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Top US senator to withhold Egypt military aid over 'sham trial' of Islamists
US Senator Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Senate subcommittee that handles foreign aid, says he will not approve funding for the military in Egypt, where 683 Muslim Brotherhood members were summarily sentenced to death on Monday.

29.04.2014 22:10

​Egypt’s death sentences against Islamists an 'intimidation tactic' ahead of election
An Egyptian court sentenced nearly 700 Muslim Brotherhood members to death on Monday for organizing violent protests after the ouster of former President Mohammed Morsi. The verdict is intimidation ahead of May elections, activist Ahmed Naguib told RT.

29.04.2014 01:35

Political cleansing in Egypt is full speed ahead
With the largest number of Egyptians sentenced to life imprisonment and death at one time, and no conclusive evidence of their guilt, fears for the future of Egypt are rising.

28.04.2014 13:19

MERS spreading: Saudi Arabia registers 26 more cases after Egypt discovers first patient
Saudi Arabia has confirmed 26 more cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) a day after Egypt registered its first incidence of the deadly SARS-like coronavirus. The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concern about the growing numbers.

27.04.2014 12:16

It’s ok to surrender wife to rapist, Egyptian Cleric says in fatwa
An Egyptian preacher has issued a fatwa – an Islamic legal opinion – according to which rape is like robbery and a husband should not risk his life protecting his wife’s honor from another man.

27.04.2014 03:15

Coup no more? US clears Egypt to receive Apache helicopters
The United States pledged 10 Apache helicopters to Egypt on Tuesday, easing back for the first time on sanctions placed against the country last year following the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi.

23.04.2014 14:19

‘Egyptian courts used to settle political scores’
It’s clear that charges against Muslim Brotherhood members are politically motivated since there is a vendetta between the military-backed authorities and the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s playing out in courts, journalist Shahira Amin told RT.

22.04.2014 11:30

Ancient wrestlers caught match-fixing by scientists
Modern-day professional wrestling has encountered its fair share of criticism for its questionable authenticity...but a newly revealed document shows that ancient athletes weren't so honest about their competitions, either.

19.04.2014 19:01

​Egypt: Violence & the struggle for power
As Egypt prepares for the first post-coup presidential elections, there is no sign to show that political violence is abating.

15.04.2014 11:58

Has Egypt learned the lesson of electing military leaders?
The predicted election as president of Field Marshal al-Sisi will lead to a new decade of rule by the country’s military junta, setting back again the will of the people and making the sacrifice of the victims of the 3-year-revolution meaningless.

10.04.2014 15:44

Muslim Brotherhood strikes back against Saudi link in UK probe
The Muslim Brotherhood urged the UK not to be swayed by “non-democratic” and hostile forces in the Middle East backing the military government in Cairo following Downing Street’s decision to launch a probe into the group over possible extremist links.

03.04.2014 09:29

Series of explosions kill 3 outside Cairo University (VIDEO)
A third blast has gone off near Cairo University, killing at least one. It follows two explosions which killed a police brigadier-general and a civilian during student protest.

02.04.2014 11:17