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Egypt military use ailing Mubarak as scapegoat?
The Egyptian government has postponed presidential vote results amid conflicting reports of ex-leader Hosni Mubarak’s worsening health. His transfer to hospital prompted claims the military authorities are using him as a scapegoat to delay elections.

21.06.2012 03:50

Egyptian breaking point? Thousands protest military power grab
Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians have flooded Tahrir Square to protest the ruling military council’s decision to grant itself legislative power. The latest developments in the country raise fears of a showdown between Islamists and the military.

19.06.2012 21:50

Hosni Mubarak in coma, but off life support
Egyptian security officials report former president Hosni Mubarak remains in a coma but has been taken off life support systems he was on after heart failure Tuesday night. His heart and other vital organs are said to be functioning properly.

19.06.2012 21:33

Retaliatory strike? Israel kills four Palestinians after border clash (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
The Israeli Air Force has killed four Palestinians in Gaza, who they allege were Islamic Jihad militants. This follows a skirmish between Israeli forces and militants from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

19.06.2012 01:05

Muslim Brotherhood declares Morsi Egypt's president
The Muslim Brotherhood declares its candidate, Mohamed Morsi, has won Egypt’s presidential run-off. The victory over Mubarak’s former prime minister, Ahmed Shafiq, is claimed ahead of the official announcement of the ballot results on Thursday.

18.06.2012 02:01

Voters’ dilemma: Egyptians choosing president
The first day of voting in Egypt's presidential election run-off is over. Egyptians are faced with a tough decision with the ballot coming amid mass indignation after both houses of Egypt's parliament were suspended by the Constitutional Court.

17.06.2012 00:37

‘Parliament must be dissolved’ – Egypt's highest court
The Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt has announced that Egypt’s lower house of parliament must be dissolved following a court verdict which determined a hastily considered election law was illegal.

14.06.2012 12:24

Mob assaults Egyptian women protesting harassment, ELBaradei apologizes
Former IAEA head and Egyptian politician Mohamed ElBaradei has apologized to women who were assaulted by a mob during a protest calling for an end to sexual harassment.

09.06.2012 11:47

Egyptian women fear fewer rights, more harassment after elections
As Egyptian run-off presidential elections approach, fears are mounting over the protection and rights of women amid prevalent sexual harassment and political repression. Egyptians fear returning to the female oppression of a distant past.

07.06.2012 14:05

Egyptians pour out in anger at ‘hijacked’ revolution
Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians flooded Cairo’s Tahrir Square ahead of the upcoming presidential runoff as voters voice frustration with the choice of candidates. Many fear the military plans to use the disorder in the country to stay in power.

06.06.2012 07:36

Injures and arrests as pro- and anti-Mubarak protesters clash in Cairo (VIDEO)
At least 12 people have been injured and several dozen arrested as pro-and anti-Mubarak Egyptians have clashed with the police after the court handed down life sentence for ex-leader Hosni Mubarak.

02.06.2012 14:58

Tahrir Trial: Mubarak gets life sentence for mass murder (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
The former Egyptian president was charged with murder and attempted murder in connection with the killing of 225 anti-government demonstrators and wounding of more than 1,800 in January last year. His co-defendant security chiefs were acquitted.

02.06.2012 08:27

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