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Gayane Chichakyan

Ready, steady, START!
The Russian Upper House of Parliament, the Federation Council, has ratified the START treaty on reducing Russian and American nuclear arms. It is now a step closer to coming into force.

26.01.2011 08:01

Breaking up with laughter
A marriage break-up does not look like a good cause for celebration. Except in the US, where more and more people are far from sorry at having to wave goodbye to wedlock. When divorce happens, they choose to party rather than to cry.

03.01.2011 07:18

Moscow gears up to ratify New START
With the US approval process completed it is Russia’s turn to ratify the New START treaty.

24.12.2010 06:26

US Senate approves New START
After months of intense partisan wrangling on Capitol Hill, the US Senate finally ratified the new START nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia by a 71-26 vote.

22.12.2010 19:59

US secret aims in Yemen secret no more
With the US already fighting in two wars, Yemen has been revealed as another possible front opening up, and the American media is now stoking fears that the Arab country is a hotbed of terrorism.

20.12.2010 06:45

War on Terror just a war of words – US protesters
At the same time as President Barack Obama was trying to put some good spin on the war in Afghanistan, hundreds of people were marching outside the White House, calling those announced goals ‘lies’, which benefit just a select few.

17.12.2010 05:30

White House criticizes Republicans over treaty delay
The US Senate has agreed to take up the ratification of a new nuclear arms reduction treaty between Moscow and Washington.

16.12.2010 04:03

Go-ahead to START
The US Senate will ratify the new nuclear arms control deal with Russia before wrapping up for Christmas – according to a senior adviser to the American president.

14.12.2010 04:08

KKK OK but not WikiLeaks for some payment processors
Visa, MasterCard and Pay Pal suffered online outages when they came under attack from WikiLeaks supporters waging cyber-war against the firms they accuse of stifling the project’s activities by stopping payment processing.

December 10, 2010 09:39

“Our spies compare favorably to US ones” – Putin parries with King
After a ten-year hiatus, Russian Premier Vladimir Putin has appeared on American TV in an hour-long, just-aired interview, in which he was quizzed by TV host Larry King.

December 02, 2010 07:44

US Department of State: still tightlipped over freedom of speech
An RT crew was locked up in a US jail for 32 hours after they covered a rally near the so-called “school of assassins” in the state of Georgia.

28.11.2010 05:09

American vets: in suicide, many lose the war at home
The memory of recent combat has become a daily nightmare for many US soldiers who returned home from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

November 23, 2010 07:08