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Japanese artist makes a change
From Raphael to William Blake, from Caravaggio to Klimt, a cutting-edge Japanese artist, Kimiko Yoshida, will show off her unconventional outlook at some of the greatest painters of all time with art aficionados at the RuArts gallery in Moscow.

05.04.2011 11:11

“Russian collectors travel miles in search for trendiest art works” – art market specialist
While Christie’s is exhibiting its top lots of the season in Moscow, RT talked to the auction house’s managing director to explore the trends on the Russian art market.

01.04.2011 14:35

­Vienna marks 50 years since Gagarin's flight
An exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of Yury Gagarin's historic first flight into space has opened in the Austrian capital.

01.04.2011 13:48

Moscow welcomes fresh art from Spain
An exhibition "Fiction and Reality" in Spanish contemporary art is now on display at Moscow’s Museum of Modern Art. The collection from the Patio Herreriano Museum came to the Russian capital as part the initiatives for the Year of Spain in Russia.

March 31, 2011 16:32

Gorky mansion – revolutionary spirit crossed with millionaire’s excess
Tune in for the story of a Moscow architectural gem, uniting under its roof a Tsarist millionaire, a visionary architect and a revolutionary writer.

31.03.2011 14:56

Art center gives lively lectures on the science of life
Neural engineering specialist Steve M. Potter tells RT about his studies in the field and shared his impressions from an interactive master class he gave at the Winzavod modern art center.

30.03.2011 18:08

British antiques houses on lookout for Russian billionaires
The UK's top antique dealers have come to Moscow to woo clients in the city that was recently dubbed “the capital of the billionaires”.

28.03.2011 14:42

Cold war over Schneerson Collection
The American Museum of Russian Icons has finally agreed to terminate the display of 37 icons from Russia's Andrey Rublev Museum and return them to Russia after the Russian Foreign Ministry's order issued last week.

25.03.2011 11:23

Escape black holes and tame lightning in Moscow
If you think that "science" and "fun" are two words that do not go together, then there is a museum in Moscow that aims to prove you wrong.

24.03.2011 19:44

Entering the fantasy world of Cirque du Soleil
Color, fantasy, and the magic of human transformations. A display of the best Cirque Du Soleil costumes has opened in Moscow offering to meet those inspiring characters from the famous Canadian circus Company all over again.

24.03.2011 16:13

Tretyakov Gallery defends boss against smear campaign
A heated battle is going on under the roof of Moscow’s most popular museum, as its director has been accused of large-scale money laundering. The gallery’s staff are standing firmly behind their beleaguered boss.

23.03.2011 16:51

­Russian artist in Venice Biennale Art Exhibition
Anya Titova will represent Russia at The 54th International Art Exhibition within this year's Art Biennale in Venice. She is the only Russian among the 82 participants of the main project.

16.03.2011 14:04