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Appeals court upholds stop-and-frisk ruling, ending Bloomberg’s final attempt at reversal
A federal appeals court declined Friday to block the decision by a district court judge that the New York Police Department’s stop-and-frisk policy is unconstitutional, marking an end to outgoing Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s bid to reverse the ruling.

22.11.2013 22:01

Panicking lawmakers request federal help against spreading 'knockout' game
Violent “knockout” attacks – where people randomly approach strangers on the street and punch them in the head – are spreading across the United States, and New York State lawmakers are asking the federal government for help.

22.11.2013 18:19

29 Arctic Sunrise crewmembers granted bail, leaving custody
All but one of the 30 Greenpeace activists detained after a protest at Russia’s Prirazlomnaya oil rig in September have been granted bail, and over half of them have left custody. They will stay in Russia until legal proceedings are concluded.

22.11.2013 09:57

FBI, using secretive DITU department, aids NSA’s surveillance work
While much of the American public and international community have expressed alarm at the far-reaching US National Security Agency’s surveillance programs, the FBI has quietly avoided scrutiny while carrying out intelligence programs of its own.

22.11.2013 04:01

Washington newspaper accuses Coast Guard of illegally seizing reporter’s notes
A Washington news organization has filed a court motion asking a federal judge to order the US Coast Guard to turn over the documents it confiscated from a reporter’s house when Coast Guard officials were conducting an unrelated search of the home.

22.11.2013 02:41

Silk Road founder ordered six murder-for-hire plots, prosecutors say
Prosecutors have accused Ross Ulbricht of negotiating six murders-for-hire plots in their response to a bail request from the alleged Silk Road owner. None of the murders were carried out, yet the court filing mentions four previously unknown plots.

21.11.2013 20:25

Man who dreamed of all-white town becomes victim of white supremacists
Craig Cobb’s goal of de-integrating Leith, North Dakota and turning it into an all-white enclave has hit a substantial roadblock: He’s been arrested and charged with terrorizing residents.

21.11.2013 17:56

Teen spends 3 years in infamous New York jail without ever being convicted
A young Bronx teenager spent three years in the infamously violent Rikers Island prison complex without ever being convicted of a crime.

21.11.2013 15:54

'Bunga Bunga' director: Court details Berlusconi's 'underage sex' case
A court in Milan said that former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi had sexual relations with underage dancer Ruby “in exchange for considerable sums of money and other items." The court released a document explaining the 7-year sentence handed down in June.

21.11.2013 12:01

Immunity for US troops in Afghanistan reveals colonial nature of Security Pact
The US will insist that an Afghan Security Pact includes immunity for crimes committed by its soldiers in the country, highlighting the colonial nature of its intervention, Michael Prysner, an Iraq veteran and anti-war activist, told RT.

21.11.2013 09:11

BP 'trolls' accused of threatening oil spill critics on Facebook
BP is embroiled in a new controversy after accusations that the British corporation hired a public relations firm to harass and intimidate Facebook users who condemned the company for its handling of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

21.11.2013 00:22

Court requires ISPs to ‘police the entire internet’ to combat Pirate Bay proxies
The Supreme Court of Belgium has ordered internet service providers throughout the nation to begin proactive efforts to search and censor proxy services for the Pirate Bay, the most popular file-sharing site in the world.

20.11.2013 22:11