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Bird Basket lands at the Kremlin
An exhibition by Britain's most successful sculptor, Henry Moore, will open in Moscow next week at the Kremlin Museum, with many works, including the giant “Bird Basket”, never seen in Russia before.

19.02.2012 11:35

Bomb shelter to protect design display
­Museums are always working to keep their displays safe, while showing them off to as many people as possible. Moscow’s new Design Museum has found the perfect solution: its collection will reside in a bomb shelter, and travel on a bus!

16.02.2012 13:13

Waxing political: Medvedev and Putin get in the saddle
­Fighting corruption has long been the favourite hobby-horse of Russia’s ruling ‘tandem’. Now, President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin can be seen battling this ancient scourge of the nation in grandiose style on horseback.

10.02.2012 15:33

‘Hate elegance, like ducks’ – UK primitivist comes to Moscow
“Loves and marriage,” “Girls on a Flying Bomb,” “The Milk of Sorrow” - British artist Rose Wylie captures the world around her with childish naivety and genuine innocence. Now her first exhibition in Russia has opened at Moscow's Regina Gallery.

04.02.2012 13:00

Dinosaurs in Australia: Fright at the museum (VIDEO)
The reopening of an Australian Museum of Natural History has been a real thrill for visitors. Some of the delighted and rather frightened guests however think the animatronic creatures greeting them at the entrance were “a little too realistic”.

27.01.2012 09:30

The naked Soviet photographer
Trailblazing Soviet photographer, Sergey Borisov captured his models naked when nudity was taboo in the Iron Curtain country. A selection of his cutting-edge images -“Naked Bohemia” – is on display at Moscow’s RuArts gallery.

27.01.2012 08:31

50 Bond cars brought together for unique exhibition
His car is as much a part of Agent 007 as his tuxes and shaken Martinis. Few would turn down the chance to drive the Phantom III Rolls-Royce or Aston Martin DB5, even if it did mean having to face the world’s most dangerous villain and his henchmen.

17.01.2012 15:35

Underwater painter makes a splash with marine masterpieces
We’ve heard of searching for sunken treasure – but a Russian artist is making waves by creating his own treasures, underwater. Denis Lotarev spends hours beneath the waves of the Black and Red seas in his scuba suit, armed with just a paintbrush.

16.01.2012 15:56

Russian supermodel to embody La Dolce Vita
She is tough, sexy and cool. Victoria’s Secret angel, blonde Russian beauty Marina Linchuk, has taken part in the new ad campaign for one of the oldest and most revered Italian luxury brands.

13.01.2012 20:55

Oh la la! French knickers museum outrage
When are the French displeased at semi-naked women tripping through a picturesque building?

13.01.2012 14:09

No place for art in house of God
One of Russia’s leading museums could be out on the street – if no settlement is found in its conflict with the Russian Orthodox Church.

12.01.2012 13:10

Moscow eyes all-in-one pass for culture vultures
Visiting a museum in the Russian capital can mean standing in a long line before paying a different entry fee if you just happen to be a foreigner. But that could soon be a thing of the past.

12.01.2012 12:41

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