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DC Council sends pot legalization measure for congressional review despite ban
The District of Columbia took a defiant step in its attempt to legalize marijuana. The City Council chairman sent the ballot measure approving pot legalization to Congress for legislative review, despite Republicans passing a law to prevent such an act.

14.01.2015 20:17

Ukraine bus attack: ‘Kiev throws accusations, West blindly follows narrative’
It’s not justified to conclude anything from the Ukrainian bus tragedy before the investigation is over, says Dmitry Babich, political analyst for Voice of Russia. It’s also not clear why the rebels would attack a bus with people from the Donbass region.

14.01.2015 13:40

Lawyers tell court to revive NYPD Muslim surveillance suit
A lawsuit claims New York police engaged in a discriminatory policy when it carried out surveillance on Muslims in New Jersey after 9/11. While a federal district court dismissed the suit a year ago, lawyers are now seeking a reversal in appeals court.

14.01.2015 02:25

Teen charged with helping ISIS pleads not guilty, mother criticizes extremists
A young Chicago man accused of trying to aid Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria pleaded not guilty to federal charges, while his mother heavily criticized terror organizations around the world for trying to recruit young people for their cause.

14.01.2015 00:30

Montana cop sobbed after killing unarmed man, cleared of wrongdoing in death (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
Montana police have released a graphic dashcam video of a Billings police officer sobbing after killing an unarmed man who was high on methamphetamine last April. The jury in a coroner’s inquest found the officer was justified in the shooting.

13.01.2015 22:14

Silk Road creator admits building website, denies growing it into illegal market
The man accused of creating the black market website Silk Road admitted in court that he did invent the website, but added that he is not the one responsible for turning it into an enormous online drug empire.

13.01.2015 18:27

DOJ won't ask Risen to testify at espionage trial
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist James Risen will not be asked to testify at the upcoming trial of a suspected source, former CIA employee Jeffrey Sterling, ending for now the writer’s seven-year-long ordeal with the Department of Justice.

13.01.2015 14:29

Palestine ICC membership – end of limbo status?
Given the UN’s acceptance of Palestinian ratification of major international treaties, it’s difficult to see how Western countries can continue to hold out on recognizing the existence of a Palestinian State.

13.01.2015 16:11

'Comfort letters’ sent to IRA suspects critical to NI peace process – Blair
Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair was questioned on Tuesday by a House of Commons committee on his role in sending letters to scores of fugitive IRA members, informing them they were no longer being pursued by police.

13.01.2015 12:48

New Jersey Muslims take NYPD to court for monitoring their activities
Muslims in New Jersey are set to go to court over the ruling that New York City police are legally allowed to carry out surveillance of their activities.

13.01.2015 10:21

US judge declares mistrial in white police chief’s shooting of unarmed black man
A South Carolina judge has declared a mistrial in a case of a former small town police chief charged with the murder of an unarmed black man outside a police station in 2011.

13.01.2015 09:55

New Mexico police officers face murder charges in shooting death of homeless man
Two New Mexico police officers accused of killing a homeless man will be charged with murder, the state's district attorney announced on Monday. They are the first charges against Albuquerque officers in connection with shootings.

12.01.2015 21:34