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Egyptian women fear fewer rights, more harassment after elections
As Egyptian run-off presidential elections approach, fears are mounting over the protection and rights of women amid prevalent sexual harassment and political repression. Egyptians fear returning to the female oppression of a distant past.

07.06.2012 14:05

Egyptians pour out in anger at ‘hijacked’ revolution
Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians flooded Cairo’s Tahrir Square ahead of the upcoming presidential runoff as voters voice frustration with the choice of candidates. Many fear the military plans to use the disorder in the country to stay in power.

06.06.2012 07:36

Injures and arrests as pro- and anti-Mubarak protesters clash in Cairo (VIDEO)
At least 12 people have been injured and several dozen arrested as pro-and anti-Mubarak Egyptians have clashed with the police after the court handed down life sentence for ex-leader Hosni Mubarak.

02.06.2012 14:58

Tahrir Trial: Mubarak gets life sentence for mass murder (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
The former Egyptian president was charged with murder and attempted murder in connection with the killing of 225 anti-government demonstrators and wounding of more than 1,800 in January last year. His co-defendant security chiefs were acquitted.

02.06.2012 08:27

'Mubarak verdict to be political'
As Egyptians are bracing to learn the fate of their toppled leader Hosni Mubarak, his verdict is going to be mostly political rather than justice-related, believes Ramzy Baroud, editor at

02.06.2012 03:26

Egypt erupts at vote results, Shafik residence attacked (PHOTOS)
Angry protestors in Cairo attacked and set fire to the home of presidential candidate Ahmad Shafik Monday night. Thousands of raging Egyptians gathered at Tahrir Square to protest last week’s first round of the country’s presidential election.

29.05.2012 12:43

‘Neither runoff candidate belongs to the revolution’ - Egyptian activist
Egyptians are to choose between an Islamist and a former Mubarak loyalist in the runoff of the presidential election. Human rights activist Dalia Ziada told RT that the result of the first round is a disappointment to those who backed the revolution.

26.05.2012 00:26

Muslim Brotherhood bribing voters as Egypt chooses new leader
Egypt’s presidential election, the country's first after the ouster of Hosni Mubarak, have been described as “free and fair.” But along with optimistic reports, some witnesses say candidates are blackmailing and bribing poor Egyptians with food.

23.05.2012 18:47

Egyptians vote for new leader: Islamist or Mubarak crony?
Egyptian voters are heading to the polls to elect the country’s new president. And with popular support ranging from former Mubarak regime loyalists to Islamists, the poll is likely to head into a runoff.

23.05.2012 03:12

New constitution, same power: Egypt’s military council wants it their way
Egypt's ruling military council is to set forth an interim constitution ahead of the presidential race. It will charge the newly elected leader and the council itself with powers that many fear could undermine the achievements of last year’s revolution.

22.05.2012 23:50

From Libya to the world: Egypt makes its biggest arms bust ever
Egyptian security forces have made their biggest ever smuggled arms bust, intercepting over 120 rockets and other supplies. The seized weapons, presumably on their way to the Gaza Strip, originated in neighboring Libya, smugglers say.

20.05.2012 19:53

Egypt to revive female genital mutilation in the name of Islam?
Egyptian human rights groups and female activists are alarmed at renewed parliamentary calls to revive the practice of female circumcision. They appeal to the authorities to stop advocating what was officially banned in 2007.

16.05.2012 10:11

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