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‘An Audience With Jimmy Savile’ stage drama provokes mixed reviews
A new play, based around the lies and deceit of a ‘national treasure,’ the serial sex attacker Jimmy Savile, has raised questions about whether it’s right to turn such a chilling story into entertainment.

12.06.2015 14:39

Miami cop kills homeless man in park in front of dozens of kids
A Miami police officer shot and killed a homeless African-American man in front of up to 60 witnesses including children attending summer camp. Police officials said the violent suspect refused to drop a metal pipe he was holding.

12.06.2015 02:51

Michigan passes religious freedom law allowing adoption agencies to refuse gay couples
The Governor of Michigan has signed three bills giving publicly-funded adoption agencies the right to refuse to place children with same-sex parents if the agency objects on religious grounds.

11.06.2015 21:32

Russian 'ISIS recruit' girl returns to Moscow, to be questioned by police
Russian teenager Varvara Karaulova arrived in Moscow from Turkey, where she was caught allegedly en route to Syria to join the Islamic State. The girl will be questioned by Russian police, who will decide whether to open a criminal case against her.

11.06.2015 19:00

Teen arrested, linked to online gaming group known for swatting, bomb threats nationwide
Police in San Diego, California arrested a teenager for making bomb threats against an area high school. The minor was linked to an online gaming group responsible for bomb threats and “swatting” incidents in five other states and a Canadian province.

11.06.2015 18:23

‘Horrendously tortured’: Activists resist deportation of 22 y/o Sri Lankan Tamil
Trade unionists and campaigners will hold a protest on Friday in solidarity with a young South Yorkshire man who was “horrendously tortured” in Sri Lanka. Despite this trauma, he faces possible deportation by the UK government.

11.06.2015 12:45

Woman accused of locking child in hot car arrives at court, leaves kids in parked vehicle again…
A Virginia woman going to court to turn herself in and face charges for leaving a child in a hot car locked her kids in a vehicle outside the courthouse. She picked up an additional charge, has been arrested and denied bail.

11.06.2015 01:42

Idaho GOP wants bible as textbook for geology, biology at school
An Idaho Republican wants public schools to use the Bible as a reference book for such disparate subjects as art, geology, foreign languages and more. She even mentioned the Constitution and Bill of Rights ‒ specifically freedom of speech ‒ in her bid.

10.06.2015 23:12

10 Irish women a day forced to seek abortions in UK
Draconian abortion laws force at least 10 Irish women and girls to travel to Britain each day to legally end their pregnancy, new figures show.

10.06.2015 08:55

UN peacekeepers sexually abused hundreds of Haitian women & girls – report
UN peacekeepers deployed in Haiti engaged in “transactional” sexual relationships for food and medicine with over 200 women and underage girls, a draft report seen by the Associated Press suggests, noting that many cases of abuse remain underreported.

10.06.2015 01:34

Ohio activists ask judge for arrests in Tamir Rice case using obscure law
Cleveland community leaders are bypassing the criminal justice system and taking the law into their own hands in the death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, using an obscure Ohio statute to ask a judge to request murder charges against the officers who shot him.

09.06.2015 16:09

Solitary confinement suicides hit 9-year high, watchdog dubs practice ‘18th century’
Suicides among prisoners in solitary confinement have hit their highest level since 2004/5, with Britain’s prison watchdog warning jails to stop using “18th-century” punishments on convicts deemed disorderly or a danger to fellow inmates.

09.06.2015 14:56