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NSA asked judge to delete 'classified' testimony without public awareness
The National Security Agency worked behind the scenes to remove a section of a court transcript after suspecting one of its lawyers inadvertently disclosed secret information in a court case over alleged illegal surveillance.

10.08.2014 07:57

US refuses to recognize UN court jurisdiction on Argentina’s debt
Washington has refused to allow the UN International Court of Justice (IJC) to hear Argentina’s claims that US court decisions on the country’s debt have violated Argentina's sovereignty.

09.08.2014 16:50

Associated Press in hot water over tweets again, this time for alleged racial bias
Once again, the Associated Press Twitter feed was the subject of public ire on Thursday, as the news wire was accused of racial bias in its reporting of the verdict against a Michigan man who shot and killed 19-year-old Renisha McBride on his porch.

08.08.2014 16:05

Insurance company pays $21k in coins to elderly man with a hernia
A small insurance company in California has a thing or two to learn about customer service. Adriana’s Insurance Service settled a lawsuit over an employee assaulting an elderly man… and delivered his compensation in buckets full of coins.

06.08.2014 20:31

Online petition urges ‘Nuremberg for Israel’ over ‘genocide of Palestinians’
Hundreds of Italians have signed an online petition slamming Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip as a “slow genocide” of the Palestinians and demanding a “Nuremberg trial” for Israel over the “destruction” of Palestine.

05.08.2014 18:13

Argument over ‘best military branch’ ends in Montana murder
The best branch of the US military may be up for debate – unless you are William Earl Cunningham, who told police he killed a fellow Montana man while arguing the topic. He is now being charged with deliberate homicide.

06.08.2014 00:25

CNN correspondent sued for alleged drunken attack on medical workers in Baghdad
​A lawsuit filed in New York City this week accuses CNN senior international correspondent Arwa Damon of biting two medical workers at the United States Embassy in Baghdad last month while drunk.

05.08.2014 16:09

Palestine pushing for Hague Court probe into Israeli ‘war crimes’ in Gaza
Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad al-Malki has said that Israel must be prosecuted at The Hague court for war crimes it committed during the offensive in Gaza, and that Palestinian authorities are planning to join the International Criminal Court (ICC).

05.08.2014 11:14

Informant admits he lied about confession that got Texan executed
Johnny E. Webb, the informer who testified more than 20 years ago that Cameron Todd Willingham murdered his own children, now says his testimony was coaxed by a prosecutor and wealthy Texas rancher who promised to reduce his prison sentence.

04.08.2014 14:13

​‘Disgusting decision’: Gitmo guards to continue abusive groin searches
A US Court of Appeals has reversed a ruling that would have prevented Guantanamo detainees from overexposure to intimate searches, which many of them claim were instituted to discourage them from seeing their lawyers.

02.08.2014 21:11

Austrian student launches global class action against Facebook
A law student from Austria has filed a class action law suit against Facebook over privacy violations, urging the social network’s 1.32 billion users around the globe to join him in his legal battle.

02.08.2014 18:59

‘Torture:’ 15 lethal injections used in botched Arizona execution
Arizona executioners administered convicted killer Joseph Wood a total of 15 doses of a new drug after a single injection failed to speedily end his life last week, according to prison documents released Friday.

02.08.2014 13:03

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