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Stalking offences up 33% across UK – police figures
Charges handed out by UK police forces for stalking offences have increased by 33 percent since 2012, with some forces recording increases of up to 89 percent, figures seen by RT reveal.

24.06.2015 14:48

'Lee Rigby revenge’ attack almost severed Sikh dentist’s hand
A Sikh dentist almost lost his hand in brutal attack by a white supremacist, who allegedly targeted the victim in revenge for the 2013 murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, a court has heard.

23.06.2015 14:49

​Hate crime ‘magnified’ for rural LGBT community – study
Rural LBGT people are badly affected by prejudice and abuse, with some ‘actually scared’ to go into their gardens for fear of suffering abuse, a study claims.

23.06.2015 13:50

​Rwandan govt slams spy chief’s UK arrest
Rwandan officials have criticized the arrest of their country’s controversial head of military intelligence during a visit to the UK, amid claims the UK’s Rwandan community may have tipped off the police.

23.06.2015 10:52

Disabled, unemployed woman ordered to repay student loan
A federal appeals court has denied a woman’s bankruptcy request and ordered her to pay back student loans of more than $37,000 despite her yearly income of $10,000. The disabled woman has been unemployed for seven years.

22.06.2015 23:01

Baltimore PD officers plead not guilty in Freddie Gray’s death, trial date set
The six Baltimore, Maryland police officers charged in the in-custody death of Freddie Gray pleaded not guilty and received their trial date. They will be tried separately, but are all assigned the same judge and trial date.

22.06.2015 22:43

Police can't search hotel registries without warrant – Supreme Court
A 116-year-old municipal law that allowed police to scour hotel guest registries without a warrant has been ruled as an unconstitutional violation of privacy by the US Supreme Court.

22.06.2015 18:44

​Schoolboys plotted to blow up Parliament & Buckingham Palace, court hears
Two 15-year-olds from the northeast of England accumulated ingredients and equipment to build a bomb and discussed blowing up shopping centers and public buildings, a court has heard.

22.06.2015 12:52

'Hollow formality': Israeli rights group blasts military courts for Palestinians
Thousands of Palestinians are brought before Israeli military courts each year on charges ranging from stone-throwing to illegal entry. Most end up in custody awaiting a verdict, the judicial process reduced to a "hollow formality," a rights group says.

22.06.2015 10:54

​Chagos islanders appeal in Supreme Court to return home – decades after eviction by UK govt
Displaced islanders are attending a Supreme Court hearing Monday in the hope of winning the right to return to the Chagos in the Indian Ocean from which they were forcibly removed by the British government.

22.06.2015 08:11

Surveillance court moving toward renewal of NSA spying program for 6 months
The secretive court that oversees US government spying requests has indicated that it will temporarily renew the National Security Agency's bulk phone records collection authority despite a new reform law that ended the dragnet.

19.06.2015 18:30

​Ex-Rikers Island guard jailed for 5yrs over inmate death
A former guard at the notorious Rikers Island jail has received a five-year prison sentence for depriving an inmate of his civil rights. The guard failed to help the prisoner after he swallowed toxic detergent.

19.06.2015 11:39