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Maryland teen too drunk to carry out school massacre
A Maryland teenager planned a school shooting, brought a stolen gun to school and decided not to use it because he was too drunk. He turned himself in to police the next day, when they questioned him about an unrelated crime.

06.11.2014 17:57

FBI accused of targeting Islamic leaders, pressuring them to become informants
The FBI is pressuring law-abiding Islamic community leaders throughout the United States to spy on fellow Muslims in an effort to sniff out extremism in the US in what amounts to religious profiling, a top Muslim civil rights organization has alleged.

06.11.2014 16:42

Paraguay woman shot with arrows, burned alive for ‘witchcraft’
A Paraguayan woman was shot with arrows and burned alive by a group of her tribesmen for the alleged offense of 'witchcraft.' Nine men have been charged by prosecutors with first-degree murder in the shocking case.

06.11.2014 12:30

ICC: Israel's killing of 9 Gaza flotilla protesters ‘not of sufficient gravity’ for war crimes probe
The killing of nine Gaza Freedom Flotilla protesters in 2010 by Israeli forces lacked “sufficient gravity" to come under its jurisdiction, the ICC said, adding that there was reason to suspect war crimes were committed.

05.11.2014 22:41

Oklahoma cop faces 32 charges of sex crimes committed on duty
An Oklahoma City police officer has been charged with six more counts of sexual offenses while on duty after three more victims, including a teenager, told authorities he forced them to have sex with him.

05.11.2014 17:06

‘Worked to death’: Japanese restaurant pays out $500,000 after manager commits suicide
A Japanese restaurant will have to pay $500,000 in damages after overworking an employee to the point of suicide. The man had worked 190 hours overtime a month, as well as suffering abusive treatment from his supervisor.

05.11.2014 12:31

70 minutes in jail: 'VIP treatment' for CA senator convicted on 8 felony counts
Eight felony counts, including voting fraud and perjury, should have landed a Democrat senator in jail for 90 days. Instead he received a slap on the wrist – being released from the jail without seeing as much as the inside of a cell.

05.11.2014 09:06

US man held in immigration detention for over 3 years
A man who has spent over three years in a New York detention center awaiting deportation orders is now suing the US government along with several immigration officers, and not without a reason, since he is a naturalized US citizen.

05.11.2014 02:40

Drinking while pregnant could become criminal offence in UK
Two British women’s charities have cautioned ahead of landmark case in the Court of Appeal Wednesday that drinking alcohol when pregnant could become a criminal offense.

04.11.2014 20:49

‘Terrorists will die in prison’: Israeli parliament limits Palestinian prisoner releases
Israeli MPs have passed a law limiting the release of Palestinians convicted of killing Israelis in political deals. It caused elation among some officials, with the economy minister writing on his Facebook page that now “terrorists will die in jail.”

04.11.2014 14:11

‘First gay wedding’ video sends 8 Egyptians to jail for 3 years
A Cairo court has sentenced eight men to three years in prison after they appeared in a video, described online as Egypt’s first “gay wedding,” that went viral in September. The video shows two men hugging and exchanging rings on a boat with friends.

04.11.2014 11:18

Florida police threaten arrest under new ‘homeless hate law’
Florida police handed out citations and threatened to arrest two priests and a 90-year-old veteran volunteer for feeding the homeless. A recently passed city ordinance makes sharing food a citable offense.

03.11.2014 22:09