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Another botched execution? Arizona inmate took 2 hours to die
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer ordered a full review of the execution of Joseph Wood. The death row inmate remained alive, gasping for breath, for nearly two hours after the state began the execution.

23.07.2014 23:17

Supreme Court upholds Ariz. death row drug secrecy, clears inmate execution
The US Supreme Court has upheld Arizona’s secrecy surrounding its lethal-injection drugs, ultimately clearing the Wednesday execution of a death row inmate.

23.07.2014 15:05

Jury deliberates in Jesse Ventura defamation suit against 'American Sniper'
Closing arguments ended and a jury began deliberating in former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura’s defamation lawsuit against the estate of ‘American Sniper’ author Chris Kyle. Both men were US Navy SEALs.

22.07.2014 20:48

Google to face lawsuit over providing consumer data to advertisers
A federal judge has denied Google Inc’s attempt to dismiss a privacy lawsuit brought against the technology giant for commingling user data across its different products and offering that data to advertisers without permission.

22.07.2014 18:06

Green light to Alexander Litvinenko death public inquiry
A public inquiry has been ordered into the death of former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko, who died in 2006 in a London hospital after he was poisoned with radioactive polonium.

22.07.2014 09:55

FBI entrapped suspects in almost all high-profile terrorism cases in US
A new report by Human Rights Watch accuses the FBI of using sting operations to entrap informants, creating terrorists out of law-abiding individuals and targeting American Muslims in the agency’s counterterrorism investigations.

21.07.2014 18:41

Ohio village threatens Iraq war vet over therapy ducks
An Iraq war veteran who purchased ducks for physical and mental therapeutic purposes is now facing a citation and a hearing over the birds, as the village of West Lafayette, Ohio prohibits ownership of farm animals.

21.07.2014 16:35

Friend of accused Boston Marathon bomber faces 25 years in prison
Azamat Tazhayakov, a friend of suspected Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was found guilty of one count of obstruction of justice and one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice in the first trial related to the April 2013 bombing.

21.07.2014 17:21

Tobacco giant to pay $23bn damages to Florida smoker’s widow
A jury in Florida has awarded the widow of a chain smoker who died of lung cancer at the age of 36 punitive damages of $23 billion. RJ Reynolds, the second biggest tobacco company in the US, plans to challenge “this runaway verdict.”

20.07.2014 14:55

‘Right to privacy breached’: Rights group vows to take UK govt to court over DRIP law
Emergency legislation on data retention and investigatory powers rushed through the UK parliament breach the right to privacy enshrined in human rights law, claim activists pursuing court action against the British government.

18.07.2014 15:00

​FedEx faces trial for drug trafficking
Shipping giant Federal Express has been indicted for drug trafficking for illegal online pharmacies and conspiracy to traffic controlled substances by the US Department of Justice.

18.07.2014 12:13

​Trans-woman must file for divorce to get gender change recognized, ECHR rules
The European Court of Human Rights has thrust support behind the Finnish government’s decision to force a man, who underwent gender reassignment surgery, to annul his marriage if he wants to update his national and travel IDs.

17.07.2014 15:40

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