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Obama defends NSA programs during rare White House press conference
United States President Barack defended the surveillance tactics used by the National Security Agency during a rare press conference from the White House on Friday in which he denied allegations that the NSA has abused those programs.

20.12.2013 19:46

Canada's top court lifts restrictions on prostitution
Canada’s Supreme Court struck down three of the country’s anti-prostitution laws on Friday, including bans on brothels and street solicitation, finding that they violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and violated sex workers’ safety.

20.12.2013 21:28

Foreign investors 'do not care much about Khodorkovsky'
The pardon for Mikhail Khodorkovsky has divided experts over the economic implications of his release, while some consider it to be insignificant for the business climate; others claim that investment in Russia would increase.

20.12.2013 14:19

Khodorkovsky release and Russia's quest to nip offshore cash leaks
Once Russia’s richest oil execs, Mikhail Khodorkovsky has been released from prison, cutting his sentence short. The move signals President Putin is serious about returning foreign investment to Russia and cracking down on capital flight.

19.12.2013 12:42

​Fracking opponents in Pennsylvania dealt rare victory by state court
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a 2012 fracking law allowing gas companies to drill anywhere in the state without regard to local zoning laws is unconstitutional.

19.12.2013 22:55

Why did Putin decide to release Khodorkovsky now?
Sochi Olympics, a PR stunt, a response to calls within society, or even a mistake: RT spoke with analysts to find out possible reasons behind Putin’s decision to pardon Khodorkovsky – and its likely consequences.

19.12.2013 17:35

Florida couple forced to uproot their 17-year-old organic garden
After 17 years of managing an organic vegetable garden in their front yard, a Miami Shores, Florida couple was forced to remove it due to a zoning violation.

19.12.2013 19:58

Many dolphins in the vicinity of BP spill ‘not expected to survive’ – study
Dolphins swimming in the Gulf of Mexico near where a massive BP oil spill occurred in 2010 are showing signs of sickness so serious that many are not expected to survive, a new study has determined.

19.12.2013 02:28

TBP World Tour: Pirate Bay now in Guyana as Peru cuts off domain without warning
The world’s most famous torrent website, the Pirate Bay, is continuing it’s forced "world tour" and has moved for the fourth time in a week. The site popped-up in Guyana a day after Peru suspended the site’s domain name without prior notice.

18.12.2013 22:17

Ex-CIA chief: Amnesty for Snowden idiotic, he ‘should be hanged by his neck'
​A former head of the Central Intelligence Agency has said that anyone thinking about granting NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden amnesty is out of their mind and that Snowden should be “hanged” if he is ever convicted of treason.

18.12.2013 20:38

White House releases recommendations for limiting NSA programs
A review board established by the White House to investigate the National Security Agency’s controversial surveillance operations believes that the NSA should make drastic changes to its bulk phone data collection program.

18.12.2013 18:49

Accused 9/11 conspirator kicked out of Gitmo court for complaining about torture
A Yemeni national accused of helping plan the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks was ejected three times from a courtroom at the United States military base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba this week during pretrial hearings.

18.12.2013 17:14