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Egyptian military ready for power transfer
The Egyptian army could pass executive power to the future president at the end of May, should one of the candidates run away with the election. The statement was made by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces of Egypt (SCAF).

03.05.2012 11:54

Deadly clashes at Cairo demo against military rule (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Unknown attackers have killed at least 20 Egyptian protesters and wounded more than 160 on a fourth day of clashes in Cairo. Troops have been deployed to the area to end the violence.

02.05.2012 10:31

At least 90 injured in Cairo as military close eyes on attack against protesters (PHOTOS)
More than 90 people have been wounded as unidentified assailants attacked protesters in Cairo who called for an end to military rule. Police and army troops chose not to interfere. Some reports say a number of people have died in the violence.

29.04.2012 12:45

Egyptian comic actor convicted for insulting Islam to appeal sentence
A court in Egypt has given one of the most famous comic actors in the Arab world, Adel Imam, a jail sentence for insulting Islam. The actor is due to appeal the decision.

27.04.2012 11:18

Egypt approves presidential runners, voters perplexed
Egypt's election commission has announced 13 candidates are eligible to run in the forthcoming presidential election. The list includes ultraconservative Islamists, as well as ex-president Hosni Mubarak`s former ministers.

26.04.2012 09:00

NGO crackdown: Gagging democracy or national self-defense?
Egypt has denied licenses to eight US-based non-profit groups, saying they violated the country’s sovereignty. Many states are concerned that foreign government-backed NGOs are really agents for their sponsors, rather than independent action groups.

24.04.2012 08:56

Gas and peace: Egypt cuts off gas supply to Israel
Egypt has canceled its natural gas supply deal with Israel, insisting the move has nothing to do with politics. Israel downplayed the decision, which could further deteriorate bilateral ties that have decayed markedly since the Egyptian revolution.

23.04.2012 05:34

‘Egypt is on a collision course’
A range of Egypt’s political forces has joined the large-scale protests against the ruling military on Tahrir Square. With the SCAF reluctant to give up power and the people still pushing for true democracy, Egypt seems to be on a collision course.

21.04.2012 01:05

Egypt flux ‘could trigger US aid backfire’
The US move to resume annual military aid to Egypt has sparked concern the money will no longer be able buy the loyalty of the changing country. Cairo’s unclear political future could now result in a conflict with Washington and its key ally Israel.

16.04.2012 12:04

Collective punishment: Mubarak loyalist, key Islamists banned from presidential race
A number of top contenders in Egypt’s presidential election have been disqualified. Among the banned candidates are both Islamists and a Mubarak-era top official.

16.04.2012 00:37

‘Protect the Revolt!’ Thousands demand to ban Mubarak-era officials (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Over 10,000 Egyptians gathered in central Cairo to support a law that would put a ten-year ban on Mubarak-era officials running for office. The Islamist-dominated rally comes just over a month before the presidential poll.

13.04.2012 23:40

Egypt’s revolution under threat: Hardline candidate approved
An Egyptian court has approved a hardline Muslim candidate to run in the May Presidential race. The Salafi politician’s ultra-conservative stance has raised doubts that the elections will achieve the aims of the revolution.

12.04.2012 08:44

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