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Gayane Chichakyan

19 wounded in New Orleans Mother’s Day parade shooting
Almost two dozen people including two 10-year-old children have been injured after as many as three gunmen opened fire at a 'second line' of a parade on Mother’s Day in New Orleans. Three people remain in critical condition following the shootout.

12.05.2013 20:14

'Don’t know for certain’: Washington confused on Syrian chemical weapons
Due to the foggy intelligence emanating out of Syria, it is unclear whether president Assad authorized the use of chemical weapons if the rebels had used them, US vice president Joe Biden said stepping back from the unanimous rhetoric of the recent days.

10.05.2013 03:32

Hagel: US administration mulls arming Syrian rebels
The US is rethinking arming Syrian opposition fighters, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said. Speaking at a Pentagon news conference, he stressed the Obama administration is considering a range of options.

02.05.2013 18:55

NATO drowning amid austerity and lack of purpose?
NATO is a military union with no clear enemy to fight and with bills footed increasingly by a single member. As the alliance threatens North Korea and weighs a pullout of Afghanistan, some argue that it is past time for NATO to be dismantled.

24.04.2013 10:36

Pit of hopelessness: Guantanamo grows tense, inmates suicidal
At least two Guantanamo Bay detainees have attempted suicide since the confrontation between guards and prisoners in February that brought about the ongoing hunger strike, AP reports.

22.04.2013 06:50

‘Less-than-lethal rounds’ shot at Gitmo inmates resisting transfer to individual cells
The US military says guards have clashed with prisoners at Guantanamo as officers were moving detainees from communal to single cells in attempt to end a hunger strike that started in February.

13.04.2013 17:48

US publishes 18 names on Magnitsky list as Moscow warns of response
The US government has published the names of the people on the ‘Magnitsky List,’ despite warnings of counter-measures from Moscow and the risk of straining ties between the two countries.

12.04.2013 16:30

Gitmo captive’s condition unknown after ‘suicide attempt’ – lawyer
Another detainee stuck in limbo in Guantanamo Bay for over a decade has tried to kill himself in solitary confinement, after being on a desperate hunger strike for 43 days, his lawyer told US media.

10.04.2013 05:26

Twelve civilians, including 11 children killed in Afghan NATO strike
A NATO airstrike has killed 11 children and one woman in the East of Afghanistan, report local officials. A house collapsed during the attack, causing the casualties and leaving six women injured.

07.04.2013 12:12

Gitmo hunger strike: Pentagon remains silent
The Guantanamo hunger strike has been growing in scale, with at least 11 of 31 protesting inmates currently being force-fed. However, the latest Pentagon briefing did not mention the crisis at the detention center.

29.03.2013 08:32

US military admits three Gitmo hunger-strikers hospitalized, at least 10 force-fed
Three Guantanamo detainees were hospitalized as a result of the hunger strike, which has entered its 49th day. At least 10 of the strikers are being force-fed, military officials admitted. Human rights advocates said the numbers were being under-reported.

26.03.2013 11:44

'United States of Amnesia': No accountability for ‘grievous errors’ in Iraq
Ten years after the US invasion of Iraq, the humanitarian situation in the country is bleak. Critics say the hugely unpopular occupation of Iraq, and the lack of accountability for the officials responsible, has irreparably damaged America’s image.

18.03.2013 09:14