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Constitutional Court allows early parliamentary elections in 2016
Russia’s Constitutional Court has decided that it is possible to slightly reduce the term of the current State Duma to move the 2016 poll to a single elections day in September. The court noted, however, that this would be an extraordinary measure.

01.07.2015 08:29

Oklahoma’s top court orders removal of 10 Commandments monument
Oklahoma’s top court ruled that the 10 Commandments monument situated on capitol grounds violates state laws prohibiting the use of government property for the benefit of a religion.

01.07.2015 01:31

License to snoop: Court revives NSA spy program through December
The NSA can reboot its bulk collection program, which expired on June 1, for a period of five more months. This was the decision of a federal spy court put in charge of reviewing the agency’s future petitions for records under the USA Freedom Act.

30.06.2015 18:25

​Trade unionists, blacklisted activists demand police spying inquiry
Trade unionists are demanding a full inquiry into ‘very troubling allegations’ of police spying on activists and blacklisted workers.

30.06.2015 10:57

Blast targets NATO convoy near Kabul Airport, US Embassy
A suicide bomber has attacked a convoy of foreign troops serving with NATO on the road near Kabul International Airport, close to the US Embassy and Supreme Court, police and security officials said.

30.06.2015 09:19

City drone vs. country shotgun: Court case breaks out over downed hexacopter
As hobby drones become more ubiquitous, one California man decided he wouldn’t accept our new robot overlords and shot down his neighbor’s homemade hexacopter. Now he’s refusing to pay the owner back, despite a court mandating him to fork over the cash.

29.06.2015 22:20

Supreme Court strikes blow to Arizona GOP’s gerrymandering dreams
The US Supreme Court has ruled that an independent commission can redraw the lines of congressional districts in Arizona, in accordance with a referendum passed by the voters. The decision helps potential candidates in competitive districts.

29.06.2015 20:02

Supreme Court strikes down EPA rules on mercury emissions from power plants
By not considering the monetary cost of its rules, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) "unreasonably" interpreted the Clean Air Act in its efforts to limit mercury and toxic emissions from power plants, according to the US Supreme Court.

29.06.2015 15:52

Supreme Court upholds lethal injections
The Supreme Court upheld by 5-4 the usage of a sedative called midazolam in drug cocktails used for death penalties in several states. Death row inmates argued the drug failed to block pain and suffering, leading to 'cruel and unusual' executions.

25.06.2015 14:43

​MoJ profiting from ‘notorious’ Saudi prison contracts challenged in High Court
Revelations that the secretive commercial wing of the UK’s Ministry of Justice (MoJ) is providing services to Saudi Arabia’s prisons have led to a High Court challenge.

29.06.2015 08:48

Lord Janner faces prosecution over alleged child sex abuse
Lord Janner will stand trial over alleged historical child sex abuses, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has announced.

29.06.2015 09:10

Argentine court orders seizure of Falklands/Malvinas ‘illegal’ oil drillers’ assets
Argentina has ordered the seizure of assets belonging to foreign drilling companies operating in the vicinity of Falklands / Malvinas Islands, saying they have failed to obtain the necessary permissions from Buenos Aires to conduct exploration.

28.06.2015 04:40