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Washington man spent 19 yrs in jail on fake child molestation charges
A man in Washington state was freed Thursday after serving 19 years behind bars on child molestation charges that turned out to be fake. His accuser came forward two years ago to admit she made up the accusations to receive more of her mother’s attention.

22.11.2014 00:40

Ferguson police officer who killed Michael Brown reportedly set to resign
Whatever the decision of the Ferguson grand jury turns out to be, the police officer at the center of shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown is negotiating with city officials to resign.

21.11.2014 23:16

Woman who raised $114k with teary-eyed mugshot will face charges again after breaking deal with prosecutors
​An Arizona woman who made headlines earlier this year with the help of a teary-eyed mugshot has reportedly lost a deal with prosecutors and one-time supporters by dubiously spending thousands of dollars in donated money.

21.11.2014 16:41

‘Domestic extremists’: Police face legal action after spying on journalists for years
A group of journalists are taking legal action after they discovered the Metropolitan Police had been systematically monitoring their movements and behavior on a secret database designed to capture “domestic extremism.”

21.11.2014 09:34

Russian YouTubers call out Daily Mail in ‘Liquid Nitrogen Challenge’ copyright spat
Someone finally took the ‘meanwhile in Russia’ trope too far. The Daily Mail is being charged with misrepresenting a scientific YouTube video… and now also has to dump liquid nitrogen over itself in -15-degree Siberian cold.

21.11.2014 08:51

Anonymous: KKK members may have infiltrated Ferguson cop support group
Anonymous claims it has identified members of the Ku Klux Klan at a support group rally for police officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed a black teen in Ferguson, Missouri. Following the expose, the support group removed the photograph from Facebook.

21.11.2014 00:36

US brands Kim Dotcom ‘fugitive of justice’ for refusing to extradite himself
​The Department of Justice has now branded Kim Dotcom and his former colleagues at the defunct file-sharing site Megaupload “fugitive[s] of justice” for refusing to travel to the United States where they face charges related to the website.

20.11.2014 19:51

3 men charged over alleged London terror plot
Three men who stand accused of preparing acts of terrorism have been charged and are set to appear in court. They were arrested earlier this month.

20.11.2014 14:17

Assange's extradition order upheld by Swedish Court of Appeal
Sweden's Court of Appeal announced on Thursday that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's arrest warrant will be upheld by the Scandinavian state. Assange's lawyer said shortly after his client will take take his case to Sweden's Supreme Court.

20.11.2014 11:57

4 Pakistani men receive death sentences in high-profile ‘honor killing’ of pregnant woman
Four male relatives of a pregnant woman beaten to death outside a High Court in Pakistan in a so-called "honor” killing have been sentenced to death. The case, which made headlines worldwide, comes amid hundreds of similar ones going virtually unnoticed.

20.11.2014 06:00

'US-UK torture' victim wins right to sue British government
Britain’s High Court has dismissed the UK government’s claim that US-UK relations would be compromised if a Pakistani man who claims to have suffered brutal torture at the hands of American and British troops is given the right to sue for damages.

19.11.2014 13:21

Happy Meals again: McDonalds reopens flagship Moscow store after 3-month closure
The first McDonalds restaurant in the Soviet Union is back in business after having been out of action for three months. It was shut down after Russian health officials cited “administrative violations,” alluding to poor hygiene in the outlets.

19.11.2014 15:26