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Global warming

​US House denies Pentagon funds to tackle climate change as security threat
The US House has voted to deny the Pentagon funding to combat impacts of climate change and its own heavy dependence on fossil fuels. The Department has long acknowledged the realities of global warming amid political wrangling over its effects.

22.05.2014 23:22

Sea level rise threatens NASA space facilities with drowning
A rise in sea levels due to global warming is threatening the majority of NASA’s launch pads as well as some of their other key facilities and important historic sites across the US, a new report has found.

20.05.2014 16:52

EU presses Obama to expand US fracking under TTIP while banning it in European countries
Under negotiations for a new trade deal between the United States and Europe, the release of a secret memo shows Americans are being pushed to increase oil and gas exploration through the process of fracking and other methods.

19.05.2014 16:24

​Climate change may cause conflict in Arctic, threats to security worldwide – former US generals
Global climate change represents a serious and growing threat to world security, and may be a catalyst for conflict in the resources-rich Arctic region as the ice shield shrinks, a group of retired top US military officers say in a new report.

14.05.2014 22:42

Melting of Antarctic ice sheet and 3-meter sea level rise inevitable - study
Massive regions of the ice sheet that makes up West Antarctica have begun collapsing in a process that scientists have worried about for decades and fear is likely unstoppable.

12.05.2014 20:13

​Climate change reducing nutrition in staple foods - study
Increased levels of carbon dioxide emissions related to a warming planet will weaken nutrition levels in some of the world’s staple foods like corn and wheat, new research has found, impacting the poorest and most at risk of malnutrition.

07.05.2014 22:59

Feds: Americans in danger due to climate change
Global warming is already have significant effects in every region of the United States, forcing cities and states to spend large amounts of money in order to adapt to a climate that will likely worsen, a new government report states.

06.05.2014 19:08

Dutch police arrest Greenpeace activists for trying to block Russian tanker
Dutch police have stormed a Greenpeace vessel and arrested around 30 activists, as they tried to stop a Russian oil tanker from docking in Rotterdam. The Mikhail Ulyanov vessel was carrying Russia’s first shipment from a new Arctic drilling platform.

01.05.2014 12:00

NASA worried by unusually big iceberg six times the size of Manhattan (PHOTO, VIDEO)
Dubbed “B31,” the iceberg could pose some significant problems for ships if it continues to melt or break apart in the Southern Ocean.

25.04.2014 18:27

Gasoline better for environment than corn biofuels, study says
Contrary to popular ‘green’ beliefs, a study funded by the US federal government argues that corn-based biofuels are actually worse for the environment than gasoline, as they emit more greenhouse gasses and deplete soil carbon.

21.04.2014 10:31

Droughts, heavy rainfall coming? UN weather agency warns of El Niño later this year
The UN weather agency warned Tuesday that there is a fairly good chance of an El Niño climate phenomenon occurring later this year in the Pacific Ocean, which may bring drought and heavy rainfall to the rest of the world.

15.04.2014 17:55

Arctic Resources: The fight for the coldest place on Earth heats up
The discovery of large hydrocarbon deposits in the Arctic has sparked international competition over resources in frozen waters. Regional powers are quickly filing claims for the sea shelf, with Russia preparing to bring in the biggest bid to the UN.

15.04.2014 04:59

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