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Rape laws reviewed to expose rapists who ‘hide’ behind social media – legal conference
The number of rapists using social media to “cover their tracks” and produce false evidence trails is on the rise, according to speakers at a joint rape prevention conference of police and lawyers.

29.01.2015 11:06

Former Los Alamos scientist sentenced in plot to sell nuclear secrets to Venezuela
A former Los Alamos nuclear scientist caught in a sting operation was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to trying to help Venezuela develop nuclear weapons in exchange for "money and power." He also advised dropping a bomb over NYC.

29.01.2015 01:55

​Spelling error costs UK govt £9mn – and causes 124yo Welsh engineering firm to collapse
A spelling blunder has cost the government almost £9 million and caused the demise of a successful 124-year-old, family-run business that took five generations to build.

28.01.2015 17:10

‘Rent is Too Damn High’ party candidate faces eviction in NYC
Jimmy McMillan has spent years railing against rent that’s “too damn high” in New York City, but the perennial political candidate is now facing eviction from his rent-stabilized apartment, New York Daily News reported.

28.01.2015 01:46

25,000 angry users: Facebook privacy class action lawsuit to be heard by European court
An Austrian court has approved a class action of some 25,000 people around the world against Facebook. The social network is accused of breaching its users’ privacy. A preliminary hearing into the complaint has been set for April.

27.01.2015 13:53

​Public inquiry into Litvinenko poisoning begins
The public inquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko is under way, eight years after the former KGB officer was poisoned with deadly Polonium-210 in London.

27.01.2015 13:59

Moscow court upholds house arrest for Navalny
The Moscow City Court has ruled that opposition activist Aleksey Navalny should remain under house arrest until his suspended sentence for major embezzlement comes into force.

27.01.2015 10:42

'Attack on journalism': WikiLeaks responds to Google's cooperation with US govt
Google’s willingness to surrender the private emails of WikiLeaks staffers to the United States government amounts to an “attack on journalism,” a representative for the whistleblower group says.

26.01.2015 17:43

Russian lawyer sues Google for reading his emails
A Russian university law lecturer has filed a lawsuit against Google accusing the internet company of reading his emails. He demanded this practice be stopped and $750 compensation for moral damage.

26.01.2015 14:06

WikiLeaks ‘astonished and disturbed’: Google gave its major staff data to US govt
The whistleblowing website has learned that Google handed over to US authorities the digital correspondence and other data from three of its employees on suspected espionage-related charges related to the Chelsea Manning case.

26.01.2015 07:29

Woman strip-searched by prison guards to prove she’s menstruating
A woman visiting an inmate at a privately-run Tennessee prison said guards forced her to expose her genitals to prove she was menstruating, when she tried to take a sanitary napkin into the facility, according to a lawsuit.

24.01.2015 04:05

Denver teen convicted of trying to join ISIS gets 4 years in prison
​The first American to be convicted of trying to join the Islamic State was sentenced to four years in federal prison on Friday, though the teenage Muslim convert said she was manipulated and does not support violent jihad.

24.01.2015 02:47