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Global warming


31.03.2012 15:51

Call of darkness: Earth Hour casts shadow over globe (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Hour by hour, the Earth slowly plunged into darkness on Saturday. The dimming of lights is a symbolic gesture calling on the people to seek a better balance between humanity’s desire for consumption and the planet’s ability to sustain it.

31.03.2012 09:52

BP oil spill continues to kill
The infamous oil spoil which gushed for 86 days in the Gulf of Mexico continues to have a rippling effect on the ecosystem.

27.03.2012 23:12

Mainstream media forgot climate change craze
After years of persistent humming about the dangers of climate change, the mainstream media in America seems to have its mouth sewn on the issue. In the absence of a satisfactory explanation for this, the public now holds the government responsible.

24.03.2012 07:56

Obama flip-flops on Keystone XL pipeline
Amid the skyrocketing US gas prices, President Obama is paying a visit to Cushing, Oklahoma which is home to America’s largest oil storage hub, to announce his new energy policy and to accelerate the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

21.03.2012 22:30

Russians organize holiday celebrating cold
Russia has launched a new eco-holiday to raise global warming awareness. Organizers hope the UN will recognize Cold Protection Day by 2016.

29.02.2012 19:16

'We raised 40 liters of water': Details of Lake Vostok drill success
Jubilant Russian scientists are carrying home 40 liters of relic water, which waited for them, unblemished, in the Antarctic, long before the man first trod the Earth. Lake Vostok’s treasury is ready to reveal its millions-year-old secrets.

08.02.2012 15:59

Bad hair day or global environmental disaster: You choose
Global warming is not only wearing out our planet's environment, but also the minds of global leaders trying to find solutions. Legislators are introducing more and more bills to help curb the effects of climate change.

28.01.2012 06:58

The Food vs. Fuel
It seems the new American way involves a process that is not just from farm to food, but from farm to fuel.

13.01.2012 18:21

Canada pulls out from Kyoto protocol
Canada has announced it will formally withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change, becoming the first country to do so. It follows the treaty's five-year extension at a conference in Durban, South Africa.

13.12.2011 01:47

Durban deal plugs 10-year emissions gap
A UN emissions control marathon has finally brought hope of averting worldwide climate chaos. The conference in the South African city of Durban has approved a deal to plug a decade-long gap between the Kyoto Protocol and a new climate accord.

December 11, 2011 18:19

Climate change scare: Hot hype 'exposed'
The climate’s vulnerability to carbon dioxide may be not as critical as scientists thought, a new study suggests. If correct, it would mean that urgent calls to policymakers to curb emissions have actually been based on exaggerated forecasts.

25.11.2011 10:32