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Igor Ogorodnev

No to Brussels, Yes to Kiev: New president sets course for more independent Poland
Youthful energy and rhetoric for change have seen Andrzej Duda transformed from a virtual unknown to the rising star of Eastern European politics – but his presidency could set Poland against Russia and the EU.

25.05.2015 20:01

Rosetta stoning: Social media’s secular Puritans are putting Western civilization on trial
It was easy enough to defend Rosetta scientist Matt Taylor from the venomous enforcers of social mores, but even when they lose, the guardians and their enablers are poisoning the public sphere, making people jittery, and damaging Western societies.

22.11.2014 21:05

25 things you probably didn’t know about the Berlin Wall
It's one the most potent symbols of the 20th century, which fell exactly 25 years ago. But how much do you know about the Berlin Wall?

31.10.2014 14:47

Seagull in space: 50 years after first female space flight
When Valentina Tereshkova, call sign Chaika (Seagull), reached orbit on June 16, 1963, she believed she had opened space up to women forever. Yet 50 years on, female cosmonauts remain an anomaly in the Russian space program.

16.06.2013 03:50

Thatcher and the Soviet Union: The Iron Lady who helped bring down the ‘Evil Empire’
It was a Soviet journalist who coined the moniker the Iron Lady for Margaret Thatcher. Intended as an insult, by the time she left office, for Russians it became a term of affection, or at the very least, grudging respect.

08.04.2013 22:54

Boris Berezovsky: The robber baron who tried to fix Russia his way
After centuries of oppression by a string of autocrats of varying cruelty, the collapse of the Soviet Union gave Russia an unprecedented chance to follow a different path. Unfortunately, that path was charted by Boris Berezovsky.

24.03.2013 18:20

Band of terrorists: Jazz family that hijacked plane to escape USSR
Twenty-five years after Seven Simeons, a Soviet family jazz band, caused a bloodbath following a failed hijacking, they still polarize opinion. To some they are victims of totalitarianism, to others murderers, prepared to kill innocents for material gain.

08.03.2013 11:27

One country, a million societies: Facebook, broadband create social upheaval in UK
Communication technology is leading to a radical reorganization of UK society, says a major study. Traditional communities will become “less cohesive”, as virtual ones form in their place, and the very definition of what it is to be a person changes.

21.01.2013 20:43

Road rage: Russians up in arms over corrupt, incompetent road builders (PHOTOS)
In their fight against corruption in road building, which costs the country billions of dollars, Russians are resorting to ever more exotic means, just to be noticed. The latest is sending a parcel of badly-laid asphalt to the officials responsible.

12.12.2012 20:17

Carbon masochism: World pays lip service to climate change, while Europe pays the price
Despite a flurry of grand initiatives, Doha 2012 has yielded few specifics – with Europe the only major carbon emitter prepared to set clear emissions targets. Its zeal is likely to hamper growth, while doing little to lower worldwide CO2 levels.

09.12.2012 21:40

Ideology trumps reason as Germans pay the price for abandoning nuclear power
Germany is facing rapidly climbing energy costs after turning away from nuclear power following the Fukushima disaster, instead relying increasingly on renewable energy. Meanwhile, its neighbors are building nuclear power stations on its doorstep.

16.10.2012 21:37

The hush up: Vatican hopes quick trial of Pope’s butler will end Vatileaks saga
The Pope’s former butler has gone on trial in the Vatican, accused of stealing confidential data. But the defendant may only be a pawn in an unseemly struggle between power-hungry cardinals and God’s Bankers that the Vatican would rather keep quiet.

30.09.2012 19:43