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‘US govt uses classification as excuse to silence whistleblowers’
John Kiriakou, an ex-CIA agent, was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for revealing the torture program at Guantanamo. Activist Sibel Edmonds told RT he became a victim of witch-hunt while hundreds of intentional leaks are not prosecuted.

26.01.2013 13:30

Over 30 dead, army deployed in Egypt as riot flares up in Port Said after stadium stampede death sentences (PHOTOS)
32 people have been killed, including two policemen, and more than 300 injured during a riot in Egypt’s Port Said. The army has since been deployed, where a crowd attempted to storm a prison after death sentences were handed out for a past riot.

26.01.2013 08:26

Antigua set to bypass US copyright law with WTO green-lit media, software sales website
In a surprisingly legal move, the government of Antigua is planning to open a website selling media and software without paying any fees to American copyright holders. It comes after the US closed its market to Antiguan gambling companies.

26.01.2013 04:37

Ex-CIA officer Kiriakou gets 30-months prison for intel leak
CIA veteran John Kiriakou has been sentenced to over two years in jail for leaking the identity of an agent. Kiriakou argues he is actually being prosecuted for coming clean over torture practices in the CIA and “going against the grain.”

25.01.2013 10:30

Feds after Anonymous' Barrett Brown again, this time on evidence charge
Former self-declared Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown has found himself indicted on federal charges in the US for the third time in four months. This time officials charge the hacker with hiding evidence during a March 2012 raid on his apartment.

25.01.2013 02:01

Kim Dotcom wants to encrypt half of the internet to end government surveillance (FULL RT INTERVIEW)
In an in-depth interview, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom discusses the investigation against his now-defunct file-storage site, his possible extradition to the US, the future of Internet freedoms and his latest project Mega with RT’s Andrew Blake.

25.01.2013 00:10

Woman injured in Empire State Building shooting sues NYPD
The NYPD is facing a lawsuit from a woman who was injured in a police shootout outside of the Empire State Building in New York last summer. The 32-year-old was crossing the street when a stray bullet wounded her and eight other bystanders.

24.01.2013 19:19

­Avatar director Cameron sued over film screenplay… again
A US Court has ruled Avatar director James Cameron has to hand over drafts of the screenplay in another legal dispute over the origins of the story.

24.01.2013 14:15

­Berezovsky court saga: Oligarch sued by ex-lover demanding millions
Exiled Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky faces just another lawsuit - his ex-lover demands almost US$8 million compensation. The UK court ordered to freeze oligarch’s assets, worth millions, in order to make the payment if he loses the case.

24.01.2013 12:36

NYPD to restart 'stop and frisk'
A Manhattan judge said she will allow the NYPD’s “stop-and-frisk” program to go on in the Bronx until she comes up with a solution to prevent police officers from violating the rights of their subjects.

23.01.2013 21:42

Air Force appalled by the number of sex assaults
A US Air Force general has referred to sexual misconduct within the service as a “cancer”, shedding new light on the extent of the problem in wake of a sex scandal that occurred at the Air Force training headquarters.

23.01.2013 20:48

US Navy fined for 'illegal entry' at Philippines coral reef
The Philippines government has fined the US Navy for unlawfully entering and damaging a World-Heritage listed coral reef aboard the USS Guardian, even after receiving radio warnings by park rangers to avoid the reef.

22.01.2013 18:38

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