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At least 50 children killed in Egypt as train hits bus
At least 50 kindergarten pupils have been killed in Egypt after a speeding train hit their bus. The death toll may rise as the victims are being accounted for. The bus driver was also killed in the accident.

17.11.2012 07:51

Standing with Gaza: Egyptian protesters 'refuse Israel and politics of America' (PHOTOS)
Thousands of Egyptians protested against Israeli air strikes against Gaza on Friday. The demonstrations took place as the country’s prime minister visited Gaza in a show of support for Palestinians. The rallies were called by the Muslim Brotherhood.

16.11.2012 20:12

'IDF doesn’t hurt children when it bombs Gaza'
“There are no children hurt by the IDF” - such were the words of Alex Selsky, the spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s office, as he spoke to RT.

16.11.2012 17:30

Egypt recalls ambassador from Israel, calls for emergency UNSC meeting
Egypt recalled its ambassador from Israel after the country announced a operation against "terror targets" and started bombing Gaza. Cairo ordered Egypt’s UN representative to call for an emergency meeting over Israel’s intensifying military campaign.

14.11.2012 20:39

Aid amid austerity: Egypt to receive over $6bn in aid from EU
The European Union has approved a US$6.3 billion financial aid package for Egypt. The news comes as Europe is paralyzed by a general strike and mass protests as people are tired of deepening recession and strangled by constant budget cuts.

14.11.2012 18:22

Arab League divided over support of nascent Syrian coalition
The Arab League fell short of unanimous support for the new Syrian opposition coalition. The body still lacks full recognition, some Arab nations reluctant to back the uprising against President Assad, whom they still view as a legitimate ruler.

13.11.2012 10:02

Thousands of ultraconservative Muslims rally for Sharia in Egyptian constitution (PHOTOS)
More than 10,000 ultraconservative Muslims staged a demonstration in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Friday, demanding that Egypt’s new constitution be based on Sharia law. The protest reflects the debate over the role of Islam in the nation’s future.

09.11.2012 17:36

Egypt bans online porn, causing split in society
Egypt has officially banned sexually explicit websites, three years after the country’s administrative court denounced pornographic content as “venomous and vile.”

07.11.2012 23:56

Egyptian schoolgirls get chop for not wearing hijab
A teacher in southern Egypt cut the hair of two 14-year-old girls as punishment for not wearing Muslim headscarves. The incident has fueled fears the country’s Islamist government is emboldening hardline movements and encroaching on personal rights.

18.10.2012 09:27

‘Egypt heading towards Sharia enforcement’
As Egypt’s liberal and secular activists erupted with anger accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of trying to take over the country, former US Senate foreign policy analyst James Jatras tells RT that Egypt is on its way to becoming a caliphate.

13.10.2012 01:32

Clashes erupt on Egypt’s Tahrir Square, over 100 injured (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Thousands of supporters and opponents of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi battled for control of Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the recent revolution. Over one hundred protesters are reported injured in the violence.

12.10.2012 14:19

Wholesale presidential pardon: Morsi grants amnesty to Egypt’s revolutionary inmates
Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi has signed a degree pardoning all those who had been arrested during last year's revolution. The declaration could lead to the release of several thousand people.

08.10.2012 21:16