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Global warming

Oklahoma twister spawns political firestorm in Washington
A political storm has already broken out over the Capitol as Democrats and Republicans attempt to advance their agendas in the wake of the devastating tornado that ravaged parts of Oklahoma on Monday.

21.05.2013 09:04

Northern exposure: Ice melt inspires race for Arctic riches
Six countries have broken the ice and won Arctic Council observer status at the latest conference. Melting Arctic ice is exciting countries remote from the region, seeking access to promising hydrocarbon deposits and new logistics routes.

15.05.2013 04:59

Climate change now included in US curriculum
Those who doubt climate change could soon be forced to change their minds – if they want to succeed in school, that is. To prepare kids for adulthood, the American school system is incorporating climate change into its science curriculum.

10.04.2013 19:29

Fasten your seatbelts: Climate change to increase flight turbulence
Air travel will get rockier as global warming worsens, according to a British study, but airlines may be unprepared for the changes, which include more passenger injuries, pricier tickets and longer travel times.

09.04.2013 05:51

APCs deployed on Kiev streets, emergency as record snowfall turns Ukraine into chaos (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A state of emergency has been declared in Ukrainian capital, Kiev, on Saturday as the city is paralyzed by heavy snowfall and blizzard totally abnormal for March.

23.03.2013 12:13

‘Earth Hour’ across the globe: LIVE UPDATES (PHOTOS)
The whole world’s population is set to take part in Earth Hour – an annual event designed to draw attention to wastage of resources. This year, Moscow’s Kremlin joins in, with electricity to be switched off for an hour in the heart of the Russian capital.

23.03.2013 11:22

Native Americans unite to fight pipelines, including Keystone XL
A group of Native Americans has threatened to take physical action to stop the construction of three oil pipelines, claiming that the transport systems would take over their land and infringe upon their rights.

21.03.2013 18:36

US Pacific commander declares climate change top security threat
The head of the US Navy’s Pacific fleet has declared climate change as the biggest long-term security threat in the region. Anticipating severe typhoons and rising sea levels that will displace nations, he emphasized a weather crisis few had foreseen.

13.03.2013 18:56

Japan first country to extract 'frozen gas' from seabed
Japan's largest energy surveyor said it has succeeded in extracting gas from undersea frozen gas deposits, known as 'burning ice.' Japan is pioneering in the industry in a move to lessen its dependency on fuel imports.

12.03.2013 10:11

Environmental indifference: Financial crisis trumps climate issues - survey
Global warming was once the buzz topic of political debate, but times have changed and economics have bumped climate change to the bottom of the priority list. That's according to a new survey which shows that ecological fears have severely dropped.

28.02.2013 16:13

New York town bans fracking discussions
The small New York town of Sanford has enraged environmental groups by prohibiting all discussion of natural gas drilling at town board meetings and is now facing a lawsuit for violating free speech rights.

13.02.2013 16:57

Air pollution champion: China burns nearly half coal used worldwide
China burns almost as much coal as the rest of the world combined, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) has reported. China’s coal use is poised to continue rising, despite the country's rapidly deteriorating environment, experts predicted.

30.01.2013 14:41

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