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​Muslims sue federal govt for stonewalling citizenship requests
A lawsuit is challenging a little-known program that allows the Department of Homeland Security to block citizenship and green card applications for security reasons. The plaintiffs say they fell victim to profiling against Muslims.

01.08.2014 12:38

Shackled inmate attacked by deputies in courtroom (VIDEO)
A Colorado man is suing the city of Denver and two sheriff deputies for $5 million over a 2011 incident in which one of those officers assaulted the man in court and left him with permanent injuries.

01.08.2014 16:29

Majority of Americans dislike Obamacare
​Popularity of Obamacare has hit a new low among Americans, according to a new survey, now more than four years since the health-care reform law was passed.

01.08.2014 14:11

‘Null & void’: Ugandan court overturns 'draconian' anti-gay law
Uganda’s highest court annulled a controversial anti-gay law that punished homosexual activity with up to life imprisonment. The court ruled that the bill was passed illegally late last year while opposition also claimed it violated fundamental rights.

01.08.2014 12:44

Data stored overseas should be accessible to US government, judge rules
​A federal judge in New York City sided with the United States government on Thursday and said that Microsoft must comply with a search warrant compelling the corporation to surrender customer data it stores overseas.

31.07.2014 17:49

'Accusation drive' – Indonesia president slams Australia’s gagging order exposed by WikiLeaks
Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has rejected Australia’s attempt to cover up an alleged multinational corruption case. He said that the gagging order on the matter that could implicate him may only “trigger suspicions and accusations.”

31.07.2014 17:02

Inquiry into death of ex-Russian agent Litvinenko opens in London
Britain opened an inquiry Thursday into the death of former Russian intelligence officer Aleksandr Litvinenko. It comes eight years after he was poisoned with radioactive polonium.

31.07.2014 08:09

‘Public inquiry into Litvinenko case at time of events in Ukraine isn’t coincidence’
UK-Russian relations have reached their bottom line, with the UK government attacking Moscow on two sides - one is over eastern Ukraine and another is the Litvinenko case, Russia expert Martin McCauley told RT.

31.07.2014 12:45

Russia ordered to pay $2.5 bn to Yukos shareholders
Russia must pay $2.51 bn (€1.87 bn) in compensation to the former shareholders of Yukos, once Russia's largest private oil company, for unfair tax proceedings. The European Court of Human Rights has also ruled Russia must pay €300,000 in legal costs.

31.07.2014 12:17

Speaker Boehner gets Congress approval to sue President Obama
For the first time in American history, a chamber of Congress has authorized its leader to sue the President of the United States.

31.07.2014 01:33

NSA sued over fears that former director is selling secrets
The National Security Agency has received its fair share of lawsuits since former contractor Edward Snowden began to disclose secret documents last year, and now the NSA is being taken to court for failing to produce files about its former director.

30.07.2014 20:30

Texas woman files $123 million revenge porn suit against Facebook
A Texas woman wants Facebook to pay her $123 million —10 cents for each of its 1.23 billion users — because the social networking site failed to immediately delete “revenge porn” uploaded by an old friend.

30.07.2014 15:35

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