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‘Threat to foreign relations’: Canada delays former Gitmo detainee’s bail decision
Canada’s Alberta Court delayed the bail ruling for former Guantanamo inmate Omar Khadr until Thursday, as the judge weighs arguments for and against. The government claims Khadr’s release would damage Canadian relations with certain countries.

06.05.2015 04:15

Washington teachers conduct rolling strike over lack of education funding
The largest teachers’ union in Washington will walk out of class for a one-day strike. Thousands of Seattle educators will become the state’s latest group to demonstrate for better pay, smaller class sizes and less standardized testing.

05.05.2015 23:32

Solitary confinement for Illinois juveniles banned – new settlement
Solitary confinement for those held in Illinois juvenile facilities will essentially be banned following the settlement of a federal lawsuit involving the American Civil Liberties Union and the state.

05.05.2015 22:44

Colorado to limit proxy weddings to service members, gov’t contractors
Colorado is set to restrict proxy marriages to members of the military and government contractors, claiming the change closes a loophole that endangers national security. Critics say the current law isn’t being exploited.

05.05.2015 19:53

Appeal filed requesting details from Eric Garner grand jury proceedings
The New York Civil Liberties Union is asking the state’s Supreme Court to appeal a recent decision declining the release of further details about the grand jury investigation concerning the death of Eric Garner.

05.05.2015 20:40

Ferguson paying attorney $1,335 per hour for DOJ reforms - report
Ferguson, Missouri has secretly hired a distinguished trial lawyer to navigate reforms demanded by the US Department of Justice following the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown, paying nearly double the highest billing rate the state paid last year.

05.05.2015 17:28

Texas shooting suspect known to FBI since 2006
From 2006 to his arrest in 2010 before an alleged trip to Somalia, Elton Simpson, a suspect in the shooting at the Muslim prophet Muhammad drawing contest in Texas, was monitored by the FBI via an informant. Terror charges against him were later dropped.

05.05.2015 14:41

Tony Blair acts as character witness for Ehud Olmert in corruption trial
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair came to the defense of Ehud Olmert as a character witness in the corruption trial against the former Israeli premier in the country’s Supreme Court.

05.05.2015 13:12

Pennsylvania Court strikes down law aimed at keeping convicts out of public eye
A federal court in Pennsylvania overturned the Revictimization Relief Act, which aimed to ban convicted criminals from speaking publicly.

05.05.2015 00:22

Facing the music: Man arrested after 'liking' own mugshot on Facebook
“Most wanted” may not mean what one Montana man thinks it means. He clicked “Like” below his own picture ‒ a mugshot labeled “most wanted,” posted by a local Crimestoppers group on Facebook – and was subsequently arrested.

04.05.2015 21:55

Family affair: NY Senate majority leader, son arrested on federal corruption charges
The New York Senate majority leader and his son have been arrested by the FBI on corruption and conspiracy charges. State Sen. Dean G. Skelos is accused of using his position to benefit his son’s business dealings.

04.05.2015 17:07

Millions for Kim Dotcom? Court lets MegaUpload founder pay mounting legal bills
Kim Dotcom, the founder of file-sharing site MegaUpload, whose assets have been frozen over a legal dispute, is getting something of his own back: a New Zealand court is releasing some of his millions to cover the lawyers’ bills - and living expenses.

03.05.2015 07:21