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Gayane Chichakyan

Telecom giants give GCHQ unlimited access to networks, develop own spyware – Snowden leaks
Major telecom companies have been assisting the UK intelligence agency GCHQ by granting access to all the traffic passing through their fiber-optic cables – and by developing Trojan software, leaked papers obtained by German media reveal.

02.08.2013 18:02

White House 'extremely disappointed' with Snowden asylum
The White House is re-evaluating whether US President Barack Obama needs to participate in a summit this autumn with Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, after Moscow granted asylum to NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

01.08.2013 16:46

Russian laws ‘do not limit’ length of Snowden’s stay in transit zone
Russian laws do not limit the amount time that Edward Snowden can stay inside the transit zone of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport, and international law does not allow Russia to simply return the whistleblower to the US, Russia's Justice Ministry said.

27.07.2013 16:41

Russian official slams US for turning down Moscow's extradition requests
The US is pressuring Russia to hand over NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to face espionage charges. However, it routinely denies Russian requests to hand over suspected criminals living in America.

22.07.2013 12:02

'Justice for Trayvon': Rallies hit 100 cities
Thousands of people have participated in rallies in more than 100 cities across the US, calling for "justice for Trayvon Martin" after jury's decision last week found George Zimmerman not guilty of shooting unarmed black teenager dead.

20.07.2013 12:36

US preparing for military action in Syria, top US general says
President Barack Obama is considering using military force in Syria, and the Pentagon has prepared various scenarios for possible United States intervention.

18.07.2013 15:30

Day 150: Gitmo hunger strike continues amidst world’s outrage
The hunger strike in Guantanamo detention facility enters its 150th day with prisoners accusing the guards of worsening treatment and abusive searches. Doctors urge to stop the force-feeding in the prison and more voices call to shut it down.

04.07.2013 22:38

Obama’s Africa visit: US playing catch-up with China
US President Barack Obama began his African tour in a bid to strengthen ties and investment opportunities. But experts say the task might prove difficult as China already has significant influence in the region and US is forced to play catch-up.

27.06.2013 08:11

US asks Moscow to 'look at all options available' to expel Snowden
Washington says it expects the Russian government to 'look at all options available' to expel Edward Snowden to the US to face espionage charges. That's after the White House expressed 'disappointment' China and Hong Kong didn't detain the NSA leaker.

23.06.2013 22:03

‘We don’t need US military secrets’: Beijing slams White House theft claim
China has dismissed US claims hackers procured blueprints for America’s most advanced weaponry. Beijing stated the allegations underestimate the Chinese people’s intellect and that China is perfectly capable of producing its own weapons.

30.05.2013 08:36

FBI shoots Chechen dead in Florida, man questioned over links to Boston bombers
A Chechen man was shot dead at his home in Orlando, Florida when an interview with law enforcers regarding his ties to the Boston marathon bombing suspects and his role in a related 2011 triple murder in Massachusetts reportedly turned violent.

22.05.2013 11:56

‘Worse than death row’: Gitmo hunger strike reaches Day 100
As the Guantanamo hunger strike enters its 100th day, the number of voices, both in the US and around the world, to close the facility are growing stronger and louder.

15.05.2013 22:19