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Global warming

Hundreds arrested at Keystone XL White House sit-in protest
Several hundred people have been arrested during a peaceful protest in Washington DC after they strapped themselves to the White House fence and laid out their demands on Pennsylvania Avenue in protest against the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline.

02.03.2014 19:49

Great Barrier Reef to get backyard mud dump after coal port expansion
Vast quantities dredged sand and mud will be dumped right by Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef to create a multi-billion-dollar coal port – the world’s biggest. The authority watching over the UNESCO World Heritage site just gave the green light.

31.01.2014 06:36

​‘Arctic territorial zones well defined, but some scramble for resources inevitable’
Disputes over the fate of the natural resources of the Arctic will be resolved peacefully, believes Rear Admiral Christopher J. Parry. However, the retired commander told RT the ice thaw in the North will create a new geopolitical geometry.

15.01.2014 03:13

Weather swap: Is America’s ‘polar vortex’ linked to record warm winter in Russia?
As Americans kept struggling with extreme cold and snow brought on by a ‘polar vortex,’ people in central Russia were puzzled by warm rainy weather that swept all the snow away. Now weather experts say the two anomalies are in fact connected.

11.01.2014 18:40

NY declares state of emergency due to 'Polar vortex' winter storm
NY governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency ahead of a major winter storm triggered by the “polar vortex,” now sweeping into the eastern US. The state could see as much as 36 inches of snow and wind chills as low as 40 degrees below zero.

07.01.2014 03:43

UK opposition to EU wide green energy target could risk half a million jobs – report
A leaked official report from the European Commission says that over half a million jobs could be lost over the next two decades by the UK’s opposition to new EU targets for green energy.

02.01.2014 18:53

2013 saw fewest weather disasters in recent history - but will luck hold?
The year 2013 was historically kind to the US, with tornadoes, wildfires, hurricanes, and other weather-related disasters occurring at near-record infrequency. Still, meteorologists say that global temperatures have continued to rise.

27.12.2013 20:08

​US govt’s wanton approval of harmful pesticides fueling ‘bee holocaust’ - lawsuit
In response to rapidly dwindling global honey bee populations - vital in pollinating a third of the world’s crops - environmental and food safety groups have sued the EPA for approving bee-ravaging pesticides despite damning evidence of their effects.

27.12.2013 21:55

‘No rules’ in international scramble for Arctic resources
Disputes over resource-rich Arctic territories will have to be resolved between nations as UN laws governing claims are non-binding, leading Canadian researcher Edward Struzik told RT.

11.12.2013 11:46

Minus credibility? Antarctic record low temperature disputed
American scientists claim they have found the coldest place on Earth - in Antarctica, where temperatures can fall below -91C. One Russian scientist calls this into question, pointing out the new record was made using remote measurements.

09.12.2013 04:54

Utilizing the Arctic: Putin promises further exploration
Russia should retain and utilize its position in the Arctic not only for economic but also for security reasons and to preserve its national identity and integrity, the Russian President has announced.

03.12.2013 20:05

Money & influence: Oil & gas co’s hush threats of fracking
Oil and gas companies still manage to hush threats to fracking using money and huge political power, despite people rising against the practice all over the world, Rose Braz, climate campaign director at the Center for Biological Diversity, told RT.

21.11.2013 12:27

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