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‘Impressionable youth to terrorist’: MI5 rattled by teen’s rapid radicalization
MI5 are concerned by the speed at which British teenager, Brusthom Ziamamni, became radicalized. The 19 year-old was arrested last August, as he carried a 12 inch knife in a black Islamist flag. He was later found guilty of plotting to behead a soldier.

20.02.2015 09:28

Ohio high court rules against local fracking ban, opponents may seek civil rights argument
The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that a local ordinance couldn’t block a fracking company from drilling, affirming priority of state law. Yet observers say the decision leaves room for a challenge based on civil rights.

19.02.2015 16:55

British teenager found guilty of terror plot to behead soldier
A teenager was found guilty by a jury at the Old Bailey in London on Thursday of plotting to behead a British soldier.

19.02.2015 15:24

‘Women’s lives in serious danger’: Govt fails to protect victims of abuse, say MPs
The government’s ongoing work tackling violence against women and girls internationally has failed to filter into the UK’s domestic policy, a select committee has revealed.

19.02.2015 10:53

​Lawyers ‘illegally’ spied on: UK govt comes clean, but denies ‘deliberate wrongdoing’
Secretive policies employed by British intelligence agencies to monitor privileged conversations between lawyers and their clients are illegal under European human rights law, the UK government concedes.

19.02.2015 09:51

Kiev court judges refuse to take part in Communist Party banning case
Judges at an administrative court in Kiev have refused to try a case banning the activities of the Communist Party of Ukraine, after police conducted a search and seizure operation in the office of one their colleagues.

18.02.2015 19:17

​Companies forced to anonymously fight back against FBI surveillance
Two companies are asking the United States government to let Twitter publish details about secret requests the social media site has received from law enforcement, but the Justice Department says national security requires those entities to not be named.

18.02.2015 14:32

‘Super-prison’ plans questioned by watchdog over violence risk
The chief inspector of prisons has called on MPs to review security problems at Oakwood in Staffordshire after inmates staged a riot. The facility was riddled with drug abuse soon after opening three years ago.

18.02.2015 12:09

Death row Aussies in Indonesia: Australia wants clemency, threatens ‘pulling foreign aid’
The Australian prime minister, in an effort to win the release of two Australians on death row in Indonesia, is suffering a diplomatic fallout after reminding Jakarta about the substantial aid Canberra sent following the 2004 tsunami.

18.02.2015 10:34

​Supreme Court to rule on segregation of jailed terrorists in human rights bid
Two convicted terrorist who claim their human rights have been violated after being segregated in prison have taken their legal battle to Britain’s highest court, after failing to persuade appeal judges.

17.02.2015 14:14

Terror suspect tried to obtain ‘chemical weapon,’ court hears
A terror suspect from Liverpool has been remanded in custody for attempting to obtain ricin for a chemical weapon. He appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

17.02.2015 16:04

Indian millionaire on murder charge after fatally ramming guard with Hummer
Indian businessman Mohammed Nisham has been charged with murder, after a guard he rammed with his luxury SUV for opening gates too slowly died in hospital. The man succumbed to his injuries after losing a two-week fight for his life.

17.02.2015 13:44