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Human rights

Russia denies travel ban on Crimean Tatar ex-leader
Russian authorities have denied reports that Ukrainian MP and former Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev had been slapped with a 5-year entrance ban to Crimea. Dzhemilev claims he was given a travel restriction order on the Russia-Ukraine border.

23.04.2014 01:09

KKK recruits members for neighborhood watches
Following a series of nine vehicle break-ins in Fairview Township, Pennsylvania, the local chapter of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan has formed a neighborhood watch in the area.

22.04.2014 17:31

Vote to legalize marijuana pushed back in Alaska
Citizens in Alaska are going to have to wait a little longer than previously expected before they can vote on a ballot initiative that would legalize recreational marijuana use, according to a new report by Reuters.

22.04.2014 16:18

Oklahoma militia joins Bundy ranch defenders against feds
Members of the Oklahoma Militia have come out in support of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who recently found himself in a standoff with hundreds of armed federal agents over land rights related to his cattle ranch.

22.04.2014 14:32

Russian MPs ban swearing by popular bloggers
The Lower House has given its final approval to the controversial draft law tightening the regulations on the Russian blogosphere and bringing popular bloggers close to conventional mass media, including a ban on obscene language.

22.04.2014 14:48

‘Egyptian courts used to settle political scores’
It’s clear that charges against Muslim Brotherhood members are politically motivated since there is a vendetta between the military-backed authorities and the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s playing out in courts, journalist Shahira Amin told RT.

22.04.2014 11:30

Boomers’ bust: Number of California adults moving in with parents explodes
A shocking reminder of the Great Recession of 2008 is evident by the over-67 percent increase in the number of Californian Baby Boomers who have been forced to move back in with their aged parents out of economic necessity.

22.04.2014 08:51

Senator suspects Google of violating Russian law with new terms of service
A senior Russian legislator suspects that Google’s new terms of service allowing to scan users’ files violate the national law on personal data. She now threatens to use ‘all legal leverage’ to get the potential conflict settled.

22.04.2014 07:32

US govt must provide details to justify drone killing of American – judge
The US Department of Justice must turn over important details from a key memo which the government has used to justify targeted killings across the Middle East – including the drone strike that killed an American who joined Al-Qaeda, a US judge has ruled.

22.04.2014 00:23

Kentucky prison doctor fired after inmate starves to death
The starvation death of a Kentucky prison inmate has cost a doctor and at least two other officials their jobs after it was determined that sufficient medical treatment may have been able to save the man, according to a new report.

21.04.2014 22:23

US Supreme Court to rule on Jerusalem birthplace law
The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case regarding the validity of a law permitting American citizens born in Jerusalem to list Israel as the place of birth on their passports.

21.04.2014 15:35

Stalin victims, incl Crimean Tatars, rehabilitated by Putin decree
Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree officially rehabilitating the Crimean Tatars and other ethnic minorities on the peninsula, who were deported en masse in 1944 by Joseph Stalin because many of them collaborated with Nazi invaders.

21.04.2014 14:56

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