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16 million Americans gained health coverage under Obamacare, HHS says
The latest analysis from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) shows that more than 16.4 million Americans have acquired health coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

17.03.2015 01:48

‘Sale’ of US Embassy in Rome in elaborate scam lands ‘property brokers’ in court
A group of alleged fraudsters has appeared in court in Rome after an ambitious attempt to sell US Embassy and United Nations buildings in the city at a price of 1.3 million euro to a German businessman.

16.03.2015 17:34

​ACLU sues Obama administration over ‘kill list’ documents
The American Civil Liberties Union is suing the US government in an effort to compel a court to release documents detailing the Obama administration’s use of a secret, so-called “kill list” containing potential drone strike targets.

16.03.2015 15:03

‘Treat us like humans’: Asylum seekers issue Harmondsworth hunger strike demands
An asylum seeker in Britain’s largest migrant detention center claims inmates have issued authorities with a series of demands, among them the cancellation of a deportation flight to Pakistan scheduled for Tuesday.

16.03.2015 09:27

Detention – message to migrants not to come?
Detention should not be used by the UK government as a legitimate way to undermine international obligations to protect people who might be fleeing violence and prosecution, Professor Heaven Crawley, UK migration policy expert, told RT.

16.03.2015 14:54

UK detaining immigrant moms with kids 'obscene in modern civilized society'
The way immigrant detention centers in UK operate runs contrary to European values, often violates the law and is based on false fears, human right campaigners told RT.

14.03.2015 15:01

Fracking will ruin sacred, preserved sites in the ‘American cradle of civilization’ - lawsuit
A Navajo advocacy group has asked a federal judge to halt hydraulic fracking permits in the San Juan Basin of New Mexico, claiming that drilling threatens a historic UNESCO heritage site considered sacred by Navajo, Hopi and Pueblo peoples.

13.03.2015 17:09

Italian govt asks Constitutional Court to review 'anti-mosque' law amid public outcry
Italy’s government has moved to block the so-called “anti-mosque” law in Lombardy that would make construction of mosques much harder for Muslims in the country’s north.

14.03.2015 09:22

What the de-Palestinization of Jerusalem is really like
Everyday life of a Palestinian in Jerusalem consists of years spent in fighting for their right to obtain a license: first, for land, then for a house and then for the repair works for the house.

13.03.2015 14:06

Rand Paul calls for criminal justice reform in speech at historically black college
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) championed criminal justice reform and invoked Martin Luther King, Jr., while addressing a mixed audience at Maryland’s Bowie State University, a historically black college, on Friday.

14.03.2015 01:13

Locked up for no crime: Material witness in Oregon murder case jailed for 900 days
Approaching 900 days in jail, Benito Vasquez-Hernandez may be the longest-held material witness in US history. Despite committing no crime, he is being held on $500,000 bail while waiting for a murder trial against his son to begin.

13.03.2015 15:36

Hillsborough inquests: Court hears police called for dogs, not medics as fans crushed to death
The chief superintendent who headed Britain’s police response to the Hillsborough disaster issued a call for extra police and dogs but no ambulances as football fans were being crushed to death at the stadium, inquests have heard.

13.03.2015 15:18