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Obama administration asserts NYT reporter must testify against source
The US Department of Justice has reasserted its view that New York Times reporter James Risen cannot claim First Amendment privilege in refusing to testify in a leak case allegedly stemming from a former CIA officer.

28.08.2013 02:07

Hacker pleads guilty to selling FBI 'supercomputer' secrets
A Pennsylvania man affiliated with the Underground Intelligence Agency hacker collective has pleaded guilty in connection to selling access to US Energy Department servers he infiltrated illegally.

28.08.2013 01:54

Conviction overturned after police illegally paralyze man, administer invasive probe
Police violated a suspect’s Fourth Amendment rights when, in an attempt to find drugs on his person, they temporarily paralyzed him and administered an anal probe, a US federal court has ruled.

28.08.2013 00:09

NYPD officer charged with multiple felonies for unlawful arrest of New York Times photographer
The New York City police officer that arrested a New York Times photographer has been indicted on three felony counts and five misdemeanor counts for fabricating the cause of the arrest.

27.08.2013 20:20

Manning ready to pay for hormone therapy - attorney
Chelsea Manning, the whistleblower formerly known as Bradley Manning who announced she wanted to live as a woman after being sentenced to 35 years in jail, is ready to pay for her hormone therapy, her lawyer said.

27.08.2013 09:30

Aryan Brotherhood paid prison guards to overlook gang activity - lawsuit
Staff at a Kentucky prison are not only complicit in gang activity but earn a cut of the Aryan Brotherhood’s profits in exchange for allowing the white supremacist gang to operate inside the facility, an inmate claims in a new federal lawsuit.

26.08.2013 21:59

Former-Salt Lake City mayor wants to sue NSA over 2002 Olympics surveillance
Rocky Anderson, the former mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah and last year’s Justice Party nominee for president, says he plans to sue the United States government over the illegal collection of private emails ahead of the 2002 Olympics.

26.08.2013 16:26

‘Back to the 19th century’: Mysterious techno breakdown hits Gitmo 9/11 tribunal
Defense lawyers for Guantanamo detainees asked the judge in the military tribunal on Friday to suspend pretrial hearings as mysterious computer glitches are just the latest technological setbacks to complicate the legal proceedings.

24.08.2013 08:04

Hacker accuses US government of tricking Anonymous into attacking foreign targets
Just as a former member of Anonymous accuses the United States government of coercing hackers to do their dirty work in America’s cyberwars, the sentencing hearing for the group’s alleged ex-ringleader has been mysteriously delayed yet again.

23.08.2013 14:29

US soldier gets life in prison without release for killing 16 Afghans
A military jury has sentenced the United States soldier responsible for the ambush on two Afghan villages last year that left 16 civilians dead to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

23.08.2013 18:20

Manning case won't scare whistleblowers, they will find safer ways
Private Manning was wise to reveal her gender identity issues after the court ended as she avoided biases, former ethic adviser for DoJ Jesselyn Radack told RT. She says her organization deals with “streams of whistleblowers” ready to tell the truth.

23.08.2013 15:59

New Zealand has direct access to US surveillance
New Zealand’s police and intelligence services have direct access to US surveillance systems such as PRISM, to monitor email and capture various data traffic, according to police affidavits in connection with the raid on Kim Dotcom’s mansion.

23.08.2013 13:11