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BNP Paribas agrees to record $8.8bn settlement for US sanctions violations
French banking giant BNP Paribas has agreed to plead guilty to two criminal charges of violating US sanctions, and will pay a record-breaking $8.8 billion settlement.

30.06.2014 20:57

Supreme Court allows some employers to drop contraception coverage from healthcare plans
The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the government cannot require “closely held” corporations to provide contraception coverage to its employees under the Affordable Care Act.

30.06.2014 15:45

Supreme Court declines to vindicate Google over Street View violations
The Supreme Court of the United States said Monday that it won’t consider a request from Google to weigh in on a matter concerning the Silicon Valley giant’s Street View map feature.

30.06.2014 14:22

​Israeli top court rules against child’s forced circumcision
Israel’s Supreme Court has overturned a ruling by a court of rabbis, which stipulated that a new mother was required to have her son circumcised under the terms of her divorce, and despite the potential ill-effects on the child’s health.

30.06.2014 11:51

Murdoch in hacking inquiry: ‘How are the mighty fallen in the midst of the battle’
From being an extremely powerful and fearful media magnate, Rupert Murdoch has now become untouchable, which is the political equivalent of radioactive waste.

30.06.2014 12:50

Facebook fighting against 'largest ever' govt data request in court
Facebook is locked in a legal battle over a court ruling that forced the site to hand over data from almost 400 profiles to authorities. The social media site argues the decision is unconstitutional and violates the Fourth Amendment.

29.06.2014 05:44

NSA targeted just 248 Americans despite harvesting info on millions
Though much is already known regarding the sheer scope of the National Security Agency’s harvesting of phone data, a new report reveals that the intel agency was interested in fewer than 250 individuals last year.

27.06.2014 23:53

German World Cup fans warned not to sing or face paint
The German team has concluded the group stage of the World Cup at the top of Group G. But the country's authorities are aiming to calm down the football fever, handing out huge fines to loud fans and warning that flag face paint might cause cancer.

27.06.2014 19:25

Supreme Court rules buffer zones around abortion clinics unconstitutional
Buffer zones around abortion clinics that restrict access to public sidewalks are an unconstitutional restriction on speech, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously Thursday. The zones were designed to keep protesters at bay.

27.06.2014 02:23

Two teens left in holding cell without food, toilet paper over the weekend
Serious questions have been raised after two teenagers were left unattended in a courthouse holding cell in Douglas County, Georgia over the weekend. The teens were left with no food or even toilet paper.

26.06.2014 21:04

FBI seizes 80,000 emails from Murdoch’s News Corp
A probe of media mogul Rupert Murdoch might soon take shape in the United States upon reports that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has 80,000 emails in its possession seized from the servers of the tycoon’s News Corp headquarters.

26.06.2014 14:47

Oklahoma death row inmates sue to stop executions
Death row inmates in Oklahoma have filed a new lawsuit against the state, claiming that experiments with lethal injection drugs are causing unnecessary harm and unusually painful deaths for those sentenced for execution.

26.06.2014 15:41

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