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Global warming

#WeatherBomb: Extreme wind & waves batter northern Britain (VIDEO)
As an area of low pressure, dubbed the ‘weather bomb’, makes landfall in Scotland and northern England, Brits have taken to social media to share their experiences of battling high winds and traversing snow. Others, predictably, are more flippant.

10.12.2014 10:25

Climate change could damage NASA’s space program
The effects of climate change are already showing up along American coastlines from Miami to Alaska, but Florida geologists are particularly concerned about sea level rise at Cape Canaveral – home to the Kennedy Space Center.

06.12.2014 01:17

Native American youth in 'national crisis' - White House
A White House report on Native American students said they face educational, socioeconomic, and health barriers that are “nothing short of a national crisis."

05.12.2014 21:26

‘Turn off the lights during sex’: German govt on web crusade to save climate
Out with boring public information leaflets and in with flashy TV ads. The German Ministry of Environment has come up with a series of commercials on the problems of climate change, featuring sex and zombies in the message.

30.11.2014 10:46

Finding Nemo monster is real: Rare black seadevil caught on video
A nightmare-inducing sea creature made famous in ‘Finding Nemo’ was caught on video in the depths of the ocean for the first time. Scientists believe global warming is affecting its environment, bringing the rare anglerfish species to shallower waters.

24.11.2014 21:40

Barely surviving: Alaska's polar bear population falls 40% in 10 years
Polar bears are becoming an endangered species in Alaska, where their numbers have fallen by 40 percent in a decade, says a new study. Poor ice conditions linked to global warming, limiting access to their traditional prey, may be to blame.

23.11.2014 06:32

MPs slam £720mn UK pledge to tackle climate change in poor countries
The UK government announced it would spend £720 million ($1.13 billion) on fighting climate change in developing countries. Some MPs have attacked the move, arguing the money could be better spent at home.

20.11.2014 12:10

Passing Keystone pipeline ‘an act of war,’ Sioux tribe president tells RT (VIDEO)
The President of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota is no fan of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, telling RT’s Ben Swann that congressional authorization of the project would be “an act of war against our people.”

20.11.2014 01:01

​House GOP passes bill allowing corporate-linked experts to advise EPA
The House of Representatives passed a bill that would make it harder for scientists to guide the Environmental Protection Agency and easier for those with financial links to corporations to sit on the advisory panel.

19.11.2014 23:19

No sun in California? Lack of light hinders revolutionary solar plant
A pioneering solar energy plant in California, planned to produce enough energy to power 140,000 homes, isn’t delivering – due to a lack of sunlight and other weather anomalies. Altogether, it’s making the outlook cloudy for the $2.2 billion facility.

18.11.2014 11:58

US House poised to approve Keystone XL tar sands pipeline
The US House is expected to vote and pass legislation on Friday that would finally sanction the controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, which would move heavy crude oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

13.11.2014 15:14

Going green: Beijing, Washington strike landmark climate change deal
The world’s top carbon polluters – China and the United States – have reached a landmark agreement on greenhouse gas emissions, with both countries pledging to curb them by about a third by 2030.

12.11.2014 04:15