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High court orders California to release thousands of prisoners
On Tuesday, the US Supreme Court rejected an appeal to halt the early release of thousands of California prison inmates by the end of the year.

16.10.2013 16:08

Top opposition figure Navalny dodges prison with 5yr suspended sentence
Prominent opposition figure Aleksey Navalny and co-defendant Pyotr Ofitserov have been given a suspended sentence in their embezzlement trial. Navalny has indicated that his team is going to appeal the sentence.

16.10.2013 07:08

Florida police to monitor cars driving near prostitution areas
Police in Florida have begun using surveillance methods to prevent prostitution by recording license plate information from cars that drive through areas frequented by sex workers and sending a letter to that individual’s home as a possible deterrent.

16.10.2013 00:25

Ex-mayor of San Diego pleads guilty to false imprisonment, battery
Former San Diego, California mayor Bob Filner pleaded guilty to felony false imprisonment and misdemeanor battery on Tuesday less than two months after he resigned from office amid a widespread sex scandal.

15.10.2013 16:13

Israel revises children’s arrest tactics, but violations continue – UNICEF
Israel’s army is introducing reforms to how it arrests Palestinian children in the West Bank, the UN Children's Fund said. The move comes amid international criticism after revelations of widespread mistreatment of detained Palestinian children.

15.10.2013 00:49

NSA harvesting hundreds of millions of personal email contact lists - report
The National Security Agency is logging hundreds of millions of email and instant messaging contacts belonging to Americans and others around the world, according to a report based on documents provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

15.10.2013 00:02

No stardom, but arrest: Belgium tricks Somali chief pirate with documentary promise
Belgium has arrested a notorious Somali pirate after luring him to Brussels with a promise to shoot a documentary about his life on the high seas. Mohamed Abdi Hassan, known as Big Mouth, was detained after he stepped of a flight from Nairobi.

14.10.2013 19:10

GCHQ ‘intercepts’ privileged emails of Libyans suing UK over rendition
A complaint saying UK intel agency GCHQ intercepted legal advice strictly privileged to be kept private has been lodged by lawyers representing two Libyan families. Their clients claim they were rendered to Gaddafi’s Libya by UK agents for torture.

14.10.2013 18:18

Libyan Al-Qaeda suspect suffering from serious illness to be charged in New York
The Libyan man US Special Forces captured from the streets of Tripoli over his suspected involvement with Al-Qaeda terror attacks has been transferred to New York to stand trial but is reportedly hospitalized due to a life-threatening medical condition.

14.10.2013 18:16

#Justice4Daisy: Anonymous threatens to go after alleged rapists
Anger is mounting after the cover-up by local officials of an alleged rape of two teenage girls in Missouri has been exposed. Meanwhile, internet vigilantes aligned with Anonymous are readying to work the case themselves.

14.10.2013 14:43

Chevron fights dirty $18 bln Ecuador pollution case
On Tuesday, Chevron begins a racketeering trial, accusing New York attorney Steven Donzinger of using fraudulent means to win an $18 billion pollution verdict against the oil company in Ecuador. But its opponents say the firm is faking its case.

14.10.2013 16:58

Iran holds trial of suspected Israeli ‘spies’
A group of supposed Israeli spies went on trial in Iran on Saturday. The group led by three people was charged with recruiting 60 Iranians and plotting against the government of the Islamic republic, said a judge as quoted by a local news agency.

13.10.2013 17:03