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Global warming

​Bee-ware: ‘Very aggressive, deadly’ Asian hornets may be headed for UK
Britain’s top bee specialists have called a ‘council of war,’ warning a species of Asian hornet with a chilling reputation could arrive in Britain with deadly results in the near future.

20.04.2015 12:15

'The blob' in Pacific Ocean might be to blame for California drought, erratic US weather - studies
Coined "the blob,” a massive patch of warm water off the US West Coast is contributing to warmer-than-average drought conditions in states like California, in addition to lower temperatures on the US East Coast, according to two new reports.

10.04.2015 19:09

‘Zero credibility’: UK energy minister accepted £18k from leading climate change skeptic
Tory energy and climate change minister Matthew Hancock accepted £18,000 from a key supporter of Britain’s most prolific climate skeptic lobby, it has emerged.

10.04.2015 12:09

The Great Dying-2? Manmade CO2 levels could cause repeat of largest mass extinction event
The greatest mass extinction event in history occurred when the world’s ocean suddenly turned to acid, killing off over 90 percent of life on Earth, scientists have found. They warn such a process could be repeated unless CO2 levels are controlled.

10.04.2015 12:44

Food prices to rise as California water restrictions cause farmer cutbacks
As California’s multi-year drought rages on, consumers in the rest of the United States may soon be feeling the pinch at the grocery store as farmers around California reduce water and plant fewer crops.

06.04.2015 23:06

Affluent Californians using far more water amid severe drought - study
Residents of some of southern California’s wealthiest communities are using around three times more water than other nearby areas, a new study reports. In the throes of a severe water shortage, the state has mandated a 25-percent cut in water use.

06.04.2015 18:47

‘This historic drought demands unprecedented action’: California issues 1st mandatory water restrictions
California’s governor issued the state’s first mandatory water restrictions amid a devastating four-year drought. California may only have a year’s worth of water left, and snowpack measurements for the year are set to hit record lows.

01.04.2015 22:15

‘Second-hand smog’ from Asia found in California
Severe drought is not the only culprit in California’s air quality woes. At least ten percent of ozone pollution in San Joaquin Valley originated outside the state, including particles from as far as Asia, researchers have found.

01.04.2015 19:09

An hour of darkness: Earth Hour 2015 kicks off around the globe
This year some 7,000 cities in 27 different time zones will be flicking off their lights in observation of the ninth annual Earth Hour, in an effort to raise climate change awareness and spread the message of energy conservation.

28.03.2015 14:08

Earth is halfway to being inhospitable to life, scientist says
A Swedish scientist claims in a new theory that humanity has exceeded four of the nine limits for keeping the planet hospitable to modern life, while another professor told RT Earth may be seeing an impending human-made extinction of various species.

20.03.2015 03:00

Florida environment official dismissed for mentioning climate change at work
An employee from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has been suspended for mentioning climate change at work.

20.03.2015 00:36

North California farmers ditching crops to sell water to south
Some rice farmers in Northern California are skipping planting their crop this year and choosing instead to sell their water rights to Southern California. The Metropolitan Water District is desperately searching for water to add to its low supply.

19.03.2015 02:52