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Egypt court bans all Muslim Brotherhood activities nationwide
An Egyptian court has banned all activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in the country. Its assets will also be confiscated according to the court ruling.

23.09.2013 11:58

Egyptian farmer arrested for naming donkey after army chief
A farmer is southern Egypt was taken into custody after putting a military chief’s name and a military hat on a donkey, state media reported.

22.09.2013 03:43

Egypt’s security forces bring tanks to storm Islamist stronghold outside Cairo (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A police general was killed and at least nine policemen were wounded in clashes between militants on Thursday just outside Cairo during a military operation backed by dozens of tanks and helicopters.

19.09.2013 14:58

Major offensive: Egypt brings tanks and choppers to ‘clean’ Sinai of militants
The Egyptian military have launched a major offensive against Islamist militants in the northern Sinai Peninsula, with the operation described as the biggest of its kind in recent years.

07.09.2013 13:47

Egypt’s interior minister survives assassination attempt
The Egyptian interior minister, Mohamed Ibrahim, has avoided injuries in an assassination attempt as his motorcade was blown up by a remote-controlled bomb while driving through the infamous Nasr City district in the capital, Cairo.

05.09.2013 14:17

Obama to decide on suspending aid to Egypt after Syria vote
Top US national security aides have advised President Obama to suspend hundreds of millions of dollars in economic and military aid to Egypt because of remaining uncertainty after the Egyptian military forced the nation's president out of power.

04.09.2013 22:26

Egyptian helicopters assault Sinai Islamist bases
Egyptian Air Force has launched a sudden assault against militant groups in the north of the Sinai Peninsula. The operation has been initiated in response to unceasing attacks by Islamist extremists against Egyptian military personnel in the area.

03.09.2013 10:22

Islamists can’t be left out of Egypt’s political process
By removing the Muslim Brotherhood from the scene, the Egyptian government will repeat the same mistake Mohamed Morsi did when he isolated the liberal opposition, political analyst, Shahira Amin, told RT.

02.09.2013 19:27

Britain suspends 49 military export licenses to Egypt
The UK government has axed 49 arms export licenses to Egypt to prevent UK weapons and military equipment being used in the deadly unrest in the Middle Eastern country.

29.08.2013 10:14

Thousands turn up for subdued Egypt protests
At least 54 people were injured in protests held across Egypt as thousands participated in the ‘Friday of Martyrs’ calling for more demonstrations against the military’s removal of the deposed President Mohammed Morsi.

23.08.2013 19:27

‘Turkey will never rule Arab World’ – Egypt’s FM
A non-Arab state, like Turkey, can’t rule the Arab World, Egypt’s interim foreign minister, Nabil Fahmy, told RT Arabic in an exclusive interview, calling Ankara’s ambitions to restore the Ottoman Empire groundless due to failed relations with neighbors.

22.08.2013 19:09

Mubarak flown from prison to military medical center
Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been airlifted by helicopter out of Cairo’s Tora Prison and flown to the army's International Medical Center, where he will remain under guard. The 85-year-old still faces multiple criminal charges.

22.08.2013 13:31

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