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Human rights

‘Can I shoot this guy?’ Ferguson officer Wilson breaks silence over Brown's death
In his first interview since shooting Michael Brown, Officer Darren Wilson has defended his behavior, saying he has a “clean conscience” regarding his actions and that he would do the same thing again if he had to.

26.11.2014 01:20

Grand juries rarely indict police officers who shoot citizens
The failure of the St. Louis County grand jury to hand down an indictment against the officer who fatally shot unarmed teenager Michael Brown caused uproar and protest, but law enforcement experts say that indictments against police officers are rare.

26.11.2014 01:40

Save Christians in the Middle East!
Russia is currently considering the possibility of initiating a draft decision of the UN Human Rights Council on the protection of Christians in the Middle East and North Africa. Russian experts are now working on this document.

25.11.2014 19:12

California students stage massive state-wide walkout to protest huge tuition hikes
Hundreds of University of California students took part in a statewide walkout on Monday as part of ongoing protests against a large tuition hike that will soon hit the multi-campus school system.

25.11.2014 18:39

Night of fierce riots: Ferguson madness as witnessed by RT news team (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
The Missouri grand jury’s decision to acquit police officer Darren Wilson, who was accused of killing teenager Michael Brown, caused a wave of wild protests. RT has been covering the fallout, with one of its producers becoming injured in Ferguson.

25.11.2014 17:59

Pope Francis says 'old infertile granny' Europe should stop treating people as 'cogs in machine'
Addressing the European Parliament for the first time, Pope Francis has alluded to a general impression of “ageing and weariness” in Europe and said a new spirit should be built, where humans are treated not as programmable objects.

25.11.2014 14:07

‘Ferguson riots – frustration at injustice’
The Ferguson protesters are making it clear that they can no longer take it that the police can murder innocent people and get away with it, political analyst Caleb Maupin told RT. Violent clashes will only escalate unless authorities address the problem.

25.11.2014 14:29

Downgrade to 'special status'? Fate of Arabic language at heart of Israeli nation state bill debate
Arabic could be stripped of Israel's official second language status if a ‘tougher’ version of the controversial nation-state bill is passed. The language is already subject to discrimination, RT’s Paula Slier reports from Tel Aviv.

25.11.2014 12:33

‘Racial animosity in US not over’
With the US having a black president many thought the big racial divide was over, but that is not the case as many underlying issues are still bubbling under the surface, Josh Pasek from the University of Michigan told RT.

25.11.2014 12:15

Not yet worldwide: 3bn web surfers, but half global population still offline
The global online population accounts now for more than 3 billion people, reports a UN agency. As access to IT infrastructure improves, billions of people - 90 percent of them in developing countries - remain offline.

25.11.2014 09:58

‘Abused, tasered’: Watchdog says Met Police racially-profiled black firefighter
Six Metropolitan Police officers who allegedly dragged a black off-duty fireman from his car and shot him with a Taser should face charges of racial discrimination, a statutory watchdog says. The victim claims he was simply requesting assistance.

25.11.2014 09:40

RT video agency Ruptly producer injured in Ferguson protests
A producer for the RT video news agency, Ruptly, Lorena de la Cuesta, has been hit by a tear gas canister during the latest Ferguson protests.

25.11.2014 13:14