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Phantom of Egypt’s democracy: What the new Constitution is all about?
Some of the protesters’ demands concerning the rule of Sharia law and army’s non-accountability to any one remain unchanged in the new Constitution, which casts doubts on the possibility of a democratic transition for Egypt.

22.01.2014 11:53

Egypt’s post-Morsi constitution gets almost total voters’ approval
Exactly 98.1% of Egyptians said yes to the new constitution in this week’s referendum. The outlawed Muslim brotherhood says it does not recognize the vote, which saw some 20 million, or over 38% of registered voters, participate.

18.01.2014 19:37

​‘Egypt’s draft constitution represents interests of Mubarak’s defunct regime’
Eleven people have died and 28 have been injured in violent clashes in Egypt on the first day of voting on a new constitution. The vote is likely to spawn a presidential bid by General Abdel Fattah Sisi, expert on Islamic movements, Azzam Tamimi, told RT.

14.01.2014 19:26

Egyptian military seeks to undermine Hamas, plans cooperation with Fatah – report
After cracking down on the Muslim Brotherhood and deposing Islamist President Mohamed Morsi, the Egyptian military is looking to undermine Hamas in Gaza as it “threaten its national security,” Reuters reports.

14.01.2014 14:29

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood submits claim to ICC over army crackdown
Muslim Brotherhood lawyers stated they have submitted a formal complaint to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the military’s alleged crimes against humanity in Egypt.

07.01.2014 03:39

‘Egypt needs its Mandela – but not one in sight’
Only a man like the late South African leader Nelson Mandela could bring about reconciliation of the Muslim Brotherhood and the government of Egypt and could prevent the country from sliding into a lengthy conflict, says journalist and author Hugh Miles.

04.01.2014 19:48

17 dead, over 50 injured in Egypt clashes (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
At least 17 people have been killed across Egypt in a wave of protests, which saw demonstrators clashing with police forces. Over 50 other people were injured in the violence.

03.01.2014 23:19

'Egypt returns to pre-2011 situation'
Egyptian people believe the labeling of the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist, the imprisoning of protest leaders, and the crackdown on dissent, has returned the country to a police state worse than under Mubarak, journalist Shahira Amin told RT.

26.12.2013 10:19

Egypt formally declares Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group
The crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has intensified, with the government formally listing the group as a terrorist organization and accusing it of being behind a recent suicide attack that killed 16 people.

25.12.2013 21:44

Egypt arrests Morsi's former PM
Egyptian police have arrested the former prime minister under ex-President Mohamed Morsi. Hisham Qandil was arrested in the desert outside of Cairo while trying to escape to Sudan with a smuggler, the Interior Ministry stated.

24.12.2013 22:18

Egyptian govt spokesman describes Muslim Brotherhood as 'terrorist' group
Egyptian Prime Minister Hazem Al Beblawi condemned explosions early Tuesday at a police headquarters in Mansoura that killed at least 14 as an act of terrorism, vowing to “pursue the criminals who executed, planned and supported that attack.”

24.12.2013 02:10

14 dead, 130 injured as explosion destroys police office in Egypt
Explosions at a police headquarters in Mansoura, Egypt, early Tuesday morning killed at least 14 people and injured 130, according to Egypt's health ministry.

23.12.2013 23:50