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Global warming

Durban deal plugs 10-year emissions gap
A UN emissions control marathon has finally brought hope of averting worldwide climate chaos. The conference in the South African city of Durban has approved a deal to plug a decade-long gap between the Kyoto Protocol and a new climate accord.

December 11, 2011 18:19

Climate change scare: Hot hype 'exposed'
The climate’s vulnerability to carbon dioxide may be not as critical as scientists thought, a new study suggests. If correct, it would mean that urgent calls to policymakers to curb emissions have actually been based on exaggerated forecasts.

25.11.2011 10:32

Global warning: New Climategate leaks
The Climategate scandal is back, as more emails between leading climate scientists are posted online. The latest leak from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia has re-ignited the wrangle around manmade climate change.

23.11.2011 13:38

Widespread protests force move of Keystone pipeline
The oil company behind a project that caused widespread outrage across the country has announced plans to reroute the $7-billion Keystone pipeline in the state of Nebraska.

15.11.2011 22:17

Russia takes the lead in Arctic cold war
Russia has all but approved an $8 billion plan to build the first-ever city with an artificial climate, as the country steps up to conquer the planet’s frozen wastes with its vast resources, and says the Moon and Mars will be next.

25.10.2011 12:31

Sharks keep showing teeth to Russia’s Far East
A baby shark was caught off the coast of Vladivostok, continuing the list of shark incidents in recent months.

13.10.2011 19:27

Russia to clean up in the Arctic
The Russian prime minister says the country is ready for a major cleaning operation on its Arctic territories; getting its hands dirty to clear the way for big money, and placating both ecologists and economists at the same time.

22.09.2011 17:09

Energy race turns up heat on Cold War in Arctic
The Arctic’s untapped resource-rich seabed increasingly resembles an ice-cold battlefield where trans-national energy corporations vie for a bigger slice of future profits, creating covert alliances while maintaining an aggressive façade.

31.08.2011 11:25

Hundreds arrested in front of the White House
Of the 521 arrested this week in protest over a proposed oil line from Canada into the US, perhaps the most acclaimed activist was put behind bars this morning: NASA veteran and world famous climatologist Dr. James Hansen.

29.08.2011 21:55

Tim DeChristopher faces 10 years for stopping injustice
Kevin Zeese says it was just an act of civil disobedience. A US judge, however, thinks it was a bit more than that.

26.07.2011 21:03

Appalachia Rising
In 1921, West Virginian coal miners took up arms against coal companies in the largest insurrection since the American Civil War.

13.06.2011 20:56

Does society only think short term? The Big Apple speaks
With the ecologic situation worsening and the recent nuclear crisis hitting Fukushima, the question is whether society is capable of really thinking long-term.

28.05.2011 06:27