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Bitcoin companies engage in multi-million lawsuit
The world’s most popular Bitcoin exchange is being sued for $75 million by a Washington state startup that says a contract between the two digital currency companies has been breached.

03.05.2013 14:29

Pakistani prosecutor in Bhutto assassination case killed in drive-by shooting
A Pakistani state murder prosecutor working on the assassination case of former PM Benazir Bhutto, has been shot dead in Islamabad. Anonymous gunmen intercepted Chaudhry Zulfiqar’s car in a middle-class neighborhood, riddling it with bullets.

03.05.2013 05:33

Former Reagan assistant faces child pornography charges
A former Assistant Secretary of Defense and Special Assistant to former US president Ronald Reagan has been charged with two counts of possessing and reproducing child pornography.

03.05.2013 01:43

Secret US court approved every single domestic spying request in 2012
The United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court quietly rubber stamped nearly 2,000 government requests to search or electronically monitor people in the United States last year, according to a Justice Department report published this week.

02.05.2013 22:16

LAPD not liable for shooting death of unarmed teenager, court rules
The Los Angeles Police Department will not be held liable in the shooting death of an unarmed 19-year-old killed last year when officers fired upwards of 100 rounds at him following a high-speed pursuit.

02.05.2013 14:38

North Korea sentences American to 15 years hard labor
North Korea’s Supreme Court has sentenced Kenneth Bae, an American citizen, to 15 years' hard labor on charges that he committed crimes against the state.

02.05.2013 03:23

US lawyers preparing drone law database as authorities 'make up the rules as they go along'
As Washington increases its reliance on drone warfare overseas, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is preparing a legal fight at home by setting up a database to protect Americans who could face charges thanks to drone surveillance.

02.05.2013 00:15

George Zimmerman waives 'Stand your ground' defense
George Zimmerman has given up his right to a pretrial hearing, foregoing the opportunity for a hearing in which he could possibly be deemed immune from prosecution of the murder charges he faces.

01.05.2013 16:37

Furious Bloomberg claims NYPD is 'under attack' over stop-and-frisk
During a Tuesday speech to New York City Police Department brass, Mayor Michael Bloomberg equated critics of the controversial stop-and-frisk policy, which is the subject of an ongoing federal lawsuit, with an unruly mob.

30.04.2013 22:07

Unabomber lawyer to defend suspected Boston terrorist Tsarnaev
The defense team representing accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has recruited a noted anti-death penalty attorney to assist with fighting federal terrorism charges.

30.04.2013 16:06

Female soldier gets jail time for fleeing to Canada
A US soldier and pregnant mother of four has been sentenced to 10 months in military prison for refusing to serve in Iraq and fleeing to Canada.

30.04.2013 16:00

European HR Court blasts former Ukrainian PM’s arrest as illegal
The European Court of Human Rights has recognized as illegal the arrest of former Ukrainian PM Yulia Tymoshenko, but refused to look into her claims of torture.

30.04.2013 11:46