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Human rights

​Russia halts participation in US student exchange program
The Russian government has decided to pull out of a major student exchange program with the US. The American side apparently violated the terms and conditions, with a Russian schoolboy not returning home, having been adopted by a gay couple.

01.10.2014 12:41

Putin: Russia ‘not considering’ limiting internet access
At a meeting with Russia's Security Council, President Vladimir Putin has said the problem of the country’s 'informational space' security is of top priority, but assured the state has no intentions of limiting access to the web.

01.10.2014 12:51

‘West silent on Bahraini rights abuse to retain military bases’
The US and the UK continue to support the Bahraini regime and turn a blind eye to the critical human rights situation, afraid of losing their military bases if they show disloyalty or criticize, a former Bahraini opposition MP Jawad Fairooz told RT.

01.10.2014 10:33

Ebola crisis response: Cuba sends doctors, US deploys troops
The tiny island nation of Cuba has shamed the world with its international medical missions; the ongoing Ebola crisis in West Africa a case in point.

01.10.2014 10:44

California governor outlaws paparazzi drones, days after approving police UAVs
A bill preventing paparazzi from targeting celebrities with camera-equipped drones has been signed by California Governor Jerry Brown, just days after he was criticized for shooting down a bill requiring police to obtain a warrant to use a drone.

01.10.2014 07:49

​Israeli airline criticized over Orthodox Jews ‘bullying’ women passengers
Israel’s national airline El Al has been petitioned to “stop the bullying, intimidation and discrimination against women” on its flights by ultra-Orthodox Jews who refuse to be seated next to women on religious grounds.

01.10.2014 05:38

‘US wars in Mideast – only excuse for $ trillion military budget’
The purpose of the US campaign against the Islamic State is to provide grounds for the trillion dollar annual military budget Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during the Reagan administration, told RT.

01.10.2014 09:33

‘Free speech clampdown’: New Australian law sees journalists facing 10yrs in prison
Australia’s lower house of parliament has passed the first in a series of counter-terrorism amendments toughening the country’s national security law. The new legislation could see journalists jailed for reporting on related matters.

01.10.2014 04:55

‘Immigration is number one concern of most British citizens’
There is a huge amount of disagreement among the British public at large over the level of immigration that has taken place in the UK over the last 20 years, as it has been too great and too fast, the Bow Group Chairman Ben Harris-Quinney told RT.

30.09.2014 11:59

​‘Iraqi soldiers not willing to die for US’
Many Iraqi army soldiers consider that it is not worth dying for the US-controlled puppet Baghdad government as they understand that it will come down to the obliteration of Iraq as a state, geopolitical analyst Patrick Henningsen told RT.

30.09.2014 10:37

​Hong Kong’s ‘Semi-Autonomous Democracy’ is still a leap forward
As the Occupy Central movement cries foul over electoral regulations imposed by Beijing, few acknowledge that the proposed reforms are far more representative than any previous electoral mechanism in Hong Kong’s history.

30.09.2014 10:55

Ukraine authorities in massive ‘Rename Soviet Places’ drive
Authorities in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, are set to rename several dozen streets, replacing the names of Soviet revolutionaries and commanders with those of Ukrainian public figures, to further cut historical connection to joint history with Russia.

30.09.2014 09:12

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