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Egypt seeks up to $4.8bln IMF loan
Egyptian authorities are to discuss a possible $4.8 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund, when the lender’s chief Christine Lagarde arrives in Cairo next week.

16.08.2012 10:23

Lost Egyptian pyramids discovered with Google Earth
A groundbreaking discovery has been made by an American archaeologist who spotted what looks like two new pyramid sites in Egypt, with one site viewed on satellite being three times the size of Great Pyramid at Giza.

14.08.2012 10:10

'Egyptian military may rearrange foreign-backed coup against Morsi'
Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has taken the bold step of sacking two of the country’s top military commanders from their governing posts. With Cairo facing dire financial straits, however, such a brazen move may eventually spur a military coup.

14.08.2012 00:06

Egypt's president retires Field Marshal Tantawi, cancels new constitutional military powers
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has retired Field Marshal Mohamed Tantawi, the head of the country’s Supreme Military Council and Chief of Staff Sami Annan. Morsi also canceled constitutional amendments giving the military wide powers.

12.08.2012 15:12

Security breakdown in Sinai: Army battles it out with militants
Clashes in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula are raging for the second day as the military attempts to combat militants who have taken a foothold in the region since Mubarak’s ouster.

09.08.2012 16:57

Egypt fires missiles against suspected militants in Sinai
The Egyptian military has launched an assault against suspected Islamist militants after they attacked security checkpoints along the Egyptian-Israeli border. At least 20 people have reportedly been killed.

08.08.2012 03:46

Egyptian Islamists blame Mossad for deadly Sinai attack
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has blamed Mossad, the Israeli spy agency, for a terrorist attack that killed 16 Egyptian soldiers in Sinai on Sunday night. The act had further escalated tensions between the formerly allied nations.

06.08.2012 23:48

Cairo police kill man, crack down on raging crowd (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
An Egyptian man has been killed in front of a luxury hotel in central Cairo after police opened fire on an angry crowd of around 500 people. The demonstrators set ablaze dozens of vehicles parked outside the hotel, and had tried to storm the lobby.

02.08.2012 22:35

Real deal? Morsi ducks Peres peace letter claim
Israel insists that a letter received from Egypt's new President expressing desire for regional peace is genuine; despite a denial by Cairo the letter was ever sent.

01.08.2012 10:50

Egypt arrests Christian teacher for ‘insulting Islam’ on Facebook
Egyptian authorities have arrested a minority Coptic Christian teacher for allegedly posting cartoons on Facebook that insulted Islam - charges that are becoming a common theme in a country ruled by an Islamic majority.

31.07.2012 13:51

Egypt lifts 5-year blockade of Gaza, allowing Palestinians free entry
With an Islamist president in power, Egypt has eased longtime visa restrictions on Palestinians traveling from Gaza, ending its longtime assistance in Israel’s siege of the area.

23.07.2012 23:00

­Veiled women in Egypt get their own TV channel
A TV channel managed solely by women wearing the niqab or the full-face veil has been launched in Egypt. Now devout women who wear the veil have the opportunity to find themselves a job.

20.07.2012 16:00