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Robot invasion: Young talents unleash machines
An army of robots invaded Moscow, as the best robotics students from 40 Russian regions showed off their latest creations at Moscow's annual Robofest.

17.04.2012 16:21

‘Men are more oppressed than women’ – artist
Dagestan’s most curious artist told RT about masculinity, oppression, inspiration and dog-fighting.

13.04.2012 17:47

Giant 20th-century filmmaker honored at 80th birthday show
As Russia celebrates the 80th birthday of Russian filmmaker Andrey Tarkovsky, a large exhibition dedicated to his work opened in Moscow. Join RT on a tour around the world of the country’s iconic director.

12.04.2012 18:00

Christie’s Russia celebrates 15th anniversary
Christie's auction house is marking fifteen years of activity in Russia with an utterly unique exhibition.

12.04.2012 17:49

Rebels against taboos: Paris shows naked body in Arab art
An art exhibition in Paris is trying to break age old taboos. ‘The Body Uncovered’ focuses on the naked body in Arab art.

11.04.2012 14:38

Warm welcome for Ice Age guest: Mammoth Lyuba off to Asia
An Asian tour with mammoth impact. A baby wooly mammoth found in Russia five years ago is set to visit Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan.

09.04.2012 14:13

Orthodox Church sees red over raunchy Picasso show
A display of erotic etchings by Picasso has enraged the Russian Orthodox Church in Siberia, with religious leaders pushing to close the exhibition in Novosibirsk’s Local History Museum.

05.04.2012 14:00

Naked night at the museum
Feel like stripping off in public but not sure where to start? Now instead of heading to a nudist beach, consider a night visit to Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art, which has invited art lovers to enjoy exhibitions in their birthday suits.

31.03.2012 13:17

Russian sculptor brings Genghis Khan to London
A five-meter-tall sculpture of Mongol warlord Genghis Khan is set to appear in central London as part of an exhibition by a Russian Buddhist artist.

29.03.2012 16:09

Steve Jobs’ photographer shares memories of working with IT genius
Photographer Doug Menuez, who spent three years with Steve Jobs making a photo essay about his work, recalled the IT genius’ character, his relations with colleagues, and the most stirring period in Apple history.

28.03.2012 18:46

Russian collectors of the weird and wonderful
RT talks to Muscovites who dedicate their free time to gathering the most impressive collections of all sorts of items, from medals of the British Empire to all things made by Apple.

26.03.2012 16:56

­Hermitage to show Walpole treasures in UK
Once sold for a significant sum of money to the Russian empress Catherine the Great, the priceless Walpole art collection will revisit the UK in 2013.

25.03.2012 09:42