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Obama tells GOP: 'Don't hold attorney general nominees hostage'
President Barack Obama complained that Senate Republicans delaying the confirmation of his choice for a new attorney general are holding his pick “hostage.” It has been over four months since Loretta Lynch's nomination was announced.

21.03.2015 02:46

​Children emotionally, mentally tortured into ‘satanic cult’ hoax
Two children were physically and emotionally “tortured” by their mother and her partner into falsely claiming their father was the head of a satanic rape cult, Britain’s High Court ruled on Thursday.

20.03.2015 13:05

French court defends comedian for calling Le Pen 'fascist b*tch'
A French comedian, who called the country’s National Front leader Marine Le Pen ‘a fascist b*tch,’ was within his rights, a court in Paris has ruled.

20.03.2015 14:21

​Teen who plotted to behead soldier jailed for 22 years
A teenager has been jailed for 22 years after being found guilty of plotting to behead a British soldier, inspired by the murder of Lee Rigby.

20.03.2015 12:26

‘Drug lords danced with joy, when US blacklisted me’ – Russian anti-drug chief
International drug cartels have benefited from US sanctions aimed at isolating Russia, anti-drug chief Viktor Ivanov told RT. He also dismissed allegations brought against him during the Litvinenko case hearings in London as “a farce.”

20.03.2015 07:27

‘London Court cynically used as mouthpiece for circulating falsehoods’– Russian anti-drug chief
Amid strained relations with Russia, London is bringing more high-profile political figures in its dragging inquiry into the 2006 death of Aleksandr Litvinenko. The latest is Russia's anti-drug chief, who spoke to RT about the real target of this mess.

20.03.2015 03:33

NY Judge rejects request to release Eric Garner grand jury records
Judge William Garnett declined to release grand jury records in the Eric Garner case, stating the plaintiffs had not made a “compelling” case for “need.” Requests for the records were made by civil rights groups and the New York Post.

19.03.2015 22:11

​Mall of America accused of using social media surveillance to spy on activists
The Mall of America in Minnesota used a phony Facebook profile to conduct surveillance on “Black Lives Matter” activists, according to a new report, and then provided that intelligence to local authorities as evidence to use against the protesters.

19.03.2015 13:44

​‘Human rights breaches’: Families of Iraqis shot by UK troops could sue MoD
Grieving families of Iraqis gunned down by British soldiers in Iraq may sue Britain’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) for violating international law following a landmark High Court ruling.

19.03.2015 12:30

Yummy mummy? ‘Placenta smoothie’ business on hold over public health fears
A local council has ordered public health officials to investigate a Wiltshire woman’s placenta-based food product business over fears that it may not be safe for consumption.

19.03.2015 12:55

Monsanto settles 7 lawsuits after 2013 GMO-wheat scare
Agrochemical giant Monsanto has settled class action lawsuits with farmers in seven states over genetically modified wheat incident in 2013. Without any admission of liability the company will pay some $350,000 in donations to agricultural schools.

19.03.2015 03:41

‘Not operating under direction of controller’: US won't charge man whose drone landed at White House
​No criminal charges will be pursued against the man whose drone was discovered on the grounds of the White House in January, the Department of Justice announced on Wednesday.

18.03.2015 20:20