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US embassies in Cairo, Benghazi targeted over on-screen ‘insults’ to Islam (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
A US official was killed as an armed mob attacked the US Consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi. The attack came hours after protesters stormed the US Embassy in Cairo in indignation over an American film they say insulted the Prophet Muhammad.

11.09.2012 21:23

Egypt’s trash trouble: Mountains of garbage piling up
In Egypt, there’s a leftover from last year’s revolution that's starting to cause a bit of a stink. It took 18 days of mass protest to oust Hosni Mubarak, but in the ensuing 18 months, Egyptians have run up against a far more pungent problem.

11.09.2012 11:35

See no evil: London gives Mubarak cronies free pass on 'stolen billions' held in UK
The UK has failed to freeze millions in assets belonging to key figures in the regime of former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak. Investigative journalist Tony Gosling says the growing scandal shows the true face of British foreign policy.

03.09.2012 20:42

First veiled female newscaster appears on Egyptian TV
A female TV presenter has appeared on an Egyptian national newscast in a headscarf for the first time since the overthrow of ex-President Hosni Mubarak and the rise of the conservative Muslim Brotherhood Party.

03.09.2012 08:44

'We can't take Morsi at face value'
It’s no surprise that Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi delivered a speech calling the Syrian government an “oppressive regime,” journalist and broadcaster Neil Clark says.

30.08.2012 16:22

Egyptian activists demand immediate release of woman whipped by Saudis
Human rights activists in Egypt have called on Saudi Arabia to release an Egyptian woman sentenced to five years in prison and 500 lashes. Wedding designer Naglaa Wafa was found guilty following a business dispute with a princess.

28.08.2012 14:08

'Egyptian leader heads to China, Iran to find non-Western cash flow'
Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi is set to kick off his first visit to China, shortly followed by a historic trip to Tehran. Middle East history professor Lawrence Davidson believes Cairo wants to diversify its economic relations.

28.08.2012 01:17

Egypt reopens Rafah crossing after Sinai attack
Egypt has decided to reopen its border crossing with Gaza after closing it on the back of a militant attack in the Sinai Peninsula, that killed 16 Egyptian soldiers earlier this month.

26.08.2012 02:27

‘Iran and Egypt going to offset Saudi and US in Mid-East’
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is going to side with China and Iran to rebalance the region, Michael Hughes, foreign policy strategist at the Washington-based New World Strategies Coalition, told RT.

25.08.2012 07:07

Tahrir troubles: Biggest rally yet against Egypt’s new rulers (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
In the first significant protest against Egypt’s new Islamist rulers, several thousand people rallied at Cairo’s landmark Tahrir Square accusing President Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood of trying to monopolize power.

25.08.2012 00:02

Sinai military build-up: Egypt to deploy tanks and aircraft to tackle Islamist militants
Egypt is set to put tanks and aircraft on duty in Sinai for the first time since its 1973 war with Israel in a bid to tighten security in the region. Meanwhile, Tel Aviv has installed its Iron Dome anti-rocket system near the Egyptian border.

20.08.2012 18:42

Press crackdown: Egypt's Morsi slammed for censorship
Egypt’s president has come under fire for censoring news outlets over charges of 'fueling sedition.' The ruling Muslim Brotherhood party’s move to stifle critics has sparked fears they are adopting the repressive tactics they pledged to abolish.

18.08.2012 09:23