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Supreme Court to rule on lethal injection drugs after Oklahoma botched executions
The US Supreme Court is hearing arguments on lethal injections for the first time in nearly a decade, following a botched execution in Oklahoma and amid a nationwide shortage of the drugs used in the procedure.

29.04.2015 16:49

​GCHQ broke the law, ordered to destroy stolen documents by UK tribunal
In an historic ruling, a British intelligence tribunal has ordered UK spy agency GCHQ to destroy communications it collected unlawfully from Libyan dissident Sami al-Saadi.

29.04.2015 15:40

​Media coalition to challenge UK terror trial secrecy
A ban on reporting a terrorism trial and the confiscation of journalists’ court notes pertaining to the proceedings are set to be challenged in an appeal court by a media coalition.

29.04.2015 12:56

Supreme Court orders UK to take ‘immediate action’ over illegal air pollution
Britain’s highest court has ordered the government to take immediate action over illegally high levels of air pollution in the UK.

29.04.2015 12:43

Londoner admits his fingerprints were on Iraq bombs that killed US soldier
A British man on trial for making improvised explosive devices that allegedly killed a US soldier in Iraq has admitted fingerprints on the bombs are his.

29.04.2015 13:54

MPs expenses must be published in full, court rules
MPs will no longer be able to keep their expenses claims private, after a court ruling on Wednesday stating receipts and invoices submitted by politicians must be made public.

29.04.2015 12:06

British supermarket boss handed 2-year prison sentenced in Egypt
The chief executive of UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has been sentenced to two years in jail in Egypt after being found guilty of contravening a bankruptcy law.

29.04.2015 09:32

​UK surveillance court to rule on major privacy case
A British intelligence tribunal is due to rule on a major privacy case relating to Libyan dissident Abdel Hakim Belhaj and alleged government spying on confidential conversations with his lawyers.

29.04.2015 11:39

​‘These prosecutions shut off investigative journalism in the national security field’ – Daniel Ellsberg to RT
General David Petraeus has been sentenced to just two years of probation for leaking state secrets, while Chelsea Manning faces 30 years in prison and Edward Snowden a life in exile. RT’s Thom Hartmann spoke to one of the US’s most famous whistleblowers.

28.04.2015 23:54

Judge rules no retrial for Silk Road mastermind
​The mastermind of the Silk Road online drug bazaar won’t get a retrial, a US federal judge has ruled, rejecting efforts from Ross Ulbricht’s defense team to take the high-profile Deep Web drug case back to court.

28.04.2015 18:59

Baltimore: Long history of conflicts btwn police, residents
The death of Freddie Gray kicked off protests and riots across Baltimore, Maryland. But reports and lawsuits show a trend of city police brutally mistreating residents, especially those in the poorer communities. The city paid millions in settlements.

28.04.2015 17:53

Sweden court to hear Assange’s appeal over arrest warrant
The spokesman for the founder of the WikiLeaks whistleblowing website has confirmed that Sweden’s Supreme Court will hear an appeal by Julian Assange, who wishes for his arrest warrant to be overturned and allegations of sexual assault dropped.

28.04.2015 14:33