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Muslim Brotherhood US charm offensive belies domestic reality
Key members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood are in Washington this week – hoping to restore the international image of a revolution that has so far failed to live up to its promise of democracy and progress.

05.04.2012 16:37

Clinging to power? Muslim Brotherhood announces presidential candidate
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has announced its presidential candidate. The move has caused a tide of public discontent, with many seeing it as a threat to democracy – and some even accusing the Islamist group of conspiracy plans.

02.04.2012 17:43

Egypt bans porn sites for ‘destroying religious belief’
An Egyptian administrative court has banned internet porn sites, describing them as "poisons in spreading immorality.” The move has some liberal activists worried that Egypt may be moving towards Sharia law.

30.03.2012 00:29

Islamists to draft Egypt’s new constitution
The Islamists have won a clear majority on the panel to draw up the country’s new constitution after the liberal bloc staged a walk-out from the vote on Saturday, calling it a “farce.”

25.03.2012 18:51

Football ban instigates clashes in Port Said, 1 dead (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Fans of Egypt’s top football team Al-Masry went insane on news their side was given a two-year ban over the February 1 massacre in Port Said, when team’s fans turned a stadium into a slaughterhouse, beating and stubbing to death at least 74 people.

24.03.2012 10:54

Islamist grip on Egypt may tighten: Muslim Brotherhood eyes presidency
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, an influential group holding half of the seats in the new parliament, may field a candidate for the May presidential election. The move would break an earlier promise not to seek presidential power.

22.03.2012 08:13

Egyptian Christian minority mourns protector and spiritual leader
Coptic Christians have paid final respects to their spiritual leader. With the death of Pope Shenouda III, a staunch defender of the Christian minority in Egypt, millions of Copts face growing uncertainty about their future in Muslim-ruled Egypt.

20.03.2012 16:00

Permanent Revolution: Resistance lives among disillusioned Egyptians
A year after a historic referendum that paved the way for a reshuffle of power in Egypt, ordinary citizens worry the change they had been hoping for never happened.

19.03.2012 08:57

Gloomy economic forecast puts Egypt in the doldrums
More than a year after the revolution in Egypt, high hopes of a better life for everyone have faded with its faltering economy. Expectations for the civilian rulers who will take over in June are high, but the cost of failure may be higher.

18.03.2012 09:43

Friends no more? Egypt’s MPs declare Israel No. 1 enemy
Egypt calls Israel its number one enemy, saying it will “revise all its relations and agreements” with Tel Aviv. In a protest against Israeli attacks on Gaza, Egyptian MPs have voted to expel Israel's Ambassador in Cairo, and to halt gas exports.

13.03.2012 17:25

Heroin harvest: NATO losing Afghan war on drugs
The western military bloc couldn't persuade Afghan farmers to grow wheat instead of opium poppy, says Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service.

13.03.2012 09:23

Israel and Gaza militants reach ceasefire after four days of attacks
Israel and groups of militants in the Gaza Strip have agreed to an Egypt-mediated truce, Reuters reports, citing a senior Egyptian security official. It will put an end to four days of border violence between the sides.

13.03.2012 00:15

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