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Gayane Chichakyan

US launches first ‘offensive’ airstrike on ISIS near Baghdad
The United States launched at least one airstrike against Islamic State militants near Baghdad on Monday, marking the expansion of the US military campaign against the extremist group. The airstrike was reportedly requested by Iraqi forces under attack.

15.09.2014 23:22

‘Terror update:’ Controversial anti-ISIS coloring book featuring tortures hits stores
A US publishing company has chosen to teach children about the crimes of the Islamic State group in a coloring book. The company’s co-founder, who spoke to RT’s Gayane Chichakyan, believes the project is justified as it “tells the truth.”

06.09.2014 06:11

Combat kittens & hipster jihadists: ISIS target kids to spread their cause
Islamic State members may hate Western culture, but they are quick to embrace Western technology that helps spread their message far and wide. The militants’ social media offensive ranges from videos of beheadings to pictures of cute jihadist kittens.

20.08.2014 11:39

Ferguson riots: Clashes, looting in Missouri following vigil for teen shot dead by police
A day of protests and vigils Sunday over the death of Michael Brown, a black teenager who was killed following an altercation with a Ferguson police officer, turned violent overnight with reports of riots and looting.

11.08.2014 05:24

Ignorance or deliberate disinformation? Obama’s 'facts' about Russia all wrong
Barack Obama has made light of Russia in his latest interview, coming up with four facts to illustrate the poor state of things in the country, which – strangely enough – had little to do with reality.

04.08.2014 18:43

Kiev forces fire ballistic missiles into E. Ukraine – US media
In the past two days Kiev’s forces have launched several short-range ballistic missiles into areas in east Ukraine controlled by self-defense forces, CNN reports, citing US government sources.

29.07.2014 15:56

Current Rosneft and Exxon projects unaffected by sanctions – Rosneft CEO
ExxonMobil and Rosneft will continue to do business as usual under new US sanctions, Igor Sechin, the CEO of Rosneft Russia’s largest oil producer said on Thursday.

17.07.2014 07:11

‘Double standards’: Apple implements MAC anti-tracking technique used by Aaron Swartz
Apple is going to implement random MAC addresses technology in its iOS8 devices, an anonymity-granting technique which late computer prodigy Aaron Swartz was accused of using to carry out his infamous MIT hack.

22.06.2014 13:25

‘Don’t ask for privacy, Take it back’: Anti-NSA #ResetTheNet campaign kicks off
Internet activists and rights groups have launched a massive online campaign against mass government surveillance, urging users and websites to use encryption. The campaign’s inspiration – NSA whistleblower Snowden – has called to join ResetTheNet.

June 05, 2014 00:03

'Vote at gunpoint,' anyone? US keen to legitimize 'good' election in Ukraine
A team of American lawmakers is in Ukraine to observe the presidential election which Washington has called a historic milestone and provided over US$ 11.4 million to support the vote despite ongoing violence in eastern Ukraine.

25.05.2014 15:13

Shale gas and politics: Are Western energy giants’ interests behind Ukraine violence?
Economic interests, such as untapped shale gas resources, already sliced and diced by Western energy giants, are behind the Kiev government’s ‘anti-terrorist’ operation against the pro-federalist regions, foreign policy expert Nebojsa Malic tells RT.

17.05.2014 06:00

Shh, it got serious! RT accused of anti-Semitism for satire Rap News episode
Media views that deviate from the mainstream are more often than not condemned and it seems RT has not been able to escape this trend. A Jewish rights group has branded RT “anti-Semite” over a satirical sketch lampooning Israel’s policy on Palestine.

17.05.2014 05:10