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Armed citizen militias build up along US-Mexico border
Armed militias continue to patrol the United States-Mexico border seeking to repel any migration north, but critics warn that these self-styled ‘freedom defenders’ lingering on private land represent a powder keg that could have “disastrous” consequences.

10.09.2014 14:12

MPs investigate police failure in Rotherham child abuse scandal
The police chief at the center of the Rotherham child abuse scandal has admitted to MPs that he had “singularly failed” victims and that he had “no idea what was going on” during his time leading South Yorkshire Police.

10.09.2014 09:23

Polio epidemic fears as Ukraine’s vaccine stockpiles dry up
Ukraine may face epidemics of preventable diseases like polio due to a government failure to stockpile vaccines and organize inoculation, the UN’s health body warned. The shortage is aggravated by devaluation and a planned ban on Russian drugs.

10.09.2014 06:11

​Up to 700 Iraqi children killed, maimed or used as suicide bombers this year – UN envoy
Up to 700 children have been killed, mutilated, or used as suicide bombers in Iraq since the beginning of the year, UN envoy Leila Zerrougui said while briefing the Security Council on violations of children’s rights in armed conflicts worldwide.

09.09.2014 00:22

‘Terror update:’ Controversial anti-ISIS coloring book featuring tortures hits stores
A US publishing company has chosen to teach children about the crimes of the Islamic State group in a coloring book. The company’s co-founder, who spoke to RT’s Gayane Chichakyan, believes the project is justified as it “tells the truth.”

06.09.2014 06:11

120 million girls, 10% worldwide sexually abused – UNICEF report
One in ten girls under the age of 20, or about 120 million across the globe, have been sexually abused, according to the latest conservative figures by UNICEF.

06.09.2014 07:51

​Beslan’s youngest survivor and her rescuer meet 10 years after tragedy
This image has been seen by millions around the world – a special forces officer takes a six-month girl to safety out of the besieged school in Russia’s Beslan, North Ossetia. Ten years later, Rossiyskaya Gazeta has found the baby and her savior.

06.09.2014 11:30

‘Wrong trousers’ land Newcastle school kids with 8-hour detention
Over 100 children were forced to sit in detention in the UK, for simply wearing the wrong trousers. The incident happened at a school in Newcastle, where the kids were forced to miss classes for up to eight hours, local media report.

06.09.2014 10:15

Nearly 500 arrested as fast-food workers go on strike across the US (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Nearly 500 protesters were arrested in three dozen US cities on Thursday as fast-food workers and supporters staged sit-ins and acts of civil disobedience nationwide to call attention to their low wages and lack of union representation.

05.09.2014 14:04

US child homicide rate leads West - UNICEF
The US leads Western nations in child homicide rates, while millions of children around the world are threatened with physical, sexual and emotional abuse, including murder, rape and bullying, a new UNICEF report revealed.

05.09.2014 06:16

Illegal immigrants make 10% of California’s workforce, staying in US longer
There were 11.3 million unauthorized immigrants in the US in March 2013, including some 2.6 million living in California ‒ which makes up 10 percent of the state’s workforce, according to two new studies released Wednesday.

05.09.2014 03:38

Riot erupts in Nashville juvenile jail after prison break (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Two dozen teens broke out of a common area at a Nashville juvenile detention center late Wednesday, wandering around the yard inside the facility’s fencing with wooden sticks and fire extinguishers. On Monday, 32 teens escaped the same facility.

04.09.2014 14:07

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