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Denver teen convicted of trying to join ISIS gets 4 years in prison
​The first American to be convicted of trying to join the Islamic State was sentenced to four years in federal prison on Friday, though the teenage Muslim convert said she was manipulated and does not support violent jihad.

24.01.2015 02:47

​Freedom of expression ‘in danger’ as Talk Talk blocks online porn
Internet Service Provider (ISP) Talk Talk have followed the lead of Sky Broadband and blocked its users from viewing adult content by default.

23.01.2015 16:39

Gene causing stillbirth in late pregnancy identified
Scientists in Sweden have identified the gene that causes a syndrome affecting the muscles in a fetus. It lessens the movement of a baby in the uterus, reduces growth, deforms limbs and underdevelops lungs, which eventually causes late fetal death.

23.01.2015 15:18

​Police officer who kicked mother tending to sick child cleared
A police officer accused of repeatedly kicking and hitting a mother looking after a sick child in hospital has been cleared of actual bodily harm (ABH).

23.01.2015 15:25

Flight logs place Bill Clinton on sex offender’s jet multiple times – report
Flight logbooks show that former President Bill Clinton took more than a dozen flights on the private jet of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, according to a new report by Gawker.

23.01.2015 01:57

UK store Argos criticized for racism: ‘Nasty’ economic system slammed
​UK retailer Argos have been labelled “racist” after selling Asian and black dolls for £10 less than their white dolls.

22.01.2015 14:53

Patriarch seeks abortion ban in Russia in parliament speech
The head of the Russian Orthodox Church has called upon MPs to begin a campaign against abortions, starting with canceling state sponsorship for the procedure and aiming at a total nationwide ban.

22.01.2015 10:14

Big Pharma 'overcharging' poor countries for child vaccines - report
Doctors Without Borders has released a new report blasting two top pharmaceutical companies for inflated costs of vital vaccines that have proved too steep for poor nations, recommending they adjust prices in order to save lives.

21.01.2015 15:20

​Secret dossier on historic child abuse potentially seen by Thatcher - intelligence expert
A classified government file describing “unnatural” sexual activity occurring in Westminster circles in the early 1980s may have been seen by ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, an intelligence expert says.

21.01.2015 14:35

​Abuse inquiry barrister calls for removal of panel member
The senior barrister in charge of advising an historic sex abuse inquiry has asked for one of the panel members to be removed. This follows accusations he had bullied her and attempted to influence members of the panel.

21.01.2015 13:31

​British soldier accused of sexually abusing girl, 6, in Austria
The Austrian authorities have charged a serving member of the British Army for allegedly breaking into a family’s home and sexually abusing their six-year-old daughter.

21.01.2015 12:56

Police brutality activists angry Obama glossed over Ferguson ‘events’ in SOTU
President Barack Obama’s 2015 State of the Union address only briefly mentioned efforts to combat police brutality, but while he called for reform of the criminal justice system, many advocates for change criticized the brevity of his remarks.

21.01.2015 03:48