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Feud for thought: Moscow shaken by provocative art exhibit
Moscow has been rocked by another controversial performance - a provocative art exhibition inspired by punk band Pussy Riot caused protests by Orthodox Christians outside the Modern Art Gallery complex, along with a bomb threat.

21.09.2012 11:13

Street art utopia: Moscow to host Banksy display
Works by famed British street artist Banksy, who’s been hiding his face from public for more than a decade, are to go on display in Moscow.

17.09.2012 15:18

Hard rock to stomach: Man swallows diamond in Sri Lanka
Diamonds are widely recognized as a girl’s best friend. But some men in Sri Lanka, renowned for its highly prized gems, disagree. One of them swallowed a diamond worth $13,000 at a gem exhibition in Colombo just to get hold of the rock to die for.

05.09.2012 13:18

Hadrian's Wall to become world’s longest artwork
One of the most popular tourist attractions in Northern England, Hadrian's Wall, is to become the world's longest work of art. A group of US artists will use up to 450 balloons and thousands of light emitting diodes to revamp the 2,000-year-old wall.

22.08.2012 08:42

Museum of Everything on tour in Russia
Unlike most museums of the world, this one is not seeking to own a Picasso or a van Gogh. The first Museum of Everything, which collects works by unknown artists from around the world, is visiting Russia.

18.08.2012 08:56

­Picasso nude inappropriate for Edinburgh Airport
Passenger complaints about posters of a Picasso nude painting have led to them being taken down at Edinburgh Airport, only to have the authorities reverse their decision.

09.08.2012 10:04

London displays LomoWall for Olympics
A mosaic wall made up of 30,000 photographs taken in different parts of the world with simple ‘Lomo’ film cameras has been unveiled in London ahead of the Olympics.

13.07.2012 10:08

Inspired by Titian: Nudes and ballet at London’s National Gallery
London’s National Gallery is displaying an ambitious project called Metamorphosis: Titian 2012. Modern artists have been invited to present their take to the three great Titian paintings centred in the display.

11.07.2012 12:08

Petal Park: Moscow is in full bloom, hosting flower show
Moscow's Gorky Park has been turned into a blooming paradise as the capital hosts its first international flower show.

03.07.2012 19:38

Pussy Riot display opens in Paris
The Tokyo Palace in Paris has opened a display in support of the Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot, members of which are under arrest after rushing into Russia’s main church and singing an anti-Putin song.

28.06.2012 15:13

Terry Gilliam's movie comes alive in Moscow’s shopping mecca
Moscow's summer museum season is set to re-define public spaces throughout the capital with exhibitions and art fests brought in the public eye – all with the help of legendary director Terry Gilliam.

29.05.2012 17:44

Getting surreal with ‘Alien’ father
Moscow Planetarium is hosting over 50 works by Swiss artist H. R. Giger – the surrealist painter, sculptor and set designer whose iconic work for the movie Alien earned him an Oscar. Tune in for an interview with the expo’s curator.

28.05.2012 18:02