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No faith in American justice: Aafia Siddiqui withdraws her appeal of 86-year prison term
Pakistani neuroscientist Aafia Siddiqui has withdrawn what is likely the final appeal of her conviction for attempted murder of American agents in Afghanistan. Islamist militants have attempted to free Siddiqui in prisoner swaps with the United States.

10.10.2014 14:06

‘No expectation of privacy’: Voyeur charges dropped against upskirt photographer at Lincoln Memorial
Women sitting on the iconic Lincoln Memorial steps have no expectation of privacy underneath their skirts, a DC judge ruled, dismissing the case against a man accused of taking pictures up women’s skirts without their knowledge.

09.10.2014 23:44

Women face charges for anti-drone protest near NSA facility
Three women who protested the United States’ use of drones are now facing federal charges – and $1,300 each in fines – after being accused of trying to enter the National Security Agency’s protected property in Maryland.

09.10.2014 23:24

Unpublished hacked celebrity nude photos going for one bitcoin online
As a new set of hacked celebrity nude photos are about to be leaked, those interested in seeing them have flocked to a new, real-time file-sharing site. On Volafile, people can buy the pics for about $350 ‒ payable in bitcoin.

09.10.2014 19:48

Video shows NYPD officer taking $1,300 from man, then pepper-spraying him
Video has surfaced appearing to show a New York City police officer taking $1,300 from a man who says he was robbed and then pepper-sprayed by the cop during a stop-and-frisk last month that ended without arrest.

09.10.2014 17:36

​Russia to appeal European courts Yukos case - Justice Minister
Russia will appeal the ruling issued by the European Court for Human Rights (ECHR) awarding Yukos shareholders $2.5 billion (€1.9 billion) before October 30. The Hague’s related ruling will most likely be also appealed, Russia’s Justice Minister said.

09.10.2014 11:47

Cosmic Big Brother? UK academics start world’s first space detective agency
As parties to various conflicts increasingly resort to satellite and drone images as court evidence, two British experts have decided to become founding fathers of a one-of-a-kind specialist agency – claiming to be unique “space detectives”.

08.10.2014 19:14

FBI defends secretive spy program in appeals court
Lawyers for a digital rights group squared off with federal attorneys in a San Francisco courthouse on Wednesday during an appeals hearing that will determine whether the government can serve telecom providers with gag orders when requesting user data.

08.10.2014 15:14

Texan on death row exonerated after nine years behind bars for crime he didn't commit
After nine years of jail, most of which spent on death row, Manuel Velez has been released from a Texas state prison. Poor legal representation and prosecutor misconduct led a jury to find Velez guilty of killing his former girlfriend’s infant.

08.10.2014 17:04

Human rights for chimpanzees? NY court to decide in landmark legal battle
In what is called the first case of its kind, a New York court is to decide whether Tommy the chimpanzee is being unlawfully kept by his owner and is entitled to “legal personhood”, in other words the legal rights of a human.

08.10.2014 17:38

Child soldiers scandal: 6 yrs armed service for 16yos challenged
Campaigners launched legal action against the Ministry of Defence (MoD) on Wednesday, arguing Britain’s youngest soldiers should not be forced to serve longer periods of time than their adult peers. The UN has also called for a policy shift.

08.10.2014 14:01

DEA sued for setting up fake Facebook account for arrested woman
The US Drug Enforcement Administration is facing a lawsuit for setting up a fake Facebook account, with photos and other personal data from a New York woman’s cellphone used after her arrest to reveal a cocaine ring’s details.

08.10.2014 12:46

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