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Texas troopers charged for roadside body cavity search
Two Texas state troopers responsible for a roadside body cavity search of two women have been indicted on charges of sexual assault and oppression. One of the troopers was also charged with theft for taking one of the victim’s prescription medications.

25.03.2013 19:58

Germany’s Pirate Party accuses govt of using ‘unconstitutional’ spyware
Germany’s Pirate Party has accused the country’s Federal Criminal Police of spending millions on what it deems to be unconstitutional spyware. The party’s vice president says state spyware is not allowed in Germany.

25.03.2013 16:46

Twitter sued for $50m after refusing to reveal anti-Semitic tweeter identities
The Union of Jewish French Students (UEJF) has sued Twitter and is pursuing further court action after the social networking site declined to expose names of anti-Semitic tweet authors, despite a French court ruling commanding their identification.

24.03.2013 05:54

N. Dakota pushes abortion ban: ‘Life begins at conception’
North Dakota legislatures have passed toughest anti-abortion resolution, asking the public to decide whether the state constitution should define life as beginning at conception. If approved, state-wide abortions will be outlawed.

23.03.2013 06:43

White House to argue for GPS tracking without a warrant
Lawyers for the Obama administration will argue next week that US authorities are not required to obtain a search warrant before attaching a GPS device to an individual’s car in order to keep tabs on them.

22.03.2013 22:38

Second NYPD officer testifies on stop-and-frisk quotas, racial targeting
Following a leaked recording seeming to prove the existence of an NYPD arrest quota system, a second police officer has come forward to explain to a federal judge why he decided to record his superiors as they directed him to increase “stop-and-frisks.”

22.03.2013 22:28

Punxsutawney Phil might face execution for wrong weather forecast
Groundhog Phil might have made a fatal mistake when he predicted that spring will come early this year. Disturbed by the rodent’s false forecast, an Ohio prosecutor has filed court documents seeking the death penalty for Punxsutawney Phil.

22.03.2013 19:12

Windows open: Microsoft reveals tens of thousands of users data disclosed
Microsoft received 75,378 government requests in 2012 to disclose user information, a report reveals. The company joins the likes of Google, which handed over troves of user data to governments last year, raising concerns over privacy violations.

22.03.2013 10:32

MIT to release redacted Swartz file after family's request
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has announced that it will release documents on the case against Aaron Swartz, whose January suicide came before his trial for allegedly downloading a trove of articles from an online database was to begin.

21.03.2013 22:53

Supreme Court approves $222k fine for 24 illegally downloaded songs
US Supreme Court judges have turned down an appeal from a woman who was ordered to pay $222,000 for illegally downloading 24 songs on the now defunct file sharing service Kazaa. The White House advised the court to side with the recording industry.

21.03.2013 01:50

US ‘abandoning its constitutional principles’ on Gitmo
As the Pentagon confirmed the number of Guantanamo Bay prisoners on hunger strike has doubled since last week, former congressman Dennis Kucinich told RT the situation highlights a failure to confront decisions made in the heat of the US War on Terror.

21.03.2013 01:00

N. Zealand govt may overhaul spy service after Dotcom ‘stuff up’
New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key has said the country’s spy agency could be in for a shake up after illegally spying on Megaupload magnate Kim Dotcom. Key described the affair as a “stuff up,” while his rivals allege a cover up.

20.03.2013 11:09

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