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Global warming

Antarctica: testing ground for climate change
To get a proper grip on global warming, you’ll have to spend some time in the planet's coldest climates. In Antarctica, scientists are observing glaciers to give us clues as to which way our world is heading.

28.05.2011 05:36

Stark penguin paradise
Tough weather conditions and sub-zero temperatures all year round can make Antarctica an uninviting place to live on. But in fact it is home to a range of hardy animals.

21.05.2011 05:02

Antarctic tourism: big business with eco-angle
Though Antarctica lacks luxury resorts, it still attracts many people who are ready to spend thousands of dollars on a ten-day trip. RT’s team went to the Earth's southernmost continent to check why Antarctic tourism is flourishing.

20.05.2011 07:23

Greens follow political agenda carping science – climate-change skeptic
The demonizing of manmade CO2 is nonsense, because it is only a tiny part in the atmosphere and man produces only a miniscule quantity of that, believes climate change skeptic journalist Johnny Ball.

18.05.2011 09:21

US cities choke on their own air
The American Lung Association released their annual State of the Air report highlighting the cities with the worse air pollution in America – Bakersfield, California topped the list.

03.05.2011 16:01

Fracking may be more damaging to climate than coal
Hydraulic fracking, the process by which natural gas is extracted from the earth, could create as much as twice the amount of greenhouse gas pollution as coal, according to a recent study at Cornell University.

11.04.2011 18:57

Scientific innovation lacking in America
It took less than 20 years from the discovery of fission to the development of a fully functioning nuclear reactor to produce energy – a system which remains controversial and unsafe today.

16.03.2011 21:14

Chevron: Oil giant vs. Ecuadorian tribes
For the last 18 years Chevron and a number of Ecuadorian tribes have been battling in court over one of the biggest environmental scandals in the world.

16.03.2011 21:02

Go green or get pink-slipped: eco-unfriendly governors risk losing jobs
Flora and fauna may no longer be the only things endangered by the lack of a green strategy in some Russian regions.

15.03.2011 15:14

Climate activist on trial for sabotaging oil, gas land auction
Tim DeChristopher bid $1.7 million for land parcels he could not afford to pay for and now faces up to 10 years in jail.

March 04, 2011 17:23

Obama pollutes and spends to get fit
Apparently Washington fitness trainers aren’t good enough for Obama. The US President spends cash and pollutes the air to fly one out from Chicago on a near weekly basis.

01.03.2011 16:37

Man is trivial compared to nature and cannot change climate - astrophysicist
With so much extreme weather across the world, RT spoke to a weather expert with some strong views on the climate change debate.

20.01.2011 09:41