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Middle East détente: Iran launches new era of Egyptian relations
Egypt and Iran are set to restart bilateral relations after more than three decades of animosity. Iran will place no limits on the strengthening of relations with Egypt, said President Ahmadinejad in his first phone call with his counterpart.

06.07.2012 19:38

Exporting democracy can be dangerous – Pulitzer Prize nominee
Three-time Pulitzer Prize nominee Martin Sieff says America’s foreign policy is misguided in its attempts to export “instant democracy” – and assumptions that the US model will work the same everywhere could have potentially dangerous consequences.

03.07.2012 10:19

President Morsi hails 'new Egypt' but faces challenges to authority
Egypt’s newly sworn-in President Mohammed Morsi reaffirmed his Islamist beliefs in his inauguration speech, but promised the country would not swerve from a moderate course in its international policies.

30.06.2012 15:46

‘I fear no one, but God’ – Morsi addresses jubilant crowd in Tahrir (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Egypt's president-elect Mohamed Morsi has vowed that the revolution will continue as he read a symbolic oath of office in front of tens of thousands of cheering supporters in Tahrir Square.

29.06.2012 19:29

Arabs awakening - so is Al-Qaeda
The head of UK intelligence, Jonathan Evans, says the turmoil that followed the Arab Spring allowed extremists to gain a foothold in the Arab world. Middle East peace activist, Franklin Lamb, believes that this warning is not groundless.

27.06.2012 03:32

Egyptian court rules army cannot arrest civilians
An Egyptian court has overturned a government decree allowing the army to arrest civilians. The decision comes after human rights activists rose up against the decree issued by the Justice Ministry.

26.06.2012 14:28

'Islamic Awakening': Morsi’s Egypt turns to Iran - report
Newly-elected Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi will rekindle dormant ties between Egypt and Iran and re-consider his country’s peace accord with Israel, according to a controversial interview with an Iranian news agency.

25.06.2012 15:06

‘Religious rhetoric won’t help Egypt’s new head solve real problems’
President Morsi’s success as the new head of Egypt will depend on his ability to solve urgent problems rather then skills in political debate, says his former competitor Amre Moussa. That can only be achieved by keeping the country secular, he says.

25.06.2012 10:04

Egypt salutes president: Tahrir goes mad as Morsi addresses the nation
Egyptian president-elect Mohamed Morsi, the first Islamist head of state in the Arab world's most populous nation, has delivered an encouraging speech stating that under his rule Christians and Muslims will unite and make Egypt proud and great again.

24.06.2012 14:29

Egypt in post-election turmoil: Tens of thousands take to Tahrir
Tens of thousands of Egyptians have descended on Tahrir Square in Cairo as the results of the country's recent presidential elections are pending. Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood claims its candidate's victory, stirring tensions along the way.

22.06.2012 16:54

Egypt military use ailing Mubarak as scapegoat?
The Egyptian government has postponed presidential vote results amid conflicting reports of ex-leader Hosni Mubarak’s worsening health. His transfer to hospital prompted claims the military authorities are using him as a scapegoat to delay elections.

21.06.2012 03:50

Egyptian breaking point? Thousands protest military power grab
Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians have flooded Tahrir Square to protest the ruling military council’s decision to grant itself legislative power. The latest developments in the country raise fears of a showdown between Islamists and the military.

19.06.2012 21:50