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Clashes erupt on Egypt’s Tahrir Square, over 100 injured (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Thousands of supporters and opponents of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi battled for control of Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the recent revolution. Over one hundred protesters are reported injured in the violence.

12.10.2012 14:19

Wholesale presidential pardon: Morsi grants amnesty to Egypt’s revolutionary inmates
Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi has signed a degree pardoning all those who had been arrested during last year's revolution. The declaration could lead to the release of several thousand people.

08.10.2012 21:16

Two Coptic kids face trial in Egypt over ‘insulting Islam’
Two Coptic boys aged 9 and 10 are awaiting trial after an Islamic cleric accused them of tearing up and urinating on the Koran. The boys’ families say the boys are illiterate and found the Koran pages while playing with garbage.

04.10.2012 15:06

Egyptian woman runs for chairmanship of Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing
Sparking controversy, a female candidate is seeking to head the political wing of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. She has denied that her candidacy is a smoke screen to distract from criticism that the movement is discriminatory towards women.

03.10.2012 23:48

'I'm not convinced': US Rep blocks $450mln Egypt aid package
A US congresswoman blocked $450 million in aid intended for Egypt, saying that US-Egypt ties are under “scrutiny.” The money was part of a larger package promised to Egypt by President Obama, and is on hold pending congressional approval.

29.09.2012 09:51

Sinai of discord: Egypt, Israel growing impatient over border security
Egypt “will cut off an arm of any foreign or internal aggressor,” a top military official tells an Egyptian daily, as Cairo boosts military presence in Sinai over militant threat. Israel is rumored to be planning a strike on the disturbed peninsula.

24.09.2012 17:38

'US should respect Arab world and keep its promises' - Morsi
The first democratically-elected president of Egypt brought good relations with the US into question ahead of a visit to UN headquarters in NYC. Mohamed Morsi called on Washington to respect the Arab world and the promises once given to it.

24.09.2012 11:11

Egypt seeks arrest of Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones
Egypt’s general prosecutor has issued arrest warrants for Florida-based Pastor Terry Jones and seven Egyptian Coptic Christians on charges linked to the anti-Islamic film "Innocence of Muslims" which incited riots across the Muslim World.

18.09.2012 15:01

US embassy in Egypt ‘warned’ of violence over anti-Islam film
The US embassy in Cairo was “fully aware” of a possible violent backlash sparked by an anti-Islam film. A cable was sent to Cairo warning of violence prior to the US ambassador’s murder in Libya, but wasn’t shared with other embassies in the region.

18.09.2012 08:19

‘US will think twice before supporting Islamic radicals’
The recent outbreak of violent anti-American protests in the Muslim world will make US politicians think twice before supporting Islamic radicals, political analyst and ex-jihadist Tawfik Hamid said in an interview with RT.

17.09.2012 11:26

Alleged creator of infamous anti-Muslim film questioned by police in LA
The filmmaker allegedly responsible for the anti-Muslim film 'Innocence of Muslims,' which sparked anti-US protests around world, was called in by Los Angeles police for questioning, county officials confirmed.

15.09.2012 09:07

Protester killed as violent demonstrations resume in Cairo
One protester has been killed and 27 injured during Friday's clashes with police near the US embassy in Cairo as the anti-American protests in the Egyptian capital continue.

14.09.2012 12:56