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­Veiled women in Egypt get their own TV channel
A TV channel managed solely by women wearing the niqab or the full-face veil has been launched in Egypt. Now devout women who wear the veil have the opportunity to find themselves a job.

20.07.2012 16:00

Former Egyptian spy chief Omar Suleiman dies in US - reports
Hosni Mubarak’s long-term intelligence chief Omar Suleiman, who also briefly served as the country’s Vice President before the former president’s ouster, has died in the US, state-run news agency MENA reported Thursday.

19.07.2012 09:02

Train derails, catches fire near Cairo (PHOTOS)
At least 15 people were injured when a passenger train derailed and caught fire near the Egyptian capital of Cairo. The incident was caused by passengers of another train putting logs and rocks on the rails.

17.07.2012 15:47

Egyptians pelt Clinton with tomatoes, chant ‘Monica’
Hillary Clinton has been welcomed in Egypt by locals greeting her motorcade with tomatoes, shoes and water bottles. Rallying protesters showed awareness with US domestic policy history, chanting “Monica, Monica”.

16.07.2012 07:56

‘US is OK with Al-Qaeda in Syria, Libya – Egypt’s Islamists won’t be problem either’
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Egypt's army chief Tantawi to try to push for the military to hand over power to the president. Anti-war activist and journalist Don Debar says that would leave the US free to do its ‘machinations’.

16.07.2012 02:49

Clinton and Morsi hold talks in Cairo amid protests (VIDEO)
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has held her first talks with newly elected Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, as well as with military strongman Marshall Hussein Tantawi. Crowds took to the street to protest her visit.

15.07.2012 02:15

At least 12 killed as 11-story dwelling collapses in Egypt (VIDEO)
At least 12 people died, as an 11-story building collapsed in Egypt’s second-largest city of Alexandria, reports Al-Arabiya. The building also caused three more nearby houses to tumble with it.

14.07.2012 15:55

Holy hoax: Radical Islamists call on Egypt to destroy pyramids
Calls from a Bahraini Sunni cleric to destroy Egypt’s Great Pyramids have been revealed as a hoax. The demands were made from a Twitter account which claimed to be owned by Bahrain’s President of National Unity, Abd al-Latif al-Mahmoud.

12.07.2012 09:55

Military vs Morsi: Power clash over parliament
Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi has ordered the country's parliament to return almost a month after a Supreme Court ruling dismissed it. The military council has called an emergency meeting to discuss the president's move.

08.07.2012 19:31

Middle East détente: Iran launches new era of Egyptian relations
Egypt and Iran are set to restart bilateral relations after more than three decades of animosity. Iran will place no limits on the strengthening of relations with Egypt, said President Ahmadinejad in his first phone call with his counterpart.

06.07.2012 19:38

Exporting democracy can be dangerous – Pulitzer Prize nominee
Three-time Pulitzer Prize nominee Martin Sieff says America’s foreign policy is misguided in its attempts to export “instant democracy” – and assumptions that the US model will work the same everywhere could have potentially dangerous consequences.

03.07.2012 10:19

President Morsi hails 'new Egypt' but faces challenges to authority
Egypt’s newly sworn-in President Mohammed Morsi reaffirmed his Islamist beliefs in his inauguration speech, but promised the country would not swerve from a moderate course in its international policies.

30.06.2012 15:46