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‘EU spoiling mood of St Pete Economic Forum’
The European decision to freeze Russian assets is a way of putting on pressure, trying to spoil the mood at the St Pete Economic forum; a reminder the EU is in conflict with Russia, says Alexander Mercouris, International Affairs Editor of Russia Insider.

18.06.2015 15:18

Evangelist who called Islam a ‘Satanic’ doctrine ‘spawned in hell’ faces prosecution
A Northern Irish evangelical preacher could face prosecution after he referred to Islam as “Satanic” and a “heathen” religion.

18.06.2015 12:43

European seizures of Russian assets not timed to St Petersburg economic forum – Kremlin
The Russian government is dealing with the Belgian order to freeze Russia’s assets to cover a debt to oil giant Yukos beneficiaries, the Kremlin said.

18.06.2015 10:50

Moscow summons Belgian envoy over seizure of state assets, threatens retaliation
Moscow has summoned the Belgian ambassador to lodge a protest over the freeze of its state assets. It said that Moscow may consider retaliatory measures against Belgium if the assets are seized, including against Belgium diplomatic property in Russia.

18.06.2015 03:24

Former US Attorney General brings legal challenge against Iraq War officials
Members of the Bush administration are being sued for their involvement in the Iraq War by an international team of lawyers, one of whom was former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark. The team was assembled by Sundus Saleh, an Iraqi single mother.

18.06.2015 00:24

​The criminalization of democracy in a Saudi vassal state
On June 16, Sheikh Ali Salman, a leading opposition figure in the Saudi-dominated monarchy of Bahrain, was condemned to four years in prison. His sentence threatens to turn Bahrain’s “quiet” revolution into a torrential wave, reshaping the region forever.

17.06.2015 16:24

Stealing cat lands Russian armed robbers in jail for 7 years
A Russian court has handed seven-year jail terms and penalties of around $4,500 to two men who stole a domesticated caracal cub and the equivalent of $9,000 from a Moscow couple, threatening them with a gun.

17.06.2015 07:14

European court blames website for hosting offensive comments in ‘shock’ decision
Free speech activists were dismayed after the European Court of Human Rights said that the Estonian justice system was right to fine a news website for user-generated hate comments under an article. The decision is feared to have wide repercussions.

17.06.2015 05:26

College student accused of plotting terror attack in New York City
An American citizen has been accused of planning to build and detonate a bomb as part of a terror plot after three months of undercover surveillance by federal agents. The student from New York has been arrested and is being held without bail.

17.06.2015 00:26

Key Bahraini opposition figure handed 4yr jail term
A court in Bahrain has sentenced Shiite opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman to four years in prison. He was convicted of insulting the Interior Ministry and of inciting others to break the law in the aftermath of the 2011 uprising.

16.06.2015 19:56

Egyptian court sentences ex-President Morsi to death in 2011 jailbreak case
An Egyptian court has sentenced former President Mohamed Morsi to death on Tuesday on charges of killing, kidnapping and other offences during a 2011 mass jailbreak.

16.06.2015 09:27

Cities can require affordable housing from developers – California Supreme Court
The California Supreme Court has ruled that cities and counties have broad authority to require builders to include affordable housing units in new projects. Local ordinances requiring units to be set aside at below market price are thus constitutional.

16.06.2015 02:14