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Global warming

Russia shortcut: South Korea completes maiden voyage through Arctic
South Korea has made its first commercial freight voyage by the Northern Sea Route, an icy passage it says has a big financial future. It reduces the time between St. Petersburg and Korea by 10 days, and provides a ‘safer’ alternative to the Suez Canal.

23.10.2013 08:41

Russia to allocate $63bn for Arctic development
Russia plans to spend $63 billion by 2020 on its Arctic development program, according to a top government official.

19.10.2013 02:53

Russian Coast Guard arrests 25 environmental activists in Arctic Sea - Greenpeace
Russia arrested 25 activists from the ‘Save the Arctic’ campaign who tried to hinder the work of a Gazprom oil rig in the Arctic Sea, Greenpeace said. It comes after Moscow lodged a protest with the Netherlands over the actions of the activists' vessel.

19.09.2013 16:15

Texas reignites debate over evolution, climate change in science textbooks
The decade-plus battle in Texas on whether to teach lessons on evolution and climate change flared up again Tuesday, as advocates on both sides pled their case in a debate on proposed high school biology textbooks.

17.09.2013 23:33

Prehistoric Canadian meteor caused ‘dawn of civilization’ - study
For the first time, scientists have found “conclusive evidence” indicating that an asteroid or comet that struck Quebec around 12,900 years ago led to the development of agriculture and the “dawn of civilization.”

03.09.2013 19:17

California moves to ‘bottle sunlight’
California is making plans to store solar and wind power in order to incorporate renewable energy into its electricity grid. By “bottling” sunlight, the state hopes to have reliable solar energy at its disposal even during the dark, winter months.

12.08.2013 20:24

Obama's environmental speech indicates Keystone XL pipeline to be approved
President Barack Obama’s environmental speech outlined his second term plans to reduce carbon emissions and boost renewable fuels, but the controversial Keystone XL pipeline may soon be approved.

25.06.2013 15:48

Canada floods: Troops deployed to help with evacuation of 100,000 people (PHOTOS)
Army troops have been deployed in Calgary and across Canada’s Alberta province as the government declares a state of emergency ordering 100,000 residents to evacuate. Authorities say 3 bodies have been found.

21.06.2013 22:48

Polluting to death: China introduces execution for environmental offenders
China has introduced “harsher punishments” for breaking the nation’s environmental protection laws: reckless violators of pollution standards in the world’s biggest and fastest-growing economy now face execution.

20.06.2013 00:06

Cyber-security stalemate, N. Korea consensus at US-China summit
A major cyber-espionage policy breakthrough was not reached between US President Barack Obama and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jingping at an historic summit in California, although both sides agreed to cooperate over the denuclearization of North Korea.

09.06.2013 17:48

Snow in June: Russia’s Siberian town in absolute anomaly (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A layer of snow on the second day of summer has put the citizens of the Russian city of Kemerovo completely out of humor.

02.06.2013 11:42

China going green? World’s no. 1 polluter to cap emissions by 2016
China has agreed to cap greenhouse emissions by 2016, after previously refusing to commit to global guidelines. Beijing’s regime change signaled a move to a greener policy, as rising levels of toxic pollution in China are suffocating industrial centers.

22.05.2013 04:54

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