America. It’s also at front and center in the debate over circumcision.

29.07.2011 15:48

Police chief charged for sexual contact with underage boys
Wheeler, Wisconsin police chief, Gary Wayerski, has been taken in to custody as a suspect for second-degree sexual assault of a child, exposing a child to harmful substances and misconduct in public office.

28.07.2011 20:19

Polygamist leader fights sex abuse case
A whole lot of wives and a whole lot of trouble. Nonetheless, polygamist religious leader Warren Jeffs thinks he can take care of his own affairs and has dismissed the attorneys that had been representing him during his sexual assault trial.

28.07.2011 18:16

Foster parents to pay child support for abandoned kids
Under a new agreement signed by Russia and the US, American foster parents who abandon an adopted Russian minor will have to pay child support.

26.07.2011 16:28

Russians beating demographics with polygamy
When it comes to the dating game in Russia, it really is a man's world. There are 10 million more women than men in the country, forcing some to turn to unconventional methods to find love. Even if that means a sharing and compromise.

26.07.2011 04:35

Investigator arrested after releasing suspected child molester
A criminal case has been opened against an investigator who ordered the release of a suspected pedophile in the Amur region a week ago.

25.07.2011 16:59

Wrongfully jailed man wins $15.5 million
Ted White spent five years in prison. He was beaten behind bars in Costa Rica, went without seeing his kids for over a decade and the police officer that put him behind bars was having sex with his wife.

25.07.2011 16:58