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Egypt seeks to bring friendship with Russia to ‘Soviet level’
Egypt wants to develop its ties with Russia, bringing the two nations to the level of friendship they enjoyed during the Soviet era. However, Egypt is not looking to replace the US as its key ally, according to the country’s foreign minister.

14.11.2013 07:25

Morsi’s trial adjourned in Egypt as defendants chant anti-military slogans
A Cairo court has adjourned the trial of ousted President Morsi over refusing his prison uniform and the defendants' chanting "Down with the military rule". Morsi and 14 others face charges of inciting the killing of protesters in clashes.

04.11.2013 09:39

'Egyptian Jon Stewart' off air: Popular satire show mocking new govt canceled
A popular show by a daredevil Egyptian political satirist, Bassem Youssef, has canceled the airing of its latest, highly-anticipated episode after it came under fire for mocking the new military-backed government.

02.11.2013 07:03

Muslim Brotherhood leader arrested in Egypt
Amid the ongoing crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian authorities have arrested Essam El-Arian, the vice chairman of the Freedom and Justice party. He was one of the few Brotherhood leaders remaining free since the ouster of President Morsi.

30.10.2013 02:08

‘Sisi regime in Egypt paves the way for another Israeli invasion of Gaza’ – Hamas spokesman
Morsi did not take sides in Palestine, but when he was ousted the situation changed completely, Hamas’ representative in Lebanon, Osama Hamdan, said in an exclusive interview with RT’s Nadezhda Kevorkova.

21.10.2013 11:26

Gunmen kill 3 in shooting spree at Egyptian Coptic church
At least three people were killed, including an eight-year-old girl, and around 12 others wounded after unknown gunmen opened fire on wedding guests outside a Coptic Christian church in a suburb of the Egyptian capital on Sunday night.

20.10.2013 20:35

Egyptian police fire tear gas to disperse pro-Morsi student protesters (PHOTOS)
Egyptian police fired tear gas at participants of a pro-Morsi student demonstration as they rallied and tried to march to a protest camp at Cairo’s Rabaa Square, which security forces cleared in mid-August.

20.10.2013 16:41

US suspends hundreds of millions in military aid to Egypt
The United States has suspended a large part of its military and other cash aid to Egypt, the State Department said. The US has put on hold delivery of “large scale” military systems, such as tanks, F-16 jets and Apache helicopters, a source told Reuters.

09.10.2013 20:35

US to ‘announce future’ of military aid to Egypt – White House
The US is not planning to halt “all” military aid to Egypt, the White House has said, refuting some recent media reports. However, in the coming days the US administration is planning to announce the future of its “assistance relationship with Egypt.”

08.10.2013 23:35

The Arab Spring is dead: Egypt’s failed revolution
On the 6 October 2013, in Cairo, on the 40th anniversary of Arab-Israeli War, everything that could have gone wrong went. It was bit like that great short novel of the Columbian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez: ‘Chronicle of Death Foretold’.

07.10.2013 15:14

Imperialism destabilizing Africa
Recent outbursts of violence in Kenya and Nigeria shocked the world, but with the influx of guns from destabilized countries, and instability, which is a direct result of Western neo-colonialism, the situation could get much worst.

06.10.2013 15:51

At least 53 killed, over 200 wounded as Egypt protests turn violent
Egyptian celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the Arab-Israeli War were marred by a fresh wave of violence, with at least 53 people killed and over 200 wounded in clashes between police and supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi.

06.10.2013 14:23

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