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Odessa slaughter survivors reveal their side of story in intl photo exhibit
Survivors of the bloody Odessa May 2 clashes and subsequent tragedy at Trade Union House, where nearly 50 people were burnt alive, have organized international photo exhibits in order to convey the events with a new clarity denied to viewers by Kiev.

12.08.2014 05:37

Kremlin’s Spasskaya tower to open gates for tourists
The gates of the Kremlin's main clock Spasskaya tower may be thrown open to visitors soon, Moscow top officials have announced.

31.07.2014 22:20

‘Material Evidence. Syria. Ukraine’ on display in Berlin (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Crimes against peace have become a central theme of the international photo exhibition that is now touring Germany. Scenes of misery and destruction in the Syrian and Ukrainian conflicts were handpicked by a jury to show the true face of the war.

05.06.2014 23:08

‘Ultimate selfie’: Parisian landmark paved with thousands of portraits
The Pantheon in Paris – the final resting place for France’s most renowned personalities – will for the next 10 years be home to a gigantic art installation, featuring a collection of 4,000 selfies of people from around the world.

05.06.2014 11:52

Bahrain shuts down exhibition on anti-government uprising
Bahraini riot police have stormed a building housing an exhibition dedicated to anti-government uprising and shut down the display, which was organized by the main opposition group, on grounds it contains “incitement material” and violates the law.

31.10.2013 11:14

Austrian nudists encouraged to assess 'Naked Men'
Vienna's forward looking Leopold Museum has extended its hit exhibition "Naked Men", through till March, inviting loyal visitors to get naked in an after-hours viewing.

30.01.2013 14:11

Hitler statue in former Polish ghetto creates furor
The statue of Adolf Hitler placed in former ghetto in Warsaw caused public uproar, with many calling it a ‘senseless provocation’, while others claim the artwork has no intention to harm anyone’s memory.

29.12.2012 12:18

Best of Russian ballet captured by French lens
Leading Russian ballet dancers of the Bolshoi Theatre were caught in the lens of Vincent Perez’s camera as a part of his large-scale international "Paris-Moscow" photo-project.

17.12.2012 17:10

­Hermitage cleared of extremism claims, British artists refuse to come back to Russia
An investigation of claims of extremism against an exhibit by British artists Jake and Dinos Chapman at the Hermitage in St Petersbug has revealed nothing unlawful. In response to the legal inquiry the artists said they would never return to Russia.

12.12.2012 09:48

Hermitage, accused of blasphemy, investigated on extremism claims
A scandal is escalating around an exhibit of British artists Jake and Dinos Chapman at St. Petersburg’s State Hermitage Museum. Russian prosecutors have launched an investigation against the museum on suspicions of extremism.

07.12.2012 17:27

­Banned in the USSR: Avant-garde art back on show after 50 years (VIDEO)
The provoked a major scandal 50 years ago and put an end to Khrushchev’s “thaw”. Now the art which was banned because it did not conform to the Soviet ideology is back on show in Moscow.

07.12.2012 10:36

‘The Art I’ve Lived With’: Mikhail Baryshnikov shows off his collection
Russian-born ballet legend Mikhail Baryshnikov has also had life long passion for art. Opening this week in New York “The Art I’ve Lived With” is an exhibition of his collection and it is tipped to travel to Moscow.

03.12.2012 15:45