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No disrespect to Canada in leaving ice early after hockey final – Russian officials, players
Russia’s hockey squad left the ice before listening to the anthem of World Championship final winners, Canada. But it wasn’t a walkout in protest, just an organizational blunder, Russian sports officials and players said.

18.05.2015 15:24

Canada destroys Russia in world hockey final
Canada has regained the world hockey crown after eight years, thrashing defending champions Russia 6-1 in the final of the world championships in Czech Republic’s capital, Prague.

17.05.2015 19:22

Russia tops US to set up world hockey final against Canada
Russia’s hockey squad will defend its World Champions title against archrivals Canada in the final on Sunday after beating Team USA 4-0 in the semis.

16.05.2015 19:13

Putin puts his skates on for NHL, scores 8 goals (VIDEO)
Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken to the ice in one of Sochi's Olympic sports arenas. The state leader played along the country's other top officials, sportsmen and businessmen in an NHL (Night Hockey League) match.

16.05.2015 16:13

Submerged in Siberia: Extreme hockey players clash sticks underwater (VIDEO)
Those of us who aren't particularly athletic may think a regular, old-fashioned hockey game is challenging enough. But divers in southwestern Siberia have taken the sport a step further, playing upside down on the ice – while submerged underwater.

23.02.2015 22:49

Sochi marks 1st anniversary of Olympic Winter Games (PHOTOS)
A year has passed since the extravagant opening ceremony of Russia’s Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Thousands, including President Vladimir Putin gathered in the southern city to celebrate the anniversary.

07.02.2015 20:35

NHL defenseman Voynov arrested on domestic violence charges
The National Hockey League said Monday that Slava Voynov, a Russian defenseman signed to the Los Angeles Kings, has been suspended indefinitely after being arrested for domestic violence earlier that morning.

20.10.2014 14:54

Jaws and scores: Suarez and other bite-crazy athletes (VIDEO)
Uruguay’s striker Luis Suarez has made headlines by chomping on an Italian rival in a crucial FIFA World Cup match. RT recalls the history of Suarez’s misconduct and other top athletes, who don’t hesitate to use their teeth to achieve victory.

25.06.2014 16:01

Russia grabs world hockey champs title, crushes Finland 5-2
Russia’s national ice hockey squad has defeated team Finland 5-2 in the battle for the gold at the 2014 World Hockey Championship in Minsk, Belarus.

25.05.2014 19:33

Red Army takes over Cannes: Soviet hockey hits big screen in US-made documentary
‘Red Army’, a US-made documentary about Soviet hockey stars, revealing their sporting sacrifices and their struggle against the system, has become the icing on the cake in the special screenings program at Cannes Film Festival.

16.05.2014 15:21

New York City police and firefighters engage in massive fistfight (VIDEO)
A charity hockey match over the weekend between members of New York City’s police and fire departments was momentarily put on hold after a massive brawl cleared the benches of both teams.

07.04.2014 18:08

Swastika on ice? Latvian solar symbol stunt causes outrage in Russia
Russian hockey fans and anti-Nazi groups were outraged after dancers supporting a Latvian hockey club laid out a symbol resembling swastika right before a game with their Russian guests. The Kontinental Hockey League found no problem with the symbol.

22.11.2013 18:36