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US government accused of spying on 9/11 attorneys
Detainees being held at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility and their defense attorneys are accusing both the United States government and Gitmo guards alike this week of infringing on the inmates’ rights by conducting illegal surveillance.

14.02.2013 19:14

'Prisoner X' took part in Mossad operation of killing Hamas operative in Dubai?
Another layer has been added to Israel’s ‘Prisoner X’ spy story, as new details shed light on Ben Zygier’s dealings with Mossad. An Israeli lawyer says the man – who took his own life in a jail cell – did not seem like he was at risk of suicide.

14.02.2013 18:25

Authorities must not politically discriminate against protesters – Constitutional Court
Top Russian court has ruled the law on rallies is in line with the constitution, but reminded officials that it must be applied equally to representatives of all political views.

14.02.2013 09:10

Petition to remove prosecutor in Aaron Swartz case up for White House response
A petition to the White House requesting the removal of Aaron Swartz’s prosecutor before his death has surpassed 25,000 signatures – which means the Obama administration must reply. It comes one month after the internet activist committed suicide.

13.02.2013 20:48

Monsanto takes home $23mln from small farmers, seeks to maintain 'seed oligarchy'
Seed giant Monsanto has won more than $23 million from hundreds of small farmers accused of replanting the company’s genetically engineered seeds. Now, another case is looming – and it could set a landmark precedent for the future of seed ownership.

13.02.2013 17:11

New York town bans fracking discussions
The small New York town of Sanford has enraged environmental groups by prohibiting all discussion of natural gas drilling at town board meetings and is now facing a lawsuit for violating free speech rights.

13.02.2013 16:57

UK court deems unpaid labor program unlawful
The UK’s unpaid labor program administered under the workfare scheme has been deemed illegal by the country’s High Court after a student filed a case against what critics have called 'modern day slavery' aimed at tackling unemployment in the UK.

13.02.2013 03:59

Trial of 9/11 mastermind delayed over spy allegations
The trial of five men accused of direct involvement in September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the US has been postponed until Tuesday as the defense team argued that the US government is spying on it, violating attorney-client confidentiality.

12.02.2013 03:06

NYPD officer who sexually assaulted teacher beats rape conviction
A New York police officer who brutally sodomized and inflicted oral sex upon a schoolteacher at gunpoint has not been convicted of rape, despite DNA evidence and witness testimonies about the violent attack.

11.02.2013 21:43

Blacks and Whites both accuse Disneyland of racism
Mickey and his pals have some explaining to do. After going public last week with a discrimination lawsuit he’s waging against Disneyland, a California attorney says he’s hearing all sorts of allegations about employees of the amusement park.

11.02.2013 20:42

Egypt bans YouTube over Innocence of Muslims video
An Egyptian court has ruled to ban video sharing portal YouTube for one month among the other websites hosting the controversial film trailer that mocked Islam and Prophet Mohammed.

09.02.2013 16:01

Assange to White House staff: ‘Leak drone killing rules’
Julian Assange addressed US officials on a popular TV channel, urging them to disclose to WikiLeaks the secret instructions on how decisions on eliminating American citizens using drones are being taken. Source confidentiality guaranteed.

09.02.2013 13:25

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