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Russian dissident Bukovsky to go to UK court over child abuse image charges
A prominent member of the Russian dissident movement, who left the Soviet Union in 1976 and lives in Cambridge, Vladimir Bukovsky is now facing charges in Britain of creating and possessing indecent images of children.

27.04.2015 18:00

Black Lives Matter protesters take over Forever 21
A group of anonymous multi-racial Black Lives Matter protesters took over a Forever 21 store on Union Square, New York, on Sunday to raise awareness for the number of black kids who didn’t make it past the age of 21 because they were killed by police.

27.04.2015 17:04

ISIS claims issue of first ‘official’ birth certificate
A picture of a ‘babe in arms’ has been published on Twitter, depicting an infant with a gun, grenade and… allegedly the very first Islamic State birth certificate. The authenticity of the photo has not been confirmed by independent sources.

27.04.2015 05:15

Over 200 kids with mental health problems locked up by police
More than 200 children suffering from mental health problems were locked up by the police in the UK last year. This was due to a lack of hospital beds, while some of them were as young as 12, according to figures seen by The Independent on Sunday.

26.04.2015 17:44

115 children killed in month of Saudi-led operation in Yemen – UN
At least 115 children have been killed and 172 injured in Yemen as the Saudi-led operation against Shiite Houthi militia forces enters its fifth week, UN agency said, adding that the total number of the dead and wounded kids may be even higher.

25.04.2015 05:51

​Not again! Barbie maker’s ‘Nazi Poland’ game outrages Warsaw days after FBI chief blunder
One of the world’s largest toy manufacturers – American company Mattel, known as the producer of Barbie dolls and toy Disney characters - raised a storm of indignation in Poland, as one of its latest card games contains the phrase ‘Nazi Poland’.

24.04.2015 16:58

​Stage collapse at high school sends students to hospital (VIDEO)
More than a dozen people were injured at a high school in Indiana when a stage collapsed in the middle of a musical performance.

24.04.2015 13:45

Arms maker BAE Systems takes control of failing school
Europe’s largest arms manufacture BAE Systems has become the main sponsor of an under-performing school in the North West of England.

24.04.2015 09:53

Heat or eat? Fuel bank scheme to assist families crippled by poverty
Poverty-stricken families who face the dilemma of whether to heat their homes or go hungry will be given free fuel vouchers under a new pilot scheme so they can afford to meet soaring energy bills in a climate of ongoing austerity.

24.04.2015 11:26

The secret country again wages war on its own people
Australia has again declared war on Indigenous people, reminiscent of the brutality that brought global condemnation on apartheid South Africa. Aboriginal people are to be driven from homelands where their communities have lived for thousands of years.

22.04.2015 16:24

‘Running can cause virginity loss’: Aussie Islamic school refutes allegations of odd claim
An Islamic college in Australia is denying allegations its principal forbade female students from running in a cross-country race because he was convinced they would “lose their virginity.”

23.04.2015 08:09

200 body bags on Brighton beach highlight scale of Mediterranean migrant crisis
Human rights activists laid out hundreds of body bags on Brighton beach on Wednesday in a symbolic act of protest against Britain’s “shameful response” to the Mediterranean’s rapidly escalating migrant crisis.

22.04.2015 14:47